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Cryptocurrency Mining


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So, I spent the "golden" days of Bitcoin making money setting up server power for others.

Missed the boat on 'em,no worries, no tears.

There's several other currencies that are far more available, and therefore still worth mining.

Just wondering, anyone here mining, and what are you set up for?

I'm in the process of building my hardware, not going to build a million dollar server room, but thinking of I get a couple servers up with four vid cards each, then it should provide adequate returns.

The above statement comes from a total noob. desperately trying to cure his ignorance infection...  DM


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I just recently started mining. Just recently really learned about crypto as well,  got my feet wet in 2015 knowing nothing and putting it on the back burner till about a few months ago.  Bought my first miner 3 weeks ago. I am mining DASH. I think it has alot of potential. Baikal has released more miners (sold out right now they are swamped) but others are suppose to be released from other companies as well. I heard it's kinda harder to mine with the computer(s) with the new ascics. Not saying u can't but ppl are saying it's cheaper from what if read. I was looking into mining other coins and then shapeshifting them into dash but didn't since the new x11 miners came out and more are on the way. 

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Don't go in eBay and over pay. Ppl are putting the ones that were just released on there there is a limit 1 per person on Baikal website.... it's 800$ (only accepts Bitcoin Litecoin or Dash) but ppl are bidding in them paying 1200$ and up. So I would wait if u choose to mine dash. Like I said Baikal is in the works of releasing more "cubes" and a new model of their "giant" miner soon as well as other companies, Baikal is swamped... guess this is where the money is.

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