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Questions For Adam's Update 4-5-2017


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Adam, are you still as positive this week about the HCL being implemented as you were a few weeks ago?... and can Iraq change the rate anytime they want thoughout the year or does it have to be done by the first quarter?  Ty for all the work you and others do here to keep us informed. 

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Good morning Adam. After 12+ years of this ride I am certain you can understand my frustration level. That being said, at this point are we just pretty much waiting on the total liberation of Mosul or what? I know, I know...the HCL must be passed and all that, but it seems as if Mosul is a real turning point?

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 I am very comfortable where Iraq is right now but still a lot of work to do.

- Liberation of Mosul 

- Security 

- Stability 

- Complete seated government 

- UN Chapter VII

- Article 140


- Oil prices



- Important laws

- Maliki and his gang 

- Hard currency reserves going down to about $40 billions

- SBA 2016-2019

Do you think is possible to see an RV in 2017 or we have to wait till the end of the SBA in 2019



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Adam, we have seen much activity in the last year and of late much mention of Iraq's intent to introduce their new rate.

The fact Abadi has asked the UN to release them from Chapter viii.  That have met with President Trump, and have held

their 2% margin on their currency,  When are they just going to give this a kick in the butt and announce it.   This constant dragging on and on and on is too much to endure.  They have introduced Qui cards, ATMs.  They say they need to train the people on the new currency.  They are not stupid people.

Give me something I have not thought about why this has not happened yet.

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