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1 hour ago, PeterJoe said:

I'm kind of wondering why and how my profile got visited 3,477 times. Who could have been those and what could they have been looking for in my profile? Too many visits without a single "hi" or "hello" message... lol.

Well duh, if you post a topic about why your rep is "-1" everyone is going to look at you profile. :facepalm2:


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The title is a bit misleading. Below hopefully you will understand why no one is leaving a message..

In reality this number shows the number of postings you have viewed/visited...for me 20549 profile views...there is no way I'm that popular!

If you go to your profile (click on your picture) it will tell you the most recent visitors to your profile with date of visit (if your settings allow it)...there is a vast difference between profile views and postings viewed...the latest DV upgrade version has an incorrect counter heading for your visits to other threads and postings

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On 2/26/2017 at 8:46 PM, Seabee said:

LOL Well, you made me look. After I read your topic I thought maybe PJ wants all of us check his profile and see how many he could get to see it. Like I said good job. 


That's funny and I lol. It's not so. I don't like calling attention.

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