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Abadi: defeat Daesh in Iraq during the weeks

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Well......just saw the scoop....all I got from that 10 minute interview, was about the status and progress in defeating Daesh/ISIS, Iraq's oil is for the "Iraquis" no other country is going to take that over, and fighting terrorism is/should be the responsibility of all partners worldwide. It was a good interview, Abadi left me with the impression that there is hope that things will be better, but it's going to take a little long while for all things to come to pass.  But at last, if any of you guys get anything else out of this interview, please chime in - nothing was slipped out, that "cat is still in the bag" regarding any scoop of the HCL or hint of the RV.  

We continue to remain patient indeed.  Yup.

I'll go have my beer now.  Thanks. :cheesehead:

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  • yota691 changed the title to Abadi: defeat Daesh in Iraq during the weeks
On 3/23/2017 at 0:07 PM, DinarThug said:

This week on Fox News Sunday: Haider al-Abadi, Prime Minister of Iraq, in an exclusive interview.



7 hours ago, DWS112 said:

" Within the next few weeks ISIS will be gone!"


It's Showing On Fox Again In 2 Hrs ! ;) 

B)   B)   B)


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On March 23, 2017 at 7:29 PM, Laid Back said:

He will talk about the liberation of Mosul, security, stability, opportunity of investment, the private sector, how rich Iraq is in natural resources, 

He's going to promote Iraq to the world.

Babylon will rise again🇮🇶


Go 2017

YES IT WILL.....:bravo:

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26/03/2017 19:22(Updated 19:26 03/26/2017)

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said the Iraqi troops would drive the organization "Daesh" terrorist of the country in the coming weeks.

Abadi said during an interview with "Fox News" to defeat al "Daesh" terrorist in Iraq predetermined, very rapidly over the next few weeks will be eliminated, Abadi stressed that Iraq will win the "Daesh" militarily.


Abadi pointed out that Iraq needs help from US forces to provide training to Iraqi forces and logistical support and intelligence.


He continued Abadi "In my opinion, these three important elements is that we need from the American forces in Iraq.

He pointed to the Iraqi Prime Minister that after the defeat of the "Daesh" terrorist, Iraq will need US troops less.

Abadi stressed that the fight against terrorism is Ooloulih the Iraqi government, and it should also be a priority for everyone, pointing out that peace needs "to much more than winning the war."

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March 27, 2017

Abadi during his visit to Washington

Abadi during his visit to Washington


Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said he supports the survival of part of the US troops in his country to support Iraqi forces in the post-urging.

In an interview with Fox News on Sunday evening, Abbadi said Iraqi forces needed US troops to stay on missions related to training, logistical support and intelligence cooperation.

About 5,000 US troops are deployed in Iraq as part of military operations against Da'ash. Asked by his interlocutor Chris Wallis whether he wanted 1,000 American troops to remain, Abbadi responded by saying "a little more."

He stressed that during his visit to the White House last week, he felt a commitment by the US administration and Congress to support Baghdad in its war against a militant organization.

Iraqi forces are battling to liberate Mosul, the last of the organization's most prominent strongholds in Iraq. He lost most of the areas he seized in 2014 in Iraq following operations by Iraqi forces backed by an international coalition led by Washington.

The number of al-Qaeda fighters has reached its lowest level, according to Abadi, who added that operations against Da'ash could end in the coming weeks.

Abadi talks about Trump and Obama

Abadi said that former President Barack Obama did not want to "get involved" in the fight against Da'ash, but was forced to do so after the organization crossed the Syrian border and controlled about 40 percent of Iraq's territory.

"He wanted to forget about Iraq. There was a lot of pressure on President Obama to help Iraq. Now there is an understanding that Iraq is an ally." The Iraqi prime minister said he saw a clear intention in the administration of President Donald Trump to eliminate the sting.

The issue of Iraqi oil

"I told President Trump that Iraqi oil is for Iraqis," Abadi said. "It angered all Iraqis. It's the wealth of Iraqis."

Trump said the United States should have obtained oil from Iraq in exchange for the cost of military presence there.

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My opinion is this is an opportunity for Trump to take credit for pushing the Iraq to revalue their Currency and this is an opportunity for Abadi to take credit for defending all Iraqi's oil against invaders both the president and prime minister will come out looking like heroes, win/win......." art of the deal " 101

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