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Document: the governor of Muthanna al-Hakim calls to instruct the Ministry of Oil to support the oil sector in the province

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BAGHDAD / Tomorrow Press: I 
got "Tomorrow Press" on Friday, a document issued by the governor of Muthanna Faleh Abdul Hassan sugar, demanding the President of the National Alliance Ammar al - Hakim, to instruct the Ministry of Oil, to the attention of the oil sector and to support the ministry 's oil projects in the province.
Showed the document, signed by the governor, the need to "activate the Muthanna fields Division in the presence of four patches exploratory, in order to increase coordination with the companies involved, and what is in the public interest for this vital sector, disengagement from the fields of Dhi Qar, and attached to South oil company, as well as the need to expand the current Samawah refinery and the development of productive capacity, to suit the rapid development of technology in the oil. " 
He called sugar through the document also, to "expedite the selection of a discreet companies to implement the project Samawah refinery investment, in addition to supplying the reservoir football associated with the accompanying points of loading and plant gas filling, cadres of engineering, and the rehabilitation of the road leading to him, finding a final solution to the issue of taboos lines oil pipelines. " 
As a student, " the provision of financial allocations for the completion of the new Samawa warehouse, which reached completion rates of the advanced stages, and to approach the oil companies operating in the patches exploratory in Muthanna, to launch social benefits, the joint coordination between them and the local government." 
The "Tomorrow 's Press", got on Thursday , a brief summary of 18 of last May, a document signed by the governor of Muthanna, Faleh Abdul Hassan sugar, addressed to the President of the National Alliance, Ammar al - Hakim, asking him from which to instruct the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Municipalities and Public Works , in finding quick solutions to complete the implementation of the stalled projects in the province.
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