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Trump settles on a new ally to fight against the Islamic State

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Trump settles on a new ally to fight against the Islamic State

Trump settles on a new ally to fight against the Islamic State


 Twilight News    
 14 Hours Ago


Twilight News Sources in the Turkish presidency / said on Wednesday that President Tayyip Erdogan agreed with his US counterpart Donald Trump in a telephone call Tuesday evening on cooperation against al - Islamic state in the cities of Raqqa and door Alsorretan the subjects of his control. 
And obstructed the American Turkish differences during the era of former US President Barack Obama administration 's campaign against the US - led regulation could lead to enhance coordination to make rapid progress towards the restoration of tracts of land in northern Syria from the hands of the organization. 
Turkey has the second largest army in NATO and share the task to achieve any success in defeating the organization and eliminate it in the end in Syria and Iraq. 
He said Ibrahim Kalin , spokesman for the Turkish president said Ankara has provided a detailed plan for the expulsion of the organization of the Islamic State of Raqqa city in northeastern Syria , although ongoing strategic discussions on this matter with the Trump management. 
He said channel (NTV) in an "operational details are not discussed in this call ... now it will be planned in detail in coordination" between the two sides. 
Ankara believes that the Islamic state attacks recently in Turkey- , including an attack on New Year 's Day at a nightclub in Istanbul in which 39 people were carried out under the guidance of militants killed in the door and tenderness are clearing the two cities a priority to its national security. 
Turkish government sources , the Syrian armed opposition, said on Wednesday that Turkey 's military - backed Syrian opposition forces took control of the suburbs under the organization of the Islamic state to the northeast of the city of Aleppo door. The door fall to boost Turkey 's influence in the northern region of Syria where a buffer zone effectively established. 
Syrian government forces advanced towards the door from the south to become close to the Turkish troops and opposition forces in one of the most complicated battlefields in the ongoing conflict six years ago , 
but Turkey said that being international coordination to prevent clashes with Syrian troops. 
The White House said in a statement that Trump addressed in the dial - up commitment of the two countries shared " the fight against terrorism in all its forms" and praised the contributions of Turkey in addressing the organization of the Islamic state. He did not give details. 
Sources said Erdogan 's office said the two leaders discussed issues including the establishment of a "safe zone" and the refugee crisis in the region and the fight against terrorism. 
She added that Erdogan urged the United States to stop its support for units to protect people and the Syrian Martyrs. She stated that due to visit Mike Pompeo director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Turkey on Thursday to discuss this issue and other issues. 
There was no immediate comment from Washington on the visit Pompeo. But the office said the two presidents stressed that Trump "US support for Turkey as a strategic partner and ally in NATO , " During the telephone conversation on Tuesday. 
Kalin said that improved coordination with the US - led coalition on air strikes in the past ten days. He added that the priority for Ankara is to establish a safe area between the towns and cherish Jarablos Alsorretan border points to the north of the door. 

Turkish sources said that due to Pompeo looking to visit the issue of People's Protection Units and action against the network Fathallah Colin Turkish cleric who lives in the United States and who is accused by Ankara of masterminding a coup attempt in July. Colin and denies any involvement in it. 

Kalin said , "As you know we have two issues with the US administration are essential Mohamed said of the Obama era. One of support units to protect people and the other problem (Colin)." 

He added , "Our president spoke about this openly and clearly. Trump was notified about the issues ... and without going into too much detail .. He said to ask the teams discuss this and we issue the necessary instructions."

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