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New CBI Announcement 04/16/2017

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The Governor of the Central Bank participates in the Anti-Money Laundering and Financing WorkshopTerrorism
His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Alaq
Saturday 15 April 2017 at a workshop organized by the Economic and Business Group
In cooperation with Iraqi and Arab banks, and affirmed his sovereignty during a speech in an opening
The workshop held in Baghdad "The trend to prepare a solid base to address whitening
Money is very important and contributes to building a sound financial sector, which is fighting
Money laundering and financing of terrorism are a matter of local and international concern and we work on
Building sound rules by adopting international standards that govern financial action and constitute immunity
To the banking sector and prevent money laundering.
Mr. Mohieldin pointed out the importance of local and international efforts to work together
Coordinate working mechanisms to achieve objectives that prevent such practices from occurring
Various economies, stressing the importance of building sound rules using the latest
Technology and coordination among all stakeholders to control this
Disease prevention and non-proliferation through a roadmap to this effect coordinates the work
Between all parties.

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16-04-2017 11:03 AM



Revealed the central bank governor, on the Keywords, on Sunday, all went to the bank to prepare a solid base for addressing money laundering, stressing the need for concerted international and local efforts in this regard. 

Newspaper quoted Keywords as saying that 'orientation to prepare a solid base to address money laundering is extremely important and contributes to building a sound financial sector , "noting that" a subject of local and international interest and we are working to build the correct rules of the adoption of international standards regulate the financial work and form the immunity of the banking sector and prevent money laundering. ' 

Keywords pointed to the 'importance that combine local and international efforts to coordinate mechanisms of action to achieve the goals that prevent the occurrence of such practices in various economies'. 

He stressed Keywords on the need to 'adopt the rules of sound using the latest technology and coordination among all the concerned authorities in this matter to control these diseases and prevent their spread through the path established for this matter to coordinate action among all parties map, and there are legal regulations paint the correct paths', adding' Besides the importance of human resources training and the expansion of the circle of knowledge in this aspect. " 

He stressed that the Keywords 'central bank the latest great mobility in this aspect and the provision of basic and advanced detailed in this important work rules and development occurred in this aspect during the past period and formed banks and specialized units in this side to undermine the chances of such crimes'. 

Means the process of money laundering obtaining money from black sources are illegal and introducing them into the economic cycle and taking them out as clean money free economic suspicions.

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thanks yota ur research and others makes the news easy to find the clues ..... I think the cbi and goi have known whats going on for a long time these people are not ignorant they just like stealing and it wasn't till imo the imf started the SMP keeping tabs on them that they are publicly saying "yup we have identified the problem now and working to fix it" lol ... cheers

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1 hour ago, Boozer said:

Fix it fast Daddy needs a new boat. Fish wating to ride in style. Want look bad to have a few bikini clad girls along for the ride. 

Mm mm bikini clad girls

if u need a wing man I am there

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Those are really nice corvettes . A few days ago there was a topic on another thread about new Mustang Shelby 350 GTs. which are also some beautiful cars .Recently . I saw someone driving a 1968 Shelby Mustang . Driving it on the highway like he stole it . One of the most beautiful automobile events I have seen . I would not be half mad at anyone who purchased a classic corvette or Shelby and drove it the way it supposed to be driven under the threat of speeding violations 

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I have a C3 as well in the middle of a full resto...Everything that could come off under the car is all new, springs, shocks, trans lines, brakes and hoses, all the vacuum lines, new trans, new 375 HP 350 and I forget what else.

New interior down at the shop and then off to paint.


RV sure would speed this my too.



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I believe the CBI daily auctions when down from $250 - $300 million to $150 million because they tackled corruption and money laundering 

They're ready to start doing international business 



Go 2017

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3 minutes ago, millionaire in training said:

Have you guys seen the new Ford GT. :twothumbs:     Yea Ford :blink: thats what I thought when someone told me about it.  I said no thanks im not interested in a Ford.....Until I saw it..:o It's beautiful. :eyebrows:

400 K....................!

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Looking for something Myself with a bit of Firepower to it ! Well, it's my kinda fun anyway . . . several sites like these out there. - also car auctions !


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45 minutes ago, 10 YEARS LATER said:

Looking for something Myself with a bit of Firepower to it ! Well, it's my kinda fun anyway . . . several sites like these out there. - also car auctions !


Hey 10 YL, some of those look like they may not have the best gas mileage. :D

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