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US immigrants make sub-zero trek for slim chance at asylum in Canada


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More than 1,000 asylum seekers have journeyed on foot through snow and icy river to cross border in remote areas unregulated by pact that bars refugee claims

Ashifa Kassam in Toronto

Thursday 23 March 2017 09.00 GMT

A man who claimed to be from Sudan illegally crosses the US-Canada border into Hemmingford, Quebec, in Canada.
Photograph: Christinne Muschi/Reuters
More pics in link
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I find it so funny that the Canadian Prime Minister stated to the world that Canada will welcome all immigrants who seek citizenship. As immigrants cross the border - they are immediately arrested. LOL

Now I see in the news that after a few thousand have arrived in Canada, they worry once the weather clears lots more will be coming.  

I hope they get their wish & I want to hear how their opinions change after a million or more show up. Increased crime, overloaded welfare system, problems in public education, etc. :):):);) 

Try getting over 15 million like America.

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