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Legarde Pushed The GCR Button.


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Luigi  found this article.

GCR done this past Thursday...1200 HRS EST.

It may be a week before the public sees the rates.

Treat as a rumor.

Not verified. Your opine.


23 Feb 2017   Bruce...

Bruce: We believe from what we are hearing, I hate to say it is unconfirmed. I am going to call it not totally substantiated yet to me that at 17:00 hours Greenwich Mean time which would be 5pm today in London. London is not too far from Greenwich. So the same time zone. That the GCR effectively was started if you will according to Christine Legarde who is as you know is the Managing Director of the IMF, International Monetary Fund. We are pleased to suggest that it may have begun according to what we have heard.

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A few years back, I mentioned that there won't be an RV until the situation is in the BANKING ELITES FAVOR.....HCL may come after an RV, because the excitement will cause the Iraqi's to act fast....Shabibi said it would be after there's security, but he's only a banker, in charge of the CBI, the CBI is only one headquarter of many, I believe its the business going in and out of Iraq on a major scale will require an RV, but Iraqi's still need to learn how to do business in their new democracy...which is totally new to could be that there's still a large number of high notes held by criminals that the elites need to aquire. Funding bank robbers isn't the Rothchilds way of doing things. We shall see, thank you.

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" That the GCR effectively was started if you will according to Christine Legarde who is as you know is the Managing Director of the IMF, International Monetary Fund. " "Who also found Ms. Lagarde guilty of criminal charges linked to the misuse of public funds when she was France’s finance minister nearly a decade ago. But the court did not impose a fine or a sentence. In a statement, the directors of the I.M.F. said they had considered the court’s decisions and had “full confidence in the managing director’s ability to continue to effectively carry out her duties.”"

Now that is as funny as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest because she was found Guilty of a felony crime, but no penalties to be given and they have confidence in her to continue managing the worlds money.

Well I think that is proof enough to me that they all are crooked SOB's because why else would any financial institution keep a crook on board as managing director? Unless they themselves were also receiving a part of that money handout line. Maybe we are doing this all wrong maybe we should form our own nation (The Land of DinarVets) and just take out a bunch IMF loans to support ourselves with bribes and kickbacks. I'm sure somewhere there is an Island with no owner. And every three or four weeks we say "Soon the committee will get that done, Soon after the other committee gets the work done, which is very soon after they get back from their vacation period."



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