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New CBI Announcement 03/23/2017

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Getting Closer Let's hope it a  and GM DV

News and announcements   To  / licensed banks all ( to meet the buying and selling of foreign currency standards )  03/23/2017

Sorry I was on Travel days from holidays. Here it is.  OCR Translation Google Translate To all licensed banks 4 42 ^ x11> Libua / A   Greetings   In the case of the n

1 minute ago, Botzwana said:

Wifey and I tried to move to belize.  We lasted one day.  The black natives were very racist towards us.  Gasoline was $10 a gallon U.S.  We turned right around and came to Mexico instead. 

I heard it might be a place for the elite..dno how true that is. I plan to buy property there atleast 1 beach house. I might have to slap some nwo elite around if they keep actin up post rv. No more nice guy towards criminals

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On 3/25/2017 at 9:40 AM, Synopsis said:

The rate appears to be pretty slow right now but I believe there are things lining up for major happenings in the near future once Mosul is fully wrested from ISIS or all of Iraq which should be very soon after Mosul is secured.

Well, OK, you were probably referring to the revalued IQD rate. Lots of speculation but no one really knows. In my opinion, it will be in the 1 IQD = 0.1 USD to 3.86 USD range. There are valid arguments to support either extreme or in between such as 1 IQD = 0.86 USD or 1.18 USD.

Once the event occurs, some or most folks will likely take what they can get or monitor for a short period of time before exchanging. Everyone has, or should have, their own reasons and strategy to suit their purpose and comfort level.

Best Regards! Good to see you posting and Welcome Aboard - Enjoy!

Go Moola Nova!


Thanks Synopsis

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