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Deputy calls for parliament to convene an emergency session to follow up the situation of the displaced and considered a disaster Mosul


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Deputy calls for parliament to convene an emergency session to follow up the situation of the displaced and considered a disaster Mosul


 Since 06.03.2017 at 10:05 (Baghdad time)


Baghdad balances News

Member of Parliament called the victory Jubouri, on Monday, the presidency of parliament to hold an emergency session to discuss the situation of the displaced people the right coast, and the city of Mosul, regarded as a disaster.

Said al-Jubouri in a statement received / balances News / copy it, that "the suffering of the people of Mosul, fleeing the coast right towards the south of the city portends a veritable disaster, especially since their numbers growing daily with the lack of any plan to house them or any aid can be provided to them, and that their conditions of bad to worse after their displacement coincided with a wave of rain and cold. "

He added, "We are concerned about the increasing pace of displacement of the center of the right side humane and healthy difficult conditions and a lack of the most basic elements of life."

MP for Mosul, that "It is obvious to everyone that this wave of displacement did not get a sudden not yet reached the figures above the expected, but that all the data indicated and identified what is happening now carefully," indicating that "it is strange that we do not find any kind from standby or Althaoh to receive these citizens and sheltered. "

She pointed out, "the absence of any prior plan to take them or ambulance their wounded, except as provided by the heroic security forces, which have become bear the burden of liberation and the fight against terrorism and attention to the displaced people," loaded with the Prime Minister and all the concerned ministries and the United Nations offices in Iraq local "this failure and the government of Nineveh, what is happening to the people of Mosul. "

And showed Jubouri, "This negligence and disregard for the fate of the people of Mosul DEAR who suffered two things under the injustice and crimes Daesh, must be placed under the table as soon as possible," claim the presidency of the House of Representatives to "convene an emergency session to discuss the situation of displaced people from the right coast and provide what can be submitted them, viewing the problem of dereliction unjustified done to them and determine who is shortened, and the vote on the grounds stricken city of Mosul. "


And called on the central government and its ministries concerned and the local government and its departments and organizations, humanitarian relief, and the international community to "rapid and immediate intervention to save families," emphasizing "the need for the tribal people of the elders and notables offered in southern Mosul, support and assistance to their brothers and save them from this disaster horrific" .anthy 29 / A 43

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