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Five years later .. Nujaifi reveals the "real cause" of the fall of Mosul

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World media praises the victories of Iraqi forces and the fall of the state of myth



04/7/2017 12:00 am 
Publication of extensive reports of the terrible defeat of «urging» 
Baghdad / Follow-up morning 
The Arab and international media have continued to follow the victories achieved by our heroic security forces and their approach to the declaration of the final victory over the rift of the terrorist gang and the elimination of the so-called "fairy-tale state." The foreign media have not limited themselves to transmitting the facts of the great Iraqi victory; Of Arab and foreign experts in the affairs of terrorist groups presented visions and analyzes of the post-Saddam Iraq and the fate of the remnants of this terrorist gang fleeing from Iraq and Syria and potential areas of their presence in the near future. The Russian daily Kommersant published an article entitled "Presence" in Iraq, calling for an end to "the perpetuation of the liberation of Mosul from the control of the terrorist organization" Da'ash. 
"The importance of the Iraqi victory in Mosul is not only strategic, but also symbolic, especially since Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in particular, announced the establishment of the Caliphate in 2014 on the platform of the Grand Mosque of Nuri, To the twelfth century, which was sparked by «dads» last week ». 
The author of the statement issued by the Federal Police, which said: "No neighborhood is left under the control of« urging »in Mosul, and the militants have no choice but to surrender, ended the existence of« urging »in Iraq forever». 
"The liberation of Mosul is a great success and the liberation of tenderness will also be of great importance, but this does not mean the elimination of a final" evangelist. According to Sotnikov, he "kept" A combat that spread and dispersed after the siege of Mosul », and that« these detachments moved to Syria, and will move after the liberation of Al-Raqqa to another area - Jordan, for example ». 
In mid-June last year, according to US officials and Syrian activists, the Associated Press reported that the leaders of Da'ash fled after the siege of Mosul and Raqqa from the two cities to the city of Mayadim in the province of Deir al-Zour, and from there "According to the sources of the agency may be the organization has turned the fields into a new" capital "of him and coordinates the attacks, especially since the location of the city is very convenient, because it is located on the road between the city and the Iraqi border, Moreover, the city's population of (One religious and sectarian component) and sympathize with the organization, and seal the Russian type «, of course, do not remember the « Associated Press »any of the leaders of the organization, who fled to the fields with their families, and not known that« Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi »was there name». 

«State of Myth» in the news was 
For its part, said the network «fields» Lebanese, which followed the battles to liberate Mosul on the ground: «The task is completed militarily, there is only the official announcement of the victory on« urged »in Mosul in the coming hours», according to the network report on Monday. 
It does not mean that the «da'ash» ended, meaning the end of what the owners called succession and the installation of their leader «Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi» successor and prince of the believers, In Mosul, the myth was declared and in it ended, in Mosul, the "Baghdadi" emerged as a successor, in which he was withdrawn from it and ended up completely religiously. In this sense, the liberation of Mosul becomes a real symbolic blow to the core of the Dahesh » . 
Morally and figuratively, the liberation of Mosul is a great loss for the campaigns that continue to recruit followers and to contain the Arab youths who are misguided, desperate and angry, and who seek to organize or any framework that embraces them and is full of their instincts for revenge and rebellion in the name of religion. As a result of the occupation of Mosul and the greater parts of Iraq and Syria, politically, the liberation of Mosul is a major setback for projects, forces and countries that have pledged, funded, supported and provided media and political cover for their "war" on Iraq, Syria and militarism. Connector The military option in the face of "preaching", extremism and terrorism is a necessary necessity without negating the urgency of giving importance to the reform of any structural imbalance and intellectual, cultural and religious gaps so that the "door" will not come out of the window. 
The Lebanese network says: "The Iraqi armed forces with their multiple formations have demonstrated a high degree of courage and unrivaled courage. They have a central joint operations room that has benefited strongly from the potential of their allies and supporters. The liberation of Mosul has been internationally agreed, because the war of liberation by Iraqi legitimacy was to defeat a terrorist organization. Al-Mayadin: "The most difficult question remains: What is next to" Al-Maqdis "in Mosul? Iraq is preparing for a domestic internal calm, which some call a major settlement. This is a general encouragement, but today is a great victory that deserves to be focused on in the way of achieving total victory over "terrorism" and terrorism in Iraq. 
Mehr Agency: a great Iraqi achievement 
In turn, the Iranian Mehr Agency considered that the suicide bombing of the terrorist group in front of the Iraqi forces was a "great achievement" for Iraq, but analysts and experts believe that Iraq at this stage faces a historic turning point that requires unity and internal harmony. 
The Iranian agency said in a report published on Monday: «After eight months of fighting and fierce war with the organization« Dhaash »terrorist was able to eventually Iraqi forces to achieve victory on the organization and expel him from the city of Mosul, Iraq, and despite the enormous cover borne by the Iraqis in this war with The terrorist organization, but they were able to achieve a major victory by defeating the «Da'ash», which will certainly have a significant impact on the political and military equations in the region, and no doubt that this victory does not mean the end of any conflict or clashes in Mosul, but the important thing is that this achievement The military is losing The organization controlled the strategic positions inside the Iraqi territory and was the reason that the Takfirim suffered a painful defeat because the city of Mosul enjoys a strategic location is very important ». 
The Mehr report goes on: "After this victory, the terrorist organization" Da'ash "is no longer able to carry out terrorist operations in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad and the central and southern regions, taking Mosul as a launching pad for its operations and crimes, and this defeat will strike" morale " The organization in Syria and Iraq is confused and will end up in defeat in Syria and lost control of his capital in Raqqa ». 
The Iranian agency identified a set of points highlighting the image of Iraq «post-dodging», including: that the Iraqi government has a difficult task to restore services and reconstruction of Mosul after the devastation suffered by the terrorist gang, calling for concerted international efforts to assist Iraq in this regard, should The Iraqi government must strive to eradicate the roots of terrorism and cut its supplies at home and abroad. Iraq should beware of the plots and plots that its enemies will pursue after the elimination of the "preacher." The enemies of Iraq have realized after the defeat that "the ability of the Iraqi government and forces can not be underestimated Enka can The role of the religious authority in Iraq, and therefore striking this unity and harmony among the Iraqi people among the possible targets that the enemies will seek to strike and prejudice it »The Iranian report called« Iraqis to unite and unite with their enemies and rely on their internal energies to cross from this dangerous juncture » . 
In Tehran, Fars quoted Iran's Supreme Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani as commenting on the liberation of Mosul and defeating the "da'ash" by saying: "The Iraqi people proved that security can not be bought with money. Instead of relying on foreign forces, Relying on his own abilities ». 

The city of the fields .. The sanctuary «Aldawash» 
The British Sky News network is completing the follow-up series of Iraqi victories, but is looking into a report on the destination of al-Dawash fleeing the battles in Iraq and the Syrian capital. 
The network says: "The tightening of the screws on the" urging "in Mosul and Raqqa prompted senior commanders to search for safe havens, according to observers, will be to the south of Syria or where the triangle consisting of Bu Kamal and Qaim and Deir al-Zour on the Syrian-Iraqi border, "They transferred the command of their operations and their families to the town of Mayadeen in Deir al-Zour province, east of Syria, several months ago." 
"In Mosul, there are only a dozen terrorists left," he said. "Only dozens of suicide bombers have been summoned. According to military experts, the scenarios for leaving the city are four. These scenarios are either trying to get involved among the displaced civilians or resorting to families sympathetic to The terrorist organization, or escape through the ports towards the Sahara and the border with Syria, or the implementation of suicide operations inside Mosul, "and concludes the network saying:« Despite the conflicting information on the total number of terrorists «urged» in Iraq and Syria, the talk about the strength of the organization can not be considered Now the standard number after losing its strongholds And its dispersion 
Elements ». 

Security alert in the Gulf 
Al-Anbaa newspaper quoted senior security sources as saying that "there is significant information and security coordination among the GCC countries in anticipation of the attempt by the Da'ashi elements to escape from Iraq to some Gulf countries." The sources confirmed that " The elements «Dahesh» and how to develop strategies to eliminate any attempts of this kind », pointing to« increased control on elements within the home can have a connection with the «alarms» or sympathetic with them at least », the newspaper reported on Monday, that the organs of the Ministry Kuwaiti Interior Ministry Responds to Iraqi Warnings Infiltrators infiltrated terrorist organization to Kuwait in order to commit terrorist acts that undermine the security and stability of the region after defeating them in Iraq and Syria. 
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Thank God for the advances. Its amazing what you can accomplish when the enemy doesn't have a leaflet from a Kenyan that is living rent free in the WH.

This is what the world doesn't understand. There are a few HIGHLY TRAINED and HIGHLY MOTIVATED people in this world that when faced with death on their knees or death while fighting for a cause will n

Good morning Yota, tiger and DV.... Finally!!!!!!!  'Thanks so much guys/gals for keeping this thread going, it's been a long haul but looks like it's on to bigger and better things.   

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urgently .. Source: major operations ended in Mosul

Urgent .. Source: major operations ended in Mosul



Monday, 3 July 2017


Twilight News / An official security source said on Monday that major military operations against al-Daesh has ended in the right side of the city of Mosul.

The source told Twilight News that major operations had ended in Mosul, leaving only a few hundred meters of approximately 8 alleys popular Iraqi forces are trying to reach.

The source added that Daesh can not use civilians as shields in those alleys, but he also said that those civilians are finding it difficult to get out of the alleys because of the rubble.

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British soldier drowns ISIS thug in puddle after being ambushed in Iraq

July 03 2017 11:13 PM

The Sun


A brave British soldier reportedly drowned an evil ISIS fighter in a puddle after the terror group surrounded a group of Special Boat Service troopers in Iraq, The Sun reported on Monday. 

After the fearless special forces fighters ran out of bullets, they decided to “go out fighting” and used their knives and bare hands to kill as many brainwashed extremists as possible.

In an extraordinary survival story, another Brit soldier killed three militant thugs using his rifle as a club, reports The Daily Star.

The heroic members of the Royal Navy’s Special Boat Service reportedly were convinced they were going to die after being outnumbered and encircled after being ambushed by around 50 ISIS fighters near Mosul.

After killing at least 20 of the terrorists, the elite group realized they had around 10 bullets left between them and were trapped in a small river bed, the report said.

Faced with the prospect of being captured and tortured, the men opted for a “soldier’s death” and decided to fight like “crazed warriors” to kill as many of the extremists as possible.

Speaking with the Star, the source said: “They knew that if they were captured they would be tortured and decapitated.

“Rather than die on their knees, they went for a soldier’s death and charged the IS fighters who were moving along the river bed.

“They were screaming and swearing as they set about the terrorists.”

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Revealed: ‘Butcher of ISIS ’beheaded 50 terrorists

July 04 2017 02:13 PM
The self-proclaimed ‘butcher of ISIS’
The self-proclaimed ‘butcher of ISIS’



An Iraqi security officer who calls himself “the beheader” and the “butcher” of  ISIS has claimed the heads of 50 terrorists in revenge for his fallen comrades, Express reported on Tuesday.


The ISIS slayer, who posts pictures of himself carrying the severed heads of vile terrorists on Facebook, claims to have beheaded scores of the twisted terrorists and killed at least 130.

Footage of Falah Aziz on the battlefield shows a man shouting, “This is the man who slaughters ISIS!”. This is your blood, you dogs. I swear every Muslim is worth a thousand of you.


The terror killer claims his motivation is revenge for his fallen brothers, civilians and soldiers killed at the hands of brutal ISIS insurgents.

He said: “My specific wish is that I slaughter them.


As they slaughtered my brother I slaughter them.

“They’ve driven us to this. What they have done has killed our compassion.


“Finding your brother slaughtered, or your mother slaughtered, what are you going to do?”

The fighter’s fellow soldiers are believed to have celebrated his blood-soaked form of revenge.

He added: “What they did to us, we must do to them.”

this comes as terrorists are surrounded in both Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria, leaving them with fewer places to hide from the international military coalition set up to wipe them off the face of the earth.

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Exclusive: Map reveals latest developments in Mosul's Old City battle

July 04 2017 08:10 PM
Exclusive: Map reveals latest developments in Mosul's Old City battle
Exclusive: Map reveals latest developments in Mosul's Old City battle



An updated version of Mosul's map showing the latest developments in the battle to oust ISIS from the Old City in Mosul's right bank has been obtained by The Baghdad Post on Tuesday.

The areas in green illustrate the completely regained ones, areas in orange show the areas currently witnessing clashes while the areas in white are still controlled by ISIS terrorist group. 


Earlier, Federal Police units said they are besieging ISIS terrorists in al-Najafi district, the terrorist group's last bastion in Mosul's Old City.   



Security forces, backed by International Coalition air raids and logistic support of the US army, have retaken eastern Mosul and most of its western part after eight months of battles. These forces are focusing now on liberating Old City's districts that are still under ISIS control.   

It is estimated that there are a few of ISIS terrorists left in the second largest city of Iraq. It is expected that they will desperately defend the last pocket of the city that has been once their main stronghold in Iraq.

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Meters separates Iraq from the liberation of Mosul .. the security forces to open a closed civilian streets Ayman

a wish

 Since 07/04/2017 17:22 am (Baghdad time)


Baghdad balances News

Iraqi security forces began to open the streets that were closed in the right coast of the city of Mosul, and buried trenches dug by militants to organize Daesh terrorist, after security forces took control of most parts of the city's neighborhoods and liberated from the grip of the organization, while Maj. Gen. Maan al-Saadi officer anti-terrorism device Tuesday revealed , that 150 militants from the terrorist organization Daesh fighting in Mosul old, adding that they are trapped in the Tigris River adjacent to the narrow area and that's where security sources confirmed that the eight alleys of popular are the remains in the grip of the old organization of the city west of Mosul.

Military sources said that the Iraqi security forces, "embarked on the streets, which were closed on the right coast of the city of Mosul, west of the city open, and buried trenches dug by terrorist Daesh gangs after security forces took control of most of the areas and neighborhoods of the city and liberated from the influence of Daesh."

The sources added that the security forces lifted the barriers and obstacles set by those gangs to hinder the progress of the Iraqi security forces.

In Mosul, the municipality and the relevant departments began the maintenance and repair of water pipes and sewage destroyed by the terrorist organization Daesh, in order to facilitate the return of displaced persons and humanitarian access.

Iraqi forces recovered more than three-quarters of the old Mosul, an area of about two square kilometers, the last stronghold of al Daesh.

Was left to organize only a small enclave overlooking the west bank of the Tigris River, and includes areas of the field, Kleiaat, Alkuazan, the door of the coast, in addition to a portion of Shahwan area.

To that said Maan al-Saadi Brigade to a fight against terrorism that "the rest of the elements Daesh in the old city does not exceed 150 element, and they are trapped in the Tigris River adjacent to the narrow area."

For his part, Mustafa Raad al-Abadi, First Lieutenant in the Federal Police said that "major operations ended in Mosul, leaving only hundreds of meters of approximately 8 alleys of popular Iraqi forces are trying to reach."

"The federal police are fighting in another box within her old Mosul to complete the liberation of the remaining area Aserjkhanh Street Nineveh market Alkuazan market goldsmiths and Bab Al-Saray".

Iraqi army and forced the terrorists to retreat into a shrinking area near the Tigris River in the city. But fierce resistance.

And it asked the rapid reaction of the Interior Ministry unit air strikes on only 50 meters away and the clashes were close positions at some point to the extent that terrorists threw a hand grenade at the soldiers.

It is on the platform of the Great Mosque of Al-Nouri announced that the leader of al Daesh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, three years before the establishment of the State of succession to the alleged parts of Iraq and Syria. The army recovered the mosque on Thursday, Prime Minister Haider Abadi pay to declare the end of the "mini-state of falsehood."

And as commander of the Rapid Response Unit that more than ten thousand civilians are still trapped inside the terrorists under the control of the region, including people transferred from other areas to use them as human shields.

According to the residents who managed to escape, these are under siege in light of the lack of food, water and medicines in the heart of the maze of narrow alleys of the old city.

The officer said the Iraqi channel that was named revealed that the presence of these civilians impact on the progress of troops dramatically. He added that the directives of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces is to progress slowly to preserve the lives of civilians.

He added that a small region, but progress is happening today relatively well. He pointed out that progress has also slowed down due to the high number of explosive devices planted in the primitive streets and buildings.

Provides international US-led coalition air and ground support for the process in which the fight against the Iraqi army and the fight against terrorism.

  •       Space dwindle quickly


And grabbing control of Mosul will be limited to the presence of the organization in Iraq a few west and south of the city, where tens of thousands of civilian areas.

The Iraqi authorities are planning celebrations to mark the end of a week-long attack is expected to visit Abadi Mosul to declare victory officially.

And thousands fled already from the old city this week to join the other 900 thousand people, or about half the city's population before the war and who have been displaced by months of grinding war.

Leaving Baghdadi fighting in Mosul for local leaders believed to be hiding near the Iraqi-Syrian border, according to military sources, US and Iraqi.

US intelligence sources said that the organization of the transfer of the rest of his leadership to the fields in eastern Syria.

The sources did not specify whether Baghdadi is also hiding in that region.

Often echoed reports of the death of al-Baghdadi or injury. Russia said on June 17 that it may be killed in an air strike in Syria. But Washington says it has no information to confirm these reports as Iraqi officials have expressed skepticism.

Abadi predicted that the police to end tomorrow or the day after liberation of the remaining old-centered in Mosul, to announce the termination of the Federal Police objectives assigned to it in Mosul.

Iraqi forces recovered more than three-quarters of the old city of Mosul, an area of about two square kilometers, the last stronghold of al Daesh.

Spin is currently fighting between Iraqi forces and organization in the "old Mosul", which liberated the government is fully restored Mosul area (the second largest city in Iraq).

It took the process of editing Mosul, eight and a half months, so far, of which more than three months to liberate the eastern side of the city. The shrinking number of terrorist organization fighters in Mosul when thousands of government troops began their offensive to about two hundred now, according to the army Alaraca.anthy 29 / m h n

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Federal police surrounded the last stronghold of Daesh 3-axis in Mosul Ayman

a wish

 Since 04/07/2017 16:30 (Baghdad time)


BAGHDAD - The balance of News

Federal police forces surrounded Tuesday, the organization of the terrorist gangs Daesh in the last strongholds of the three axes in the old city of Mosul.

He said the federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat, in a statement received / scales News /, a copy of it, "The pieces of federal police rushed towards al-Najafi area other areas under the control of the organization in the ancient city of three axes," noting that "the units Brigade 9 Brigade 10 penetrated from the west towards the area of al-Najafi and the Mosque of Sheikh Abou El Ela, while elite units rushed from the south towards Khalid bin Walid Street. "

He added Jawdat, the "Brigade 19 units backed by the band mechanism moved from the point of the river towards al-Najafi Street."

This freed cuts federal police, on Monday, the Valley Serail area in the old city of Mosul Balkamil.anthy 29/6 n

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3 hours ago, tigergorzow said:

Faced with the prospect of being captured and tortured, the men opted for a “soldier’s death” and decided to fight like “crazed warriors” to kill as many of the extremists as possible.

This is what the world doesn't understand. There are a few HIGHLY TRAINED and HIGHLY MOTIVATED people in this world that when faced with death on their knees or death while fighting for a cause will never die on their knees. I know because I am one of those people. Trained by the United States Marine Corps and motivated by none  other than God Almighty Himself. Believe me when I say that the VERY LAST THING THAT I EVER WANT TO DO IS HAVE TO FIGHT SOMEONE TO THE DEATH. 

Not because of what may happen to me, I was born to die. But because of what I know I will do to the enemy. And that is something that every Man of Honor must live with. 

Hooray for the British Soldier, may God help him when he dreams. 

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Efforts to restore life to Ayman al-Mosul



07/05/2017 0:00 
BAGHDAD / morning
Security forces began to open the closed streets and burying the trenches dug by "Daesh" terrorist gangs within its efforts to restore life to the right coast of the city of Mosul.
Military sources in a press statement reported on Tuesday, that " the security forces began to open the streets that were closed in the right coast and buried trenches dug by Daesh gangs after security forces took control of most of the areas and districts of the city and liberated from the terrorists." The sources added that " the security forces lifted the barriers and obstacles set by those gangs to hinder the progress of the Iraqi security forces, to facilitate the return of displaced persons and facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid to the spreading of life in the city and used military vehicles and cars to lift the debris and remnants of war from the streets to return her life as it was." This comes at a time when the mayor of the city of Mosul , began concerned with the maintenance and repair of water pipes and sewage departments destroyed by Daesh Bmfajkhadtha and Tvjeratha criminal , . 
The security forces managed to free most of the revival of the alleys and the right coast is expected very soon to be announced fully edited. 
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The delivery of ration to areas liberated Nineveh



07/05/2017 0:00 
With the provision of health services for displaced people 
BAGHDAD / Taha Hussein Arbil / Sondos Abdul Wahab
The Ministry of Commerce has succeeded to deliver the ration card items to most of the liberated areas in Nineveh province in order to provide food security to those areas, at the same time, continue the health of Nineveh, in coordination with international organizations to provide services for ambulatory displaced from Ayman Mosul.
The Director of Planning and Follow-up and a member of the relief committee for displaced people in the Ministry of Commerce, Ibtihal Hashim Sabt in a statement »Sabah»: The «ministry and through the committee set up to aid the displaced people of the city of Mosul, whose membership includes a number of directors of its affiliated companies were able to deliver ration card items to most of the liberated areas in the city of Mosul Bassahaliha left and right », noting that the cadres of the ministry is continuing to deliver materials to shelter the displaced camps located inside the city of Mosul and beyond.
She praised the full cooperation by the security forces by facilitating the entry of trucks loaded with vocabulary ration card in order to deliver them to citizens in the liberated areas, pointing at the same time that the ministry had previously called for agents of food and flour in the city of Mosul to review the supply centers opened recently for the purpose of record the names of the displaced families have to be bringing them by keywords. According Sabt that normal life began to return to most of the province 's cities gradually, as the work distribution of the ration card items going according to the mechanism followed by the supply centers across the country, useful that the ministry is keen to deliver food Baltoukitat specified by it for food security and to prevent any rise may happen in the prices of basic materials. 
For his part, pharmacists Nineveh Medical Organization official Omar pharmacist said a special statement »Sabah», said the health of Nineveh and in coordination with international organizations continuing to provide medical and therapeutic services fleeing for displaced people from the gangs «Daesh» terrorist, revealing insurance treatments and materials ambulatory and medical, as well as ambulances equipped with Medical services. 
He noted that the support provided to the camps and the liberated areas of the Conception «Daesh», is not limited to medical and ambulatory services for the wounded and displaced, as it includes the provision of treatments for chronic diseases, demanding local and international organizations and stakeholders to intensify efforts to overcome the crisis and provide better services for the displaced and the people of Mosul , in order to reduce their suffering under difficult circumstances they are experiencing as well as high temperatures. 
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3 hours ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

This is what the world doesn't understand. There are a few HIGHLY TRAINED and HIGHLY MOTIVATED people in this world that when faced with death on their knees or death while fighting for a cause will never die on their knees. I know because I am one of those people. Trained by the United States Marine Corps and motivated by none  other than God Almighty Himself. Believe me when I say that the VERY LAST THING THAT I EVER WANT TO DO IS HAVE TO FIGHT SOMEONE TO THE DEATH. 

Not because of what may happen to me, I was born to die. But because of what I know I will do to the enemy. And that is something that every Man of Honor must live with. 

Hooray for the British Soldier, may God help him when he dreams. 


Very well said my friend, very well said. And my hope for you is that peace for you every time you sleep.



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Looks like only a little sliver of Old Mosul has an active conflict with ISIS:



Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 5 may just be the day Abadi formally declares all of Mosul free of ISIS control and conflict!


Go Moola Nova!


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8 hours ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

This is what the world doesn't understand. There are a few HIGHLY TRAINED and HIGHLY MOTIVATED people in this world that when faced with death on their knees or death while fighting for a cause will never die on their knees. I know because I am one of those people. Trained by the United States Marine Corps and motivated by none  other than God Almighty Himself. Believe me when I say that the VERY LAST THING THAT I EVER WANT TO DO IS HAVE TO FIGHT SOMEONE TO THE DEATH. 

Not because of what may happen to me, I was born to die. But because of what I know I will do to the enemy. And that is something that every Man of Honor must live with. 

Hooray for the British Soldier, may God help him when he dreams. 


I hear where you are coming from, I've talked to a few that faced the same challenges like you and others do now. You being trained by the United States Marine Corps gives you the advantage over an enemy . Without man like you and other soliders  even more military men and women  along with civilians would suffer horrific acts against them and loose theirs lives. Plus  you have true faith in God and the strength to do what you must to survive and protect mankind against pure evil. Just remember when you are done with this war talk to your other comrade, tell they are never alone for others feel the same way you do. Maybe you can get a support group together but you  and others  always have the members of DV behind you and maybe even the world  will understand some day. Maybe we can even start a special support group here or another website, I would be proud and honored to be a member of it. May God Bless  :praying: and watch over you and all the brave soliders that have fought and given their lives against the pure evil over there.


:wave:  for now


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Senior leaders arrested {b} Daesh fled the old city


07/05/2017 0:00 


We broke our last defenses and surrounded the remnants of terrorists strangers  

BAGHDAD / morning 
It perpetuated our momentum provided by all the fighting axes, as I broke the strongest defensive barrier was Mmsuka from Aldoaash strangers besieged the rest of them in a small square in the old city of Mosul Mekpdh them killed dozens, which forced a number of leaders of these gangs to escape, but the detachments of the national security dropped arrested.  

Rescue civilians
, according to a statement to the cell media war, the "Heroes Infantry Division 16 ,one of the formations of the Iraqi army stormed and broke the strongest defensive barrier for the gangs of terrorist Daesh was Mmsuka by Doaash foreigners , is located between the areas of Katunah and Ras Al Khor which resulted in the killing of 67 terrorists carrying various foreign nationalities."
" It also destroyed large piles in the Shahwani area and blow up two wheels bombs under control , " pointing out that "class band field engineering has removed more than 72 large explosive device size was planted for the purpose of obstructing progress cuts . " He continued that "Gyari band 16 were keen to rescue and evacuate 961 civilians and that the numbers are increasing after the opening of safe passages in Ras Alcor areas and Katunah and Tualb to bring out residents who Ttakzhm remnants Daesh as human shields ", recalling that the advanced troops were completed yesterday clearing Katunah areas Tualb within the northern axis of the old city and the door Serail hand South axis.
The rest little space  in
turn, the federal police chief said the team Raed Shakir Jawdat continued our troops to go to battle valiantly unprecedented with continued progress towards the goals set out in the old city and surrounded the remnants of the remnants Daesh in the remaining ones tiny space alongside the hunt and kill small aggregates dispersed subsidiaries of these terrorist gangs taking advantage of refraction of the enemy Aldaasha after suffering heavy losses in lives and equipment where the land was filled with corpses and Aslanhm.wachar to "encircle the rest of the space that these terrorists are still hiding by our units , backed by tanker and Air backhaul March, artillery and aircraft managed to free Azzam Mosque Square transportation and building multi - car garage layered areas were heavy enemy casualties , " In turn, media director of the leadership forces said the rapid reaction Lt. Col. Abdul Amir al - Muhammadawi: The forces continued yesterday morning , provided by the south of the ancient city axis, down to Khalid bin Walid Street and launched an attack on a detachment of enemy snipers Aldaasha that killed 12 of them, as well as dismantled roadside bombs planted by terrorists in those buildings and bombs handled homes there.
He said that the anti - terrorism forces, confirmed earlier yesterday surrounded the remnants of Aldoaash from all sides within the field area adjacent to the bank of the Tigris, which includes the last hideouts of terrorists in the old Mosul.
The escape of the leaders of Daesh
and on the impact of these successive defeats suffered by gangs Daesh and their access to the complete defeat phase fled a number of its leaders fled the old city , leaving their folks scattered into small remnants of sporadic and isolated from each other .. But intelligence efforts were lookout for them and managed two arrest the most prominent leaders fleeing, the statement said cell media that the military detachments of the National security Service arrested a terrorist serves as the so - called public Baladarei among Daesh gangs, as well as the arrest of the so - called booby - trapping official during their escape from the Yarmouk district , one editor to revive the right side to extend Soft Mosul and are on their way towards the city of Qayyarah. At the same time, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry Brigadier General Saad Maan revealed that local police forces in Nineveh province have arrested eight terrorists gangs Daesh fleeing during the inspection campaign in the summer neighborhood on the left side of the city of Mosul , the editor Balkamil.wachar Brigadier General Maan that force intelligence agency and the investigation Federal Directorate of intelligence and counter - terrorism Diyala arrested a terrorist belonging to gangs Daesh in the district of Baquba , works as a carrier for terrorists and explosive devices within the so - called (state of Diyala), pointing out that this operation was carried out after intelligence effort and continuous based  on
approvals , judicial . Approaching the resolution of the battle  to that, alerted security expert and confident Hashemi, yesterday Monday that the joint forces completed editing the largest proportion of the old city leaving only a small area of them and that the terrorists who  are where most of them strangers. He noted that our forces achieved clear progress but deal with caution because of the intensity of civilian detainees by the remnants of the remnants of the terrorists and they Daesh from Arab and foreign nationalities and have lost any way to escape being trapped in a narrow space of all sides. He believed that this matter may force them and they are in a state of despair to fight until the last moment but with little avail, recalling that the joint forces completed the liberation of more than 95 percent of the old city, ie , that the liberation of the remaining ones is only a matter of time, especially as the liberated forces move foot not to the possibility of military wheels pass in the narrow alleys.


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Awesome. Again I say where would we be now with Team Obama in charge Maliki and Hillarious running things. People complain about Prez. Trump and Al abadi, will never be concvinced the people chose the right President.

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Experts say living under Islamic State has caused a severe form of psychological trauma in children that can cause lifelong damage



Karen McVeigh

Wednesday 5 July 2017 07.00 BST



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Efforts for the reconstruction of a beacon of humpback and return to the previous level



06/07/2017 0:16 
Baghdad / delegates and provincial correspondents  
  make the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Antiquities efforts in coordination with theOrganization (UNESCO) and the Sunni Waqf to rebuild the lighthouse of humpback after the destruction of their right because of "Daesh" terrorist gangs. 
While it coordinated with the Directorate of Water Salah (UNICEF) for the rehabilitation of four water projects contribution to the return of displaced persons to their homes liberated, and distributed to the Department of Immigration and thousands of aid White oil to displaced families and the people of the liberated areas in Mosul and Salah al - Din. 
 The reconstruction of the minaret of the humpback 
, said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture for Antiquities Qais Hussein Rashid , the delegate of the "morning" the roar of Imad, said the bombing caused the Mosque of Al - Nouri and a beacon of humpback caused large losses, noting that the minaret is a symbol of the identity of the city of Mosul, as she goes back to more than 850 years and built by one of the men , a well - known city Nuri al- Din Zangi. 
He said that recent years have seen the local government of the province of Nineveh and the Antiquities Authority and Organization (UNESCO) to conduct documentary studies several of the minaret in order to strengthen as a result of an increase Milanha and access to a dangerous degree, stressing that these studies will be utilized in the next term to rebuild and bring it back to what it was. 
Rashid pointed to the possession of Antiquities and Heritage Authority great chagrin of documents, photos, studies and designs, as well as proposals and ideas for the reconstruction of the minaret, along with receiving a proposal from an important engineering company confirmed its ability to build the minaret former Bmilanha so that the lighthouse remains as it was "Hdaba" remains the identity and symbol of the city of Mosul . 
He stated that Iraq will submit a request to the organization (Alaakmus) responsible for monuments and archaeological sites Organization (UNESCO) on the reconstruction of the minaret, because it may not show approval of the establishment of an archaeological site again after it was destroyed, but this exceptional and hopefully obtaining approval as a result of studies and research available for them.   
He noted that reference Al - Nouri mosque and the minaret of the humpback dating back to the Sunni Waqf , who made every effort in cooperation with the Antiquities Authority to rebuild it as well, as was the formation of a committee will work in the coming days to sort and classify stones scattered by the blast, as well as that there is one piece of the lighthouse of about more than 5 meters Sagtat by the blast and have been stored and maintained until installed again, indicating that the moratorium has plans to begin work, in addition to financial allocations, either Antiquities Authority Vsttoly supervision mission is in accordance with international standards. Rehabilitation of water projects in Salah al - Din and contribution to the rehabilitation of the liberated areas and re - displaced areas of residence where the delegation visited (UNICEF) , the UN Water Salah al - Din Directorate for a number of projects destroyed by the "Daesh" terrorist cooperation maintained by . He said water director Salah al - Din Mohamed Mahmoud al - Jubouri , the correspondent of the "morning" Samir Adel, said a delegation from the organization (UNICEF) visited a number of service projects in the province , including water circle projects for direct launch programs and projects of the reconstruction of new aims to bring back displaced people to their home areas, as It was agreed with the delegation on the rehabilitation of four water projects distributed in the liberated areas in the north of Salah al - Din, in addition to processing power generators for these projects to increase the productive capacity of potable water for the people of the province, especially displaced people returning to areas of  residence. Medical services for the displaced In a related context, the Department of Health Salah al - Din organized a field visit to the families that inhabit the Aldiom compound for displaced people in the city of Tikrit , to provide medical care and access to health conditions. The Tikrit health sector director Dr. Muammar Abdul Mohsen "morning": The visit aimed at the care of displaced persons and provide the necessary medical and therapeutic services and vaccines needed by the displaced families, as the detection of a number of injuries sick and give them the necessary treatments during which, as well as a preview (300 ) family includes 1,000 individuals have been vaccinated and treated against skin diseases, typhoid fever, indicating that these health measures designed to prevent injuries , illnesses for transitional infectious among the displaced. Distribution of aid to this, the Ministry of Displacement and Migration Branch Nineveh began distribution and in- kind food aid for displaced people in southern Mosul and areas liberated from the camps to spend Shirqat in Salahuddin province. And distributed aid , according to a statement issued by the ministry by a thousand refrigerated air and thousand tandoor Ghazi in the district of Sharqat and 4,500 food baskets in the amphitheater camp and 612 thousand liters of drinking water, as well as 144 thousand liters of water to pilgrims on the camp, while the distribution of 39 000 liters of White oil and five thousand ice mold in the camps of the  stump. 
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Black Iraq celebrate the victory among the ruins (myth)



06/07/2017 0:16 
Mosul / morning 
 Basra / Saad al - Samak  
when it mentions Eid al - Fitr and victory celebrations in the square mosque Nouri old area of the city of Mosul; come to the minds of the Iraqis at first sight the guns and the bursts of guns, while you remember the hearts of the people of Basra - especially - with pride of the martyrs of their children and their relatives who Root that spot their blood from their homeland in the Nineveh; the spirit of Basra , Iraq and the pulse of pure soil; it can not find a family without a fighter in the valiant armed forces or the popular crowd hero. 
We saw those families and is following with pride and determination unrivaled news of their children fighters in Mosul, and had to echo their words through raised phone in the early hours for (feast of victory), good for the eyes and hearts balm expected to meet them after the liberation of the nation from the abomination enemies of humanity "Aldoaash".  
On the other hand; he did not find foreign invaders and joined them from criminals local who asks for them, even their leaders who left them prey to fire Osudna and our heroes, and fled to the Syrian tenderness or Gaziantep Turkey and parts of the other world before breaking into our heroes of the old area, was the fate of the "Aldoaash" is death is inevitable and spend a holiday in hell and good riddance to the hands of committed crimes against Iraqis and other innocent people. Keep up with over the air "morning" , which was from the beginning and is still present and supportive of our armed forces and is engaged in the battle to liberate the land and man, was present in the field and across every way to keep up with moments and days of the feast he spent our heroes Legendary in the old area, and raised Basra Fayhaa us was in contact with the commander of an elite commando squad in the Federal police Brigadier Khalaf al - Badran , who celebrated the gesture with his soldiers heroes in the feast of victory and stormed the hideouts of terrorists west of Al - Nouri mosque ancient region of the conductor, after Eid prayers armed with their guns and their lives , which Ndhiroha the homeland and the soil  Tahir. Brigadier al - Badran described moments of storming and his men caches terrorism West Nouri as "legendary", they have made these heroes to fight unarmed and grenades and pistols, saying they had managed to rescue dozens of families of the hostages have "Daesh", said: "We have turned the men band to human shields to protect those families retained within their role, since the granting of the commander in chief of the armed forces Haider al - Abadi permission to edit the implementation of our plan  of Nineveh. " Eid Al Nasr explained Badran in his "morning", that the terrorist organization trapped elements in the box does not exceed 500 meters , "entered in the neck of the bottle, and the majority of them in the range of lethal blows to the forces of the elite , " asserting that " the hunted does not take unallocated to organize clearance time streets, and some feeble berms hiding in, "al - Badran , who celebrated with his troops Eid al - Fitr on the votes of light guns to make sure not to the impact of war on innocent confidence of hostages" Daesh "armed their forces, describe us how received elite men feast, he said:" at the dawn of day feast, everyone praying in Kradis war To list, while everyone exchanging congratulations from me down to the sequence ranks, some could hardly exchange greetings telephone contact with their families; what give them additional strength and lift their spirits, and had those contacts and hear parents and relatives calls for a significant impact on our fighters in the rush strongly to crush the enemy "Aldaasha" dismantling restrictions families conductivity has retained, "he adds," I was among those who received congratulations from family, where I spoke with the little I have , who gave me congratulations on the victory "Daesh" terrorist. " And for dessert the day of Eid, Brigadier al - Badran said that he was surprised by the presence of (trays feast) on the table ground placements combat confrontation just a few meters of the elements of "Daesh" in Al - Nouri mosque area, and added, "We have distributed mattresses and officers candy in them after the completion of the call to prayer and perform the Eid prayer, which is the publication of joy Abaq perfume victory. " Compelling «Aldoaash» field commander of al - Badran, had a major role in tracking and arresting elements of "Daesh" in Basra and the southern provinces while assuming the position of (director of intelligence and anti - terrorism) in Basra for two years, before being transferred to the Federal Police, Badran believes that this period , which fought during which "Daesh" intelligence has helped him dismantle the plans and the work of the terrorist organization militarily in areas and cutouts that are currently fighting it, so it confirms "Abu Mahmoud al - Badran," that the experiment work of intelligence in the intelligence Directorate in coordination with the hawks cell, have been born has the convictions that "these terrorists do not mercenaries Have a simple measure of intelligence, but they prefer death to life by the mania deficient cognitive and distancing themselves from the reality of the Islamic religion, and followers of Maridi terrorism and extremist groups to publish chaos and wars in the  world. " Says Brigadier al - Badran , who knew him in the periods of his intelligence agility, tracking and monitoring of the components of cells "Daesh" in the safe civilian areas, that "as has successfully killed and the arrest of a large number of elements" Daesh "and to address the operations of terrorist in Basra and other southern provinces, he is able accompanied by soldiers heroes to break into personal enemy hideouts in Nineveh and cleared of terrorists ", he revealed the commander of an elite commando squad in the Federal police that besieged the old area of the joint forces are preparing within a few days to inform the commander of the armed forces Haider al - Abadi to complete its mission in The process of liberalization of Nineveh, so the completion of clearing the old square area down to the river, to raise ears of the final victory in all parts of Mosul.
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This just chaps my hide. This could all have been avoided if obummer had not been such an ally of iran. We knew they were coming and we did nothing. I watched al-baghdadi gain strength right there in iraq under maliki's nose and the united states. We did nothing. We knew iran was flying over iraqi airspace into syria and building up their forces there, and we did nothing. We knew Russia was sneaking in ships to their port in syria and we did nothing. The coffers of our governments elite are full from pilfering this country, and that doesnt even count the tax payer money spent. The lost u.s soldiers lives in this war and the wounded that will be scarred for life. The people of this region have endured so much for way too long, and all the last administration did was create a new generation of jihadi's because of the world's lack of looking like they give a crap about these people. The un is a joke and another money funneling entity that produces nothing but a little supplies here and there for millions of displaced people. Maybe if the un would have changed their voting procedures to a majority vote, then we wouldnt have had china and russia stopping us at every turn to get things done. Good grief i could go on and on but this picture is worth a thousand words and the tears that go along with it. No human being should ever have to live like this ever. It just makes me sick..

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 As much as I hate to say it, this and the next generation are lost, never to be regained. War, torture, famine and death take a toll not just on a current generation, but the next one or two.


Let us hope that history never repeats itself as it has for those in the middle east that have endured the horrors of Daesh.Yes Daesh, as I cannot bring myself to call them by any other acronym.


When I was a kid, a school yard fight was one against one, no weapons, no gangs. They fought till one said give, uncle or such and all went about there way. Not anymore. Today it's weapons, gangs, mass murder and as we have seen, even mush worse.


At times I am kind of glad I am getting old as then I wont see how truly depraved mankind can get in my lifetime. Sad really. A couple generations lost.  :(



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Less than 1/3 of a mile left. Then whats the next trigger to the RV. ;/    «0 .. O» 


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Federal police announced its control over a large underground camp to train a terrorist Daesh in Mosul

06-07-2017 02:15 PM
Number of readers: 343

Baghdad News -



Federal police announced on Thursday that it seized control of a large underground camp to train terrorists to organize Daesh terrorist in Mosul. 

The Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat said in a statement, said that the 'federal police units were able to control the training center for terrorists known as (Camp Abu Massoud) violent training in the western town of Mosul Busev'. 

The statement added that ' the camp covers an area of 1500 meters and is located at a depth of 10 meters under the ground.'

The statement noted, 'continued progress in the old Mosul', adding that 'our units are attacking killed 15 Daashaa and destroyed 3 positions for snipers and dismantled 46 improvised explosive device and 4 Ahzamh device and seized a warehouse containing 18 anti-tank missile and communication devices and equipment combat'.

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  • yota691 changed the title to Five years later .. Nujaifi reveals the "real cause" of the fall of Mosul
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    • By ametad
      Mosul will be liberated.
      Will the Oil Law come before or after Tal Afar?
      I'm thinking the entire North of Iraq needs liberated with quick political stability through the Oil Law to prevent a civil war from beginning.
      Does anyone know how strong IS is in Tal Afar? Is this another possible Fallujah?
    • By umbertino
      March 30, 2017
    • By Adam Montana
      ERBIL, Kurdistan Region— Heavily supported from the air, Iraq’s emboldened ground troops marched into the industrial neighborhood of Mosul in the early hours of Tuesday and advanced further towards the Tigris River in the eastern suburb of the city after gaining control of the nearby Misaq district.

      The army says it is now almost in full control of the eastern pockets of the embattled city with nearly 45 neighborhoods under its control. 

      Tuesday’s clashes were preceded by heavy raids from Iraqi and coalitions airpower using so called Night Hunter helicopters among other gunships.  

      The intense clashes which lasted for nearly 7 hours into the late afternoon led to retreat of ISIS gunmen from the so called industrial district of Mosul where they attacked army convoys with at least one car bomb in Misaq neighborhood. 

      Rudaw’s embedded correspondent Ranja Jamal who is travelling with the Iraqi police units in Mosul said residents abandoned their homes for the safety of nearby districts already in army control as soon as ISIS left their neighborhoods 

      “Although it’s difficult to verify if the entire Misaq district is in the hands of Iraqi forces, it seems that ISIS militants had left the area ahead of Tuesday’s offensive,” Jamal said. 

      He added that the army has raised the Iraqi flags in several locations inside the Misaq neighborhood which Jamal could make out from distance in the nearby industrial district.  
      The operation to retake Mosul from the ISIS militants which started on October 17 has entered its third month with unexpectedly slow pace of the army although both Kurdish and Iraqi leaders have publicly praised the relative professionalism of the joint ground troops. 

      Much points to further delay of army’s mobilisation into central parts of the city which still appears to be in ISIS’ firm grip and where almost a million people are believed to reside. Iraqi leaders have said, to avoid civilian casualties, the army has chosen to move with patience.  

      Both Hawija and Tal Afar also remain in militants’ control where ISIS is believed to enjoy robust protection provided by its many tunnels and ditches in addition to strong local support.  

      On Thursday the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yidirim is expected to visit Baghdad where he will discuss the Mosul operation with his Iraqi counterpart Haidar Abadi, according to Turkish government sources. 

      Turkey has a limited military presence in Bashiq camp near Mosul where Sunni fighters are being trained and funded and could play a decisive role as the operation evolves.  
    • By Adam Montana
      The Iraqi army has come in control of Industrial and Mithaq neighborhoods of Mosul as troops push further into the city against ISIS in the second phase of the operation.
      Heavy clashes took place between Iraqi troops and ISIS militants in the two new neighborhoods on Tuesday as a Rudaw team embedded with the army filmed the scene.
      Civilians could be seen fleeing the fight. Some of them were caught in the cross fire and lost family members to ISIS car bombs.
      The Iraqi army launched an offensive on October 17 to retake the country’s second largest city from ISIS.
    • By TexasGranny
      This article is not about the dinar but I thought others might be interested in the content since it is not colored by media bias or sensationalism.
      There is also a video at the link if you would like to watch it.
      An intense battle rages to liberate Mosul from two years of ISIS terror: Nearly 100,000 coalition troops, led by the Iraqi army and including several hundred American military personnel, are pitted against several thousand ISIS militants. The number of those fleeing the conflict has well more than doubled since November 1. The latest reports, as of November 9, count over 40,000 displaced people.
      Samaritan’s Purse is distributing food to displaced families at Khazer camp, which lies about 25 miles east of Mosul’s center. The camp sits just before the border with Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq, along the main Erbil-Mosul highway, and security is tight. The current population of the camp is around 6,000 or 7,000 people.
      On November 7, our national staff and disaster response team members distributed a monthly ration of food to 425 families. An average Iraqi household includes six members, so that’s an estimated 2,550 men, women, and children who will benefit. Each family unit received flour, oil, chickpeas, salt, sugar, beans, and rice in quantities expected to last 30 days.
      Distributions continued November 8 for several hundred more families and will continue as long as new arrivals enter the camp complex. We are working in other camps and will be helping to meet the food needs of thousands of families over the coming months.
      Stories of Those Who Fled
      Kasem*, a midde-aged father of eight, was among the first in line to receive food. The family left Gogjali, a suburb of Mosul, a few days ago as fierce fighting reached that area. Kasem’s explanation for why he ended up at the camp was simple.
      “We were scared. We had a family, and so we left [by truck].”
      Abdul Rahman*, 62, also received rations for his large family on Monday. He came to the camp recently with his children and grandchildren.
      When the bombs got close to his Gogjali home, he knew it was time to flee.
      “I was in my home, and the bomb hit my neighbor’s house, and then my other neighbor’s house,” he said. “Then a bomb hit my wall. Do you expect me to stay?”
      With the Iraqi military’s help and permission, they were able to drive out of harm’s way. They were eventually stopped at the Khazer camp and have settled in. One of the first things Abdul did after escaping ISIS was shave his beard, a required facial feature under their tyrannical rule.
      While camp life can be challenging, it’s a vast improvement over his life for the past two years, he said.
      “This is better than under the authority of ISIS—1 million percent.”
      In the summer of 2014, Abdul and his family lived in a small village just beyond the Khazer bridge (for which the current camp is named). ISIS overran Mosul in June of that year and later stormed east toward Erbil where they met fierce resistance from Kurdish fighters. Abdul’s village was at the edge of the fighting, and ISIS forced his people across the bridge. Then ISIS blew up the bridge and trucked the people west to the edge of Mosul. There they were held hostage until the Iraqi military liberated them over the past week.
      One of Abdul’s specific challenges under ISIS was obtaining adequate medical care. He has a long list of serious health problems—heart issues and diabetes are just two among them—and medical treatment was expensive and difficult to come by. A local nurse was able to sneak medications to him and others, but that man was eventually caught by ISIS and imprisoned, Abdul said.
      “We don’t know what happened to him.”
      Returnees Start Over
      The drive to liberate Mosul has cleared ISIS fighters from many small villages on the Nineveh plains. These villages, completely drained of their inhabitants in 2014, have begun to repopulate in the past couple of weeks. Families that fled then are now slowly returning to start over.
      On November 6, Samaritan’s Purse distributed emergency supplies to 54 families in two villages. The citizens there are Kakai, a Kurdish people group that adheres to a little known, mystical, and monotheistic religious system that began in 14th-century Iran. They are not considered Muslims, which put them on the ISIS hit list.
      We were the first organization to provide relief to these returnees. The families received heavy-duty plastic sheeting to cover windows and doors and otherwise patch up things in light of damage caused by war and ISIS vandals. They also received blankets, kerosene stoves, fuel containers, and three days’ worth of ready-to-eat food—crackers, canned meat, tuna, beans, chickpeas, powdered milk, and dates. The biggest concern that the families expressed was their lack of fuel and electricity in light of the coming winter.
      “ISIS took everything from this village, and the network for city power is destroyed,” said Kamal, a head of household who received supplies from us. He has a wife and seven children.
      Regarding the distribution, he said: “We kiss and appreciate whoever gives his hand to us and helps us.”
      Twelve-year-old Ahmed is the son of the village leader, Ibrahim.
      “We are nine persons in my family: five boys, one girl, my grandmother, and my parents,” Ahmed said. “We are very thankful that you came and gave us some supplies.”
      Ibrahim remembers two years ago when his family fled for their lives with only the clothes on their backs. Now they’re back home, but the village is mostly rubble.
      “We’re starting from zero, we’re starting our lives again,” he said. “When I first came back to my village, I thought I was a newborn. This is my great-great-grandfather’s home.”
      Ibrahim said this is actually the third time in four decades that the village has been destroyed by violence. He hopes things will change.
      “I hope the best for my kids and to grow up in peace in our village.”
      *Names changed for security.
      View larger map

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