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Minister of Culture: Babylon's inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list is long overdue​​​​​​​


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Thanks Yota and Morning to the gang...The lower denominational notes have got to have their own sene printed on them...What better than ancient sites and a national swamp shot or two...That would take care of the 50, 20, 10, 5 and the single dinar notes...''Jayco'' I went ahead and spelled out morning and did put mornin' just for you my friend...:lmao:   :lol:  :peace:

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7 hours ago, skeetdog said:

Thanks Yota and Morning to the gang...The lower denominational notes have got to have their own sene printed on them...What better than ancient sites and a national swamp shot or two...That would take care of the 50, 20, 10, 5 and the single dinar notes...''Jayco'' I went ahead and spelled out morning and did put mornin' just for you my friend...:lmao:   :lol:  :peace:

Good job!! But you spelled my name wrong! Geeeeeeez

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On 7/21/2016 at 3:41 AM, yota691 said:

Finance Committee: issuing banknotes which include the marshes and Antiquities does not need to enact a law


Finance Committee: issuing banknotes which include the marshes and Antiquities does not need to enact a law



BAGHDAD / JD / .. the parliamentary finance committee confirmed, that the issuance of banknote by the Central Bank of Iraq, which included the marsh sites and relics does not require new legislation.
A member of the committee MP Ahmed Sarhan told / KD / that "the Central Bank Law gave permission to a central cash by issuing new editions, where the central bank when it issued the 50,000 dinars edition did not consult any party."
He added that "the central bank's intention to issue banknotes which include the marshes and relics sites after practice those areas within the World Heritage does not require new legislation in parliament," adding it was "a nice idea to the marshes and areas of archaeological keep in mind when included in the cash editions."
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) voted on the inclusion of the Iraqi marshlands and areas of archaeological sites in the World Heritage.
The central bank had announced its intention to issue banknotes bearing archaeological sites and marshes logo after Alaalmi.anthy included in the heritage 8 /


sHEEZ is that a crocodile in that picture. Now for sure not going there. The terrrorists are bad enough.

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Economy News / special demanded economic and investment commission in Parliament, the legislation of a special law guaranteeing private rights in proportion to the support of Iraq's economy, said Committee Chairman Jawad al-Bolani said in an interview for "Economy News," that the most prominent points stimulate the national economy, supporting and activating the private sector and encourage the work done by age makes him so special laws up to the level of countries of the world, which are mainly dependent upon the development of its economy. Bolani said that the reactivation of the private sector needs to be legislation of a special law guaranteeing the rights of its workers, similar to the general government sector, stressing the attention and focus on the tourism sector, especially after the marshes and the effects of inclusion on the World Heritage Let a new financial resource for the State of AJ
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On 7/22/2016 at 8:19 AM, yota691 said:

central issue of new editions of cash,


11 minutes ago, Integrativedoc said:

These are commemorative notes. The lower denomination note designs have been long established.

ok commemorative, new editions of cash = the same...JMO :lol:

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Iraq, July 26, 2016 

On July 17, UNESCO added al-Ahwar marshes in southeastern Iraq to the World Heritage list. Now, Iraq is seeking to add the 4,000-year-old city of Babylon to the list, which includes world heritage properties of special cultural and natural significance. 


Hussein Fleih, Babylon’s director of antiquities and member of Babil’s provincial council, told Al-Monitor, “Babylon will be competing to earn that recognition in the voting process supervised by UNESCO for 2017.” He said that naming Babylon a World Heritage site will help to preserve this historical city by drawing not only local but international financial and technical support.

In an interview with Al-Monitor, Fleih said, “Both the local government in Babil and the Iraqi government are working toward adding the city to the World Heritage list.”


In an expression of popular demand for adding Babylon to the UNESCO list, a group of journalists and activists launched a social media campaign June 20 under the hashtag #WeAreBabylon.


Journalist and activist Wissam al-Tai told Al-Monitor, “The Saddam Hussein regime was unfair to Babylon with investments that served a political agenda. In 1983, Hussein built a huge and luxurious castle on top of a high hill there. Ignoring the resulting damage to the historic city, Saddam further constructed artificial hills and lakes within the historic site to immortalize his name. The campaign aims to protect this historical city from negligence and ensure more financial allocations to preserve it.”


Karim Matar al-Zubaidi, head of the history department at the University of Babylon, told Al-Monitor, “Including Babylon on the World Heritage list will draw international technical support from experts, and restoration techniques will help to restore the city according to global standards. The history department at the University of Babylon is ready to provide research and consultation to support Babylon in its bid to become a World Heritage site.”


However, Fleih argued that these wishes for universal recognition of Babylon as a World Heritage site “face many challenges, especially haphazard maintenance operations that modified the city’s original features.”


That said, since UNESCO refuses architectural additions to historical cities, will the additions in Babylon be demolished? Fleih answered this question by saying, “This will not be the case. UNESCO informed us that one of the clauses of the law governing the list allows architectural additions if they were the outcome of government pressure and plans, thus exceeding the city’s power.”


Regarding the ongoing preparations for nominating the city for the World Heritage list, Fleih said, “One of the weaknesses is the high level of groundwater, as UNESCO requires reducing it to a minimum so it doesn’t affect the original building, leading to its deterioration.”


He added, “We must also maintain the Ishtar Gate, whose pillars suffer from groundwater and mineral exposure. Moreover, the cracked walls of the temples require restoration, the internal wall should be rebuilt and all extraneous additions removed. We should maintain the Lion of Babylon statue, preserve it and remove all the factors influencing the erosion of its legs.


“One of the first practical preparations for nominating Babylon was the arrival of UNESCO experts in 2015 to the site. They issued guidelines as to the reinforcement of the buildings to prevent their collapse. These experts also presented a study documenting the results of the work underway. In light of this study, it will be decided whether Babylon will be added to the World Heritage list.


Fleih said, “There’s still a lot of hard work to be done before the voting in 2017. UNESCO specified further conditions, such as bringing the city back to the borders determined by the Iraqi antiquities law that was published in the Iraqi Waqai’e newspaper in 1935. This law forbids any encroachment on the city’s borders in a way that causes damage, especially by farmers who own land within the historic site’s borders. According to UNESCO laws, only crops of less than 10 centimeters (4 inches) in height are allowed on its sites. In the event where it proved impossible to stop agricultural work completely, the crops should at least be isolated from the monuments.”


He pointed out another dilemma, saying, “The resort was built during the era of the former regime and is also one of Saddam’s castles. UNESCO specified that this resort should be either removed or turned into a museum and research center specializing in Babylon’s monuments and history. Meanwhile, the local government insists on keeping this touristic project for investment, hindering the efforts aimed at listing Babylon as a World Heritage site.”


Iraq's deputy minister of tourism and antiquities, Qais Hassan Rasheed, said in a statement, “UNESCO mentioned another obstacle. It’s the oil pipeline crossing the historic site. Babylon cannot be named a World Heritage site if the pipeline isn’t removed.”


He said, however, that it appears that it will be moved. “The department of antiquities won the lawsuit filed against the Oil Ministry in April. The pipeline will soon be moved to a location outside the historic site.”


The city of Babylon, universally known as the capital of the ancient world, deserves more care and attention from all the UNESCO member states. These countries should fill the technical gap Iraq suffers from to restore this city, as well as send excavation and maintenance teams to uncover what still lies in its realms. 


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History of edits:: 26/07/2016 23:34 • 226 visits readable
Abadi hails IPCC contributor to the inclusion of relics and marshes on the heritage list
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi praised the government team and all those who contributed to the inclusion of the marshes and the archaeological areas on the World Heritage List, stressing that the Iraqi determination is an essential element for success is an important achievement for the country.
A statement by the Prime Minister 's Office and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that it came during a meeting Abadi honored with the Iraqi government delegation , which contributed to this achievement, stressing that "hard work and follow - up details comes a good result as it were told by the difficulty of it , but follow - up work and determination led to this achievement. " 
He added Abadi" this decision and the efforts of the blessed represent a victory for the identity of the Iraqi civilization and a source of pride for us and , God willing victories and achievements , following actively the people of Iraq and their tireless efforts. " 
the UNESCO has voted to join the marshes and areas of archaeological in Iraq World Heritage list. 
the importance of the Iraqi marshlands be included into the World Heritage list by not allowing for any state the source of water to cut off or reduce water quotas affecting the marshes, and will not allow any Iraqi government drained the marshes under any excuse. 
as he would not allow {internationally} in any disputes military wars in the marshes, and would not allow any poaching live there for the objects, as well as the protection of birds threatened with extinction and re - breeding by providing a stable aqueous environment, and increased bio - diversity where there are species of birds and fish where there is no analogous in the world, and create opportunities the work of the local population in the development of the region, and the delivery of education and energy services for the region, and is the economic benefit of the investment process and contributes to the increasing numbers of foreign tourists Alleha.anthy
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July 27, 2016 

A wetland in southeast Iraq, thought to be the biblical Garden of Eden and almost completely drained during Saddam Hussein's rule, has become a UNESCO world heritage site, Iraqi authorities said on Sunday. 


Fed by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the marshlands of Mesopotamia are spawning grounds for Gulf fisheries and home to bird species such as the sacred ibis. They also provide a resting spot for thousands of wildfowl migrating between Siberia and Africa. 


Saddam Hussein, who accused the region's Marsh Arab inhabitants of treachery during the 1980-1988 war with Iran, dammed and drained the marshes in the 1990s to flush out rebels hiding in the reeds. 


After his overthrow by the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, locals wrecked many of the dams to let water rush back in, and foreign environmental agencies helped breathe life back into the marshes. 


The marshes, which covered 9,000 square kilometers (3,500 square miles) in the 1970s, had shrunk to just 760 sq km by 2002 before regaining some 40 percent of the original area by 2005. Iraq has said it aims to recover a total of 6,000 sq km. 


Vast, remote and bordering Iran, the marshes have been used in recent years for drugs and arms smuggling, receiving stolen goods and keeping hostages for ransom. 


The Marsh Arabs have lived in the wetlands for millennia, but are on the fringes of Iraqi society. A study put their population at 400,000 in the 1950s but several hundred thousand fled Saddam's repression or become economic migrants. 


Estimates of the numbers returning vary wildly. Many Marsh Arabs are illiterate and have struggled to find work outside the marshes. 


Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday praised UNESCO's decision, which he said "coincides with the consecutive military victories in the war against" Islamic State. 


The militant group, which has been pushed back from about half the territory it seized in 2014, controls some of the world's richest archaeological sites in northern Iraq but has not come close to the country's south. 



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Abadi hails inclusion of marsh and archaeological areas in the list of heritage





7/28/2016 0:00 

BAGHDAD - Al- Sabah 
praised the prime minister, Haidar al - Abbadi, the great efforts made by the Intergovernmental Panel and all those who contributed to the inclusion of the marshes and areas of archaeological in the World Heritage list, stressing that the Iraqi determination is an essential element for success and an important milestone for the country. 
He stressed Abadi during his meeting with the honor of the Iraqi government delegation contributed to this achievement, that continuous work and follow - up details come with good results, pointing out that he had been told by the difficulty of it, but follow - up work and determination led to this achievement. 
the Prime Minister said that «this resolution and the international efforts blessed represent a victory for the identity of the Iraqi civilization and a source of pride us and God willing there will be daily triumphs and achievements actively sons of Iraq and their tireless efforts ».
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10 days old....Looks like the Kurds are represented as well with these New Editions...

Iraq announces the issuance of a commemorative banknote

Iraq announces the issuance of a commemorative banknote

10 days ago


Iraqi Central Bank announced the issuance of banknotes memorial, after the UNESCO decided to include sites in Iraq , on the World Heritage list. According to a statement of the bank that he congratulates the Iraqi people on the occasion of the inclusion of the marshes and archaeological sites within the World Heritage list and decides to issue banknotes memorial in honor of this globally important event . and ended the process of the Iraq debate in the meetings of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO , held in Istanbul on Sunday evening to approve the annexation of the three ancient cities and four from the Iraqi marshes to the list of World Heritage register. thus , Iraq will have eight sites on the World Heritage list, as listed Iraq Throughout its history , four sites only and Assyria, Samarra and urban and Castle of Arbil, in addition to the new which isur Laredo and the Warka, in what is the fourth normally a marsh. this will ensure that natural reserve of Iraqi sites, and provides the possibility and placed under the guardianship and protection of UNESCO , the United Nations and defined internationally, and it will help to social stability and raise the economic level of the population.

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To the implementation of investment projects in the marshes government plans





7/31/2016 0:00 

 Baghdad , Ahmed Abd Rabbo / architecture Saad Hassan 
prepared Ministry of Water Resources plans to implement different investment projects within the marshlands, which confirmed the attainment of flooding to 61 percent rates, at a time when embarked Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Antiquities, the establishment of a tourist resort within it . 
In the meantime, Maysan Provincial Council made several proposals to the competent authorities for the advancement of the marshes in collaboration with the Organization (Unesco.) 61 percent immersion ratios and Pour the Undersecretary of the Ministry of water resources, Mehdi Rashid Mahdi, in a statement to the "morning", said the water flooded the marshes ratios reached 61 percent, despite the continuing rise in temperature and the resulting increase in evaporation rates, confirming the continuation of the ministry immersion programs according to a precise timetable prepared in advance. voted the World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in the 17th of the current month, marshes in Iraq , the inclusion, in the World Heritage list, after the great efforts made by the government in all its ministries concerned, as well as media campaigns adopted by the Iraqi media network , aimed at domestic and international build - up to the vote on the marshes included. Studies of investment projects   promised Mahdi join the marshes to the World Heritage list, has given a boost strong to the government with all its ministries and departments concerned, to start the development of the region by seeking to set up projects that will bring benefit to the inhabitants of the marshes, and create opportunities for many work there, revealing at the same time, for the preparation of the plan and studies for investment projects different in those areas, which hopefully be announced soon. the marshes of Iraq, the most prominent wetlands and most important biodiversity centers in the world, what content of the richest biological replete with various types of aquatic and wildlife, in addition to its load of plant diversity and animal each is rare. and saw the marsh late eighties of the last century, humanitarian crisis painfully stretched for more than a decade, because of drying the policy followed by the henchmen of the dictatorial regime buried at the time, which led to the displacement of more than 90 percent of the population in search of water sources. schemes for tourism projects   for his part, said the head of the Tourism Authority of the Ministry of culture Mahmoud Zubeidi in a statement the "morning": that the ministry following the accession of the marshes to the World Heritage list, has formed committees of all ministries, mission bring life to the marshlands, revealing for the preparation of his ministry 's plans for tourism projects aimed at reviving the marshes tourist areas. divided marsh geographically into two groups, the first of those to the east of the Tigris River, the most important Hovaiza and an area inside Iraq about 2863 square kilometers, while the second group are the marshes west of the Tigris River, the most important Hammar marsh , which covers an area of about 2441 square kilometers, there are other marshland called the marshes of the Euphrates , a small stretch from vegetables to the rump of the Euphrates River sub, with a total marsh area, between (9000-20000) square kilometers, and is located in the governorates of Maysan , Dhi Qar and Basra.Organization controls {UNESCO} He Zubaidi said his ministry is currently working on the application All controls, put forward by the Organization "UNESCO", in order to revitalize those areas, pointing to the existence of a Lebanese company and other Iraqi, embarked on the establishment of a tourist resort in the region. and launched relics protection and Heritage program through the Protection of the World cultural and natural Heritage Convention, during the General Conference "UNESCO "which was held in the 16th of November 1972, and since that date, ratified by 189 nations to the Convention, the program aims to classification and naming of particular importance to humanitarian and maintain these sites. the each of heritage sites, the property of the state , which is located within its borders , but it gets the attention of the international community to make sure to preserve it for future generations, and common to all Member States to the Convention, in the protection and preservation of these sites. speed up the development programs   in the framework of a related development , the province of Maysan Council announced submitted several proposals to the competent authorities with a view to the advancement of the marshes the country and in cooperation with the Organization (UNESCO) of the United Nations. President of the Council Munther Rahim griller, said in an exclusive interview with "morning", the need to pay more attention to Berhoar country by the central and local governments officials, pointing to the importance of work marshes file during a period should not beyond the current year, otherwise the global decision to annex the marshes would be canceled. He pointed out that those working on this file will work as quickly as possible, especially as the Hor (or sheep) in addition to the central marshes, ready for action, articulating the formation of a committee of its mission to study the reality of the marshes of Maysan and means that operate in the future, stressing the failure to extend the marshes that have not flooded the decision.proposals developmental Council the chairman of the Committee to revive the marshes in the Council, Ali Hassan Karam , recalled a special permit for "morning", said the council made several proposals that the advancement of the marshes and development in collaboration with Organization (UNESCO) and what can be achieved within one year from the central and local governments commitment to the decision. He pointed out that the most important steps agreed to by representatives of the relevant departments marshes and some civil society activists during their meeting, including the establishment of a research center for the marshes, and the Museum of natural History within 2017 projects and an area of ten acres and is affiliated to the University of Maysan. He continued generosity, that steps also include a choice of selected areas of the marshes to be designated tourist areas and investment opportunities, as well as seeking to determine the share of water fixed and discharge at least 270 m3 / s as a share of the marshes of Maysan. He also stressed the importance of allocating liquidity cash for fuel and wages for workers (Alkraouat) to run, and follow - up Cree feeders rivers: the broad and Al_husaja and Alekhala to increase the discharge, in addition to taking legal action against squatters on water quotas hyphen marshland, stressing the importance of the introduction of force to protect the marshes of the environmental police , provided they relate to the Interior Ministry.
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Special / Economy News / Baghdad ....
Set up the National Business Council, on Monday, honoring the participating delegation ceremony in negotiations to join the marshes to the World Heritage List in the presence of and adviser to Prime Minister Turhan Mufti and the elite of the Business Council and vice president of the Association of Iraqi private banks tempted Ali and a group of businessmen.
The head of the National Business Council David Abdul Zayer during the ceremony attended by "Economy News," It's a big achievement of the Higher Committee to include the marshes to the World Heritage List for Iraq and the entire world, and that the goal of the annexation of the marshes is to highlight this cultural teacher who is the owner preferred the more familiar to teach him to read and write and reconstruction, art, agriculture, fishing and all Matalmh world of civilization, noting that the day proved to the world that this civilization that taught humanity the world.
He Zayer, that the Iraqi government has a duty to rehabilitate this great civilization teacher for the purpose of maintaining it.
For his part, adviser to Prime Minister Turhan Mufti, said the economic benefit from the inclusion of the marshes to the World Heritage list him returns a very large economic benefit of Iraq in general and the region in particular, where every tourist provides 13 chance functional Maani provide thousands of opportunities, jobs and businesses.
He pointed out that the gentlemen investors, businessmen and exploit this opportunity to work in these areas.
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Honoring the team contributor to the annexation of the marshes and archaeological sites to the World Heritage List





8/6/2016 0:00 

 BAGHDAD - morning in 
appreciation for their efforts to bring the marshes and archaeological sites to the World Heritage List, honored the House of Representatives the President and members of the Supreme Committee to include the marshes and areas of archaeological to the list, while established the State Department ceremony in honor of the negotiating team is effective in Neil vote UNESCO for his contribution. 
According to a statement to the legislative authority the ceremony held in the constitutional Hall House of Representatives, where the deployment of heads of committees (Tourism and Antiquities and culture and Information Secretary of Agriculture, water and marsh, Health and environment) shields and certificates discretion of the chairman and members of the Supreme Committee and ties to include the marshes and areas of archaeological to the World Heritage list. in 
turn, established the State Department ceremony in honor national team negotiator who contributed to the annexation of the marshes and archaeological sites to the World Heritage list of UNESCO at the ministry headquarters in Baghdad, and the ceremony included the words praised the national efforts that have been made, and culminated in obtaining the auspices of UNESCO for a number of archaeological sites Alaracah.oukal Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari, during his speech: The efforts intensified Jabara have been made to this achievement, and realize that there are figures may not see it , or hear her voice, but she did do behind the scenes in order to get to where we are , and so can circulate expression of the unknown soldier to include political unknown, Media unknown, and not only of the unknown soldier; because the creators are many, and probably did not shed the spotlight on them, pointing out that we should not underestimate the accomplishment that earned.
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History of edits:: 8/25/2016 14:47 • 9 visits readable
Told a news conference on Sunday to discuss the inclusion of the marshes on the World Heritage List
[Where - Baghdad] will 
hold the Ministry of Water Resources, next Sunday, held a press conference to discuss the inclusion of themarshes on the World Heritage list.
According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "The ministry maintains a press conference on Sunday, 28 Aug. headed by Minister Hassan al-Janabi, to discuss a number of important issues concerning the ministry, particularly the marshes inclusion on the World Heritage List and launch a campaign of awareness and education of the Ramsar Convention of wetlands. "


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Marshes and archaeological areas are making substantial economic returns





8/27/2016 0:00 

French pledge to send 01 thousand tourists have 
BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi 
for the inclusion of the marshes under the World Heritage list of economic returns is to conduct agricultural investment in marshlands, as well as tourism investment in the archaeological areas where the French embassy pledged to send at least 10 thousand pilgrims French from the Vatican and from states European to the archaeological areas of the shrine of Prophet Abraham - according to Associate Director - General of the Centre to revive the Advisory marsh Kazem Mohsen Ahmed Allama-. organization «UNESCO» and Acharallama to the historical depth that extends to five thousand years old and sang nature elements made of marshland treasure within the global treasures, pointing the need to focus on the implementation of public services and infrastructure Altanah, for the rehabilitation of those areas and the reception of delegations, stressing that the parachute internationalism represented organization «UNESCO» will enable the marsh area of the access privileges that avoids corruption operations through coordination between Iraq and organization procedures. promised to join in recognition are exceptional those areas the importance and responsibility are shared between Iraq and the international community to preserve it , noting that the first key point for the inclusion of the marshes under the World Heritage list was based on the historical background derived from the historical depth and its extension time over five thousand years of civilization, as well as what it represents those areas of importance in diversity bio, environmental and spanning three provinces south: Basra, Dhi Qar, Maysan. water ratios and said al - Lami to the marsh area of B8500 square kilometers will inevitably increase the handling bio animals a rare fishes and birds as a stopping point for the types of birds migrating between Siberia and Africa in the winter the spring which requires revive those areas and the preservation of nature, accompanied by the environmental field and the output of aquatic increase and pose a variety of bio - of micro - organisms or fish , pointing to the continuation of the negotiating committee to work to increase water rates , especially with the Turkish side. it should be noted that the World Heritage Committee of the Organization of the United Nations (UNESCO), voted to include the marshes and archeological sites in Iraq , on the World Heritage list included three ancient cities and four from the Iraqi marshes to Alaihh and it is difficult for any of its neighboring countries , cutting off water to the fact that under global control as well as preventing fishing in the breeding seasons accompanied by preserving its heritage and not compromising archaeological its teachings.
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History of edits:: 27/8/2016 14:54 • 11 visits readable
Tomorrow .. meeting to develop a plan for the management of the marshes after the annexation of the World Heritage List
[Where - special] will 
hold the Ministry of Health and the Environment in the presence of governors and heads of provincial councils, on Sunday, a meeting to develop a plan for the management of the marshes after its annexation to the World Heritage list.
Art dealer for Environmental Affairs, said the Ministry of Health and the Environment, Jassim Falahi told all of Iraq [where] that "marsh environment exposed to very significant damage in the former regime and marshes time is not a reserve tank, but the environment is characterized by the diversity of unique bio - whether at the level of species rare neighborhoods, especially fish or birds or living organisms or plants, in addition to having revive endangered, and therefore all the threats affecting the marshes, adding that " the levels of Ale_mer marsh areas this year is much better, as well as the inclusion of the marshes to the World Heritage list of all these things require work and wide to maintain the marsh environment and its biodiversity. " 
" the marsh is a haven for migratory birds and aquatic flora and biology in general, and the issue of the arrival of jellyfish or other neighborhoods to lack of controls and standards for a specific environment, which marshes displays to invade neighborhoods, as well as the presence of plants , including [flower Nile] and these greatly affect the bio - diversity in the marsh environment in addition to the other where the neighborhoods affected since they consume large amounts of water. " 
He said agriculture that" the Ministry of Health and the environment in the meetings going on especially after the registration of the marshes on World Heritage list in order to develop a plan to manage the marshes administration wise , "noting that he" will on Sunday hold a meeting in the Minister of Health and environment Office includes governors and heads of local councils and all concerned Eduard marshes in order to put into the implementation of the plan and protect the marshes of attacks unfair them unjust and shelling fishing random. " 
the UNESCO has been ratified in 17 of the last July to join the marshes and archaeological areas in Iraq to the World Heritage list.
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Entry of investment companies to the marsh areas next year





4/10/2016 0:00 

The Ministry of Health and the Environment reveal the imminent establishment of a green belt Arabic 
BAGHDAD / Haidar virgins 
and the Ministry of Health and Environment confirmed that the next year will see the entry of a competent investment companies in the field of tourism to the marshes, Mvsahh be formed environmental police to protect their areas of business fishing Gair.otmon agent technical ministry , Dr. Jassim Abdul Aziz agriculture, in an exclusive interview with the "morning", that there is no timing to bring or keep the marshes in the global list of heritage, being a global issue, and while noting the imminent establishment of the green belt Arab coordination with several countries, stressed that the fight against the Nile flower measures going advanced steps. 
the following is the text:  the 
human heritage and marshes 
* what is the goal of the Iraqi marshes inclusion on the world Heritage 
list? meetings, seminars and long which was attended by the Iraqi delegation specialist define the world of the importance of this spot, yielded marshes inclusion on the world Heritage list, for its historical and Baaologih importance, especially as it is the emergence of sites first civilization in history and regions of the Sumerian heritage that reflect the civilization of Mesopotamia, which resulted in the work 's first laws and regulations. 
the term marshes, means the submerged area with fresh water and punctuated by means of ancient transportation (k Almahov) and (Alchktor ), as well as the content of the ancient monuments, and this region is a real extension of the civilization of Mesopotamia, also placed on the list of heritage, global recognition of the exceptional characteristics emerged from being a national patrimony to turn out to be the legacy of humanist. 

international guarantees 
* what guarantees required from the international community and obligations, and the Iraqi government to maintain the unfinished marshes inclusion on the world list?    
duty of the international community in this regard, it is constantly flowing water, and bind the source countries to abide by the water with bullets through agreements that will enhance water balance , especially with the Turkish side, especially that Iraq is suffering problems so far, as a result of the absence of any agreement with Turkey in this regard, especially as 87 percent of the amount of water in the rivers of the country sourced from Turkey, and (5-8) percent of Iranian origin and five percent of the tributaries inside Iraq. 
It is necessary to adhere to the maintenance of this permanence areas, the fact that the marshes inclusion on the World Heritage list transported to the attention of specialized tourism and antiquities companies, as the best tourist place winter to monitor migratory birds, especially it includes 86 species of the rarest bird species, including endangered species, as the Iraqi government is obliged to prevent human intervention and over fishing , and cutting excessive cane mechanical with machines that causes an unfair attack on innate and uproot the place of his roots, while allowing machining using the manual method which results in a continuous cane permanence, with prevent electrocution and the use of poisons and explosives. 

entry of investment companies marshlands   
* What do you expect on the development of the marshlands? . 
. the first accomplishment can be recorded after entering the marsh on the list of World Heritage government approval to convert Imam Ali air Base to Nasiriyah civil Airport, as well as that next year will see the arrival of many competent investment companies in the field of tourism, and the government approved the construction of 123 schools, and soon it will open four hospitals including Chabaish Hospital and a number of health centers in the province of Dhi Qar. 

formation of environmental police 
* poaching operations and monitor and protect the marshlands, of take care of this 
task? introduced environmental police ministry , which are linked logistically Interior Ministry and administratively the Ministry of Health and the environment, and will number of affiliates 788, knowing they will train together with the civil Defence and enjoy allocations and carry certificates of various disciplines, including physics, chemistry and radiation, legal and administrative, and the most prominent duties entrusted to them, maintaining Alahuarah areas of acts of poaching and prevent the use of land Kmqla gravel and dump the waste, as well as monitoring and warning and the closure of offending institutions controls and environmental regulations, such as laboratories and factories , which include public and private sector, especially that 98 percent of the pollution and over fishing, comes from the public sector in the state ministries. 
will see the next term opening of the Centers for environmental police , which includes elements of competent forces to the safety of natural reserves, and the truth is not can the local police or the army to engage protect these places for privacy and natural importance, so it will be environmental police training to maintain the innate ground and not be allowed to tamper with them, and is currently undergoing a number of employees of the environmental police to specialized courses, in preparation for implementation of the law in order to preserve the environment, has been in this regard raise the proposal of the President Minister Ban is the environmental police of the population of the marshlands followers of tribal elders, fishermen and breeders buffalo, as well as the importance of increasing their numbers to provide a safe environment and climate zones marshes. 
coordination with international organizations 
* How do you coordinate with the specialized international organizations in the field of culture? Are there any obligations to keep Iraq or take it out of the global 
regulation? The Ministry of Health and Environment are working continuously in coordination with a number of international organizations including Organization (UNESCO) for science, culture and the arts that its role is limited to overseeing the humanitarian heritage, and there is a voluntary international funding, as it is the Ministry of health and environmental point of contact with a number of countries and organizations specialized in the field of marshes, particularly Organization (maintaining global nature), the center (World Heritage), the (Aleonb), as it constantly encounters taking place in Beirut and Washington to bring the money in coordination with the World Bank in order to strengthen and establish structures infrastructure areas marshes, in addition to the establishment of a database on them. 
is to put the marshes on the World Heritage list, a better response compared with the sites placed on the list of UNESCO, and the preparations for field work for the implementation of international standards Iraq in response, moving to the fullest, as it is to initiate the implementation of specialized projects such as the establishment of hotels, hospitals and the opening of schools, the foundation stone to attract tourists to the places picturesque marshlands. There is 

no fear of the output of the marshes from the list 
obsessed with fear entices specialists on removing Iraq from the list of UNESCO 's world, it is necessary that this concern will continue to provide the best services and the pressure towards speeding up completion of projects consistent with the position and depth of the civilization of Mesopotamia, assure there are no timings to bring and keep the Iraqi marshlands on the world list of heritage. 
the Ministry of Health and environment supported by the environmental directorates two cars specialized, out of duty to raise the profile of the marsh , which is linked to providing real desire and the will to maintain done heritage. 
But in light of the present situation of the lack of material resources, it is required to provide an attractive environment for investment in the marsh areas, especially the security situation there is stable, with the basic infrastructure of the areas there lacked any follow - up or maintenance over the past years as a result of negligence the provinces and the Ministry of State for the marshes and the Centre to revive the marshes linked to the Ministry responsible for the water side of water resources only, either side of biodiversity and natural habits of the population and their needs are no prerogative of the ministry, but also the responsibilities of the Ministry of Health and the environment that deal with water, air and soil. 
marshes file began to cut good steps and there unlimited support from international organizations for Iraq 's efforts to raise the profile of the region after the formation of a dedicated team will work to boost tourism and attract tourists to the marshlands, and the national media with strategically role to give a true and realistic picture of the nature of the marsh sites. 
anti - Zahra Nile 
* the concerns of the Nile flower sweeping water sites, are there measures to protect the marshes of this  
scourge? Nile flower gas plant entered in the eighties of the last century, with an attractive form has a network of branches , hindering traffic and works in a different way from the rest of the plants, as it raises carbon dioxide and take oxygen, they also consume between (2-3) liters of water, and is currently taking measures to limit the spread and reach down to the marsh areas, through Albaalogih solutions using certain insects to grow on the stems and leaves of plants, and the general situation is reassuring and well after follow them everywhere. 

Law investment 
* investment Law is inconsistent with marsh announcement on the world Heritage list? 
- amendment of the investment Law is compatible with future Ctaajiat, and we need to speed the resolution of real work project (single window) , which takes two days or a week maximum as is the case with most countries of the world, in addition to the availability of real will away from obstacles routine excess, and that the announcement of the marshes on the World Heritage list, is not inconsistent with the investment , but will have additional factor to encourage 
and are the cause of the marsh, a private international support to the marsh area of 2.122 million square meters, it 's also touched within your search goggle engine, nor can any dictator that the assault on the marshes, or Iszewvha after becoming part of the human heritage. 

* How can the pollution 
treatment?. environmental pollution rates high as a result of wars and terrorist threats, as it is a human and the environment affected the biggest as a result of the use of the roughest kind of revenge, as was the election of Iraq by 193 countries as Vice President of the General Assembly of the United Nations and the environment, was chosen as this year 's slogan (healthy people healthy environment). 
therefore , the government required to pay the subject of the environment more attention, where he became the world cares about this issue after the earth summit (Paris summit) last year, which formed a real aversion in the global concept of global warming, but global warming, and were classified Iraq as the country most affected and vulnerable to the problems, and therefore it has become qualified to be the most useful of the recommendations of the Conference for substantial financial funding from the green climate passed by Congress $ 100 billion a year for environmental projects reduces the temperature rises unprecedented fund. 

create green belts 
* frequent dust storms that affect human health, why the ministry did not establish green belts to reduce dust storms? 
there is an increase of the phenomenon of desertification and dust and sand storms and dust due to lack of rainfall and the lack of green belts and vegetation, and the cause of the phenomenon environmental and health damage for people with respiratory tract, in addition to economic damage , the movement of navigation and aviation economic and agricultural areas, and the fact that the lack of green belts and vegetation resulting from scarcity of water releases, and the lack of efforts MRO and attacks unfair to green spaces and turn them into housing, where you must focus on green space through the project in coordination with the Organization (Alexa) to activate the house of Arab expertise to create a green belt Arabic starts from the far Maghreb in Mauritania to the maximum Levant and passes to Iraq, as it will be along the Iraqi border , along the lines of the green belt 
there is a green national belt, starts from the Central Euphrates provinces down to Rabia and is an internationally funded, as it will determine each state where passes within its own borders, has been secured all its own supplies, including designs, and is awaiting Tnivh.ouahdh of solutions to get rid of the phenomenon of desertification, the experiment carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran using some petrochemical environmentally friendly materials for soil stabilization, and received Iraq 's invitation to discuss the installation of soil and address many of the storms in Iran , which is often originating in Iraq . 

preservation of the environment 
* How to preserve the                           
environment? we need to environmental awareness through hygiene and safety starting from kindergartens and schools down to the universities, and is currently working ministry with UNESCO to develop an environmental curriculum taught in schools to consolidate the environmental values while individuals since childhood, as the ministry aims to pushing an independent platform for the concepts of the environment to convert all citizens gradually to the police for the environment as the first line in the shortcut a lot of problems. 

disinfect areas 
* How long is radioactive and contaminated areas purge the Iraqi border 
Iran? ballistics and explosive remnants of war have left a heavy legacy along the border between Iraq and Iran, as statistics indicate that there are 38 million mines is Mnfelq from Sulaymaniyah to Basra , an average of one mine for every citizen, and used gangs "Daesh" terrorist chemical weapons and mustard gas in many of their criminal operations in Anbar and Tuz Khurmatu and a number of 
 areas . This 
requires the disposal of mines and explosives , unexploded government exceptional and funding international and the will of the effort, in addition to the importance of the talks with the Iranian side to find out how mines and projectiles removed and declared free of projectiles of war and mines on the border as a result of cleaning each province Iranian equivalent in Iraq of explosives, according to the possibilities financial Almtofferh.uetojb given that Iraq is free of mines file, timelines and financial allocations and international support, the ministry is also working to raise awareness of the dangers of mines and victim assistance and rehabilitation and provide them with an artificial limb with global origins to exercise their 
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Damluji adopt signatures for the allocation of funds to revive the marshes campaign





11/10/2016 0:00 

BAGHDAD / morning 
revealed the Chairperson of the Committee for Culture, Media parliamentary Maysoon al for collecting signatures for the allocation of funds to revive the marshes of national usefulness Kabarh.ooceft Chairperson of the Committee for Culture, Media Parliamentary what is going through the House of Representatives at the end of each year as " the adoption of the federal budget season , " adding that "this season characterized by rituals of activity and movement is different from the rest of the months of the year. People are waiting, and the media watching, and every deputy wants to advocate for the allocation of funds to his audience and his electorate appears. 
She Damluji, in a press statement received "morning", that "since lower oil prices two years ago , service sectors and a wide fell, was suffering from neglect even in the days of budgets explosive ", noting that it went with the MP Sadiq al - Rikabi to Finance Committee chairman Mohammed Halbusi complaint not to allocate any amount of marshes and archaeological cities that were included in the World Heritage list, which may cause deleted from the list, especially as the required amounts are not large, it has been made by the both the Ministry of water resources and the Ministry of culture and Tourism and Antiquities, in order to achieve a minimum of Organization "UNESCO" requirements. 
She Chairperson of the Committee on culture that "Halbusi suggested we need to collect the signatures of the House of Representatives, it may be that the Finance Committee be able to provide an amount through transfers." 
Damluji to indicated "they began collecting signatures, and it takes only minutes until I got on the signing of the 80 deputies from different religions and nationalities, sects, nor any deputy hesitate to put his name , " pointing out that "without the paper , which turned to the plate surreal of overlapping signatures is full , because we got the times that number of 
 deputies. " 
noted Damluji that" the House of Representatives know that the marsh if rebounded pours goodness on all of Iraq, economically, socially, environmentally and hydraulically and a wealth of fish and animals, and the marshes history heritage, its location and its distinctive, is one of national unity symbols and corner of Staff of the Iraqi national identity, saying "We are people divides us history and geography we share."
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Rashid Street waits for inclusion in the World Heritage List





1/12/2016 0:00 

BAGHDAD / Haidar virgins  
celebrates the Municipality of Baghdad on Friday , and for three days the centenary of the opening of the Al - Rashid Street in Baghdad, amid calls for inclusion in the World Heritage list , similar to areas of the marshes in the south of the country. 
And celebrates the Secretariat annually on this occasion, especially the Al - Rashid Street represents the historical identity of the capital Baghdad , cultural and heritage that abounds with Mesopotamia.  
The Rapporteur of the Preparatory Committee for the celebration of the researcher heritage just Aerada "morning", he was in conjunction with the festive special, celebrating the Municipality of the capital on Friday , the most prestigious and oldest street , which Rasheed Street , which is located in the heart of old Baghdad, noting that this street has the stature and importance of large in the minds of Baghdadis since it opened at the hands of the Ottoman Sultan Khalil Pasha , in July of 1916. 
He added that the aim of celebrating boils down to draw the attention of the international community and specifically the international organizations concerned with the history and the heritage of the cities and streets, like UNESCO and UNICEF , cultural and other institutions, in order to learn more about the importance of this street , explaining that the Secretariat is working on the rehabilitation and maintenance of buildings and return to his first taking into account the preservation of the historic urban fabric. 
Among Aerada the Municipality of Baghdad approached UNESCO for inclusion of the street in the World Heritage list along the lines of the marshes wear this dress, after he joined the World Heritage List
With regard to the celebration explained Aerada, he will be held within the area bounded by Rusafi Square down to the yard field and lasts for three days, indicating that he will see the cultural and historical events from the old city of Baghdad, as it would revive the artist Naseer Shamma concert on the occasion, it will also include a celebration of the popular market for display Collectibles handicrafts and folk old and rare antiques, in addition to vivid scenes of figures from the Baghdad Museum directly exposed to the public. 
He pointed out that the celebration will also artistic exhibitions of wood and Aelchenachel old photos and a model for small - Rasheed Street, and other old Baghdadi other exhibits. 
Abound in Baghdad , many of the historical and cultural landmarks such as the Al -Mustansiriya school, palaces and Iraqi archaeological museum, in addition to the historical museum in which the effects of different jewels, coins and human structures and statues of prehistoric displays.
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 Ghassan judge
 A media adviser to the Association of Iraqi private banks
Between the years 1916 and 2016, a hundred years Exactly, is Amrstreet Rasheed, an artery of Baghdad pulsating and legacy glorious, and its glorious history, mirror her life Almitrah of hope and full of optimism, despite the harsh conditions and the darkness of the momentous events that have gone through it, and despite the adversity witnessed was a witness to it,
Even his name was accompanied by their names and became part of his trip, which Trzath Zhorahiana, written in the blood of the martyrs, and sometimes,
Events Jassam crossed the Asfelth, bridges or on approaches that took the name of each certificate and their meanings
For this endeavor several official and popular destinations in the forefront of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Baghdad Municipality and the Association of Iraqi private banks in order to restore the spirit of this witness street, who stopped him Pfsolh history of Baghdad and its issues so long, and refuses to be leaving it.
Despite the long years of neglect and creeping smell Automobile oils, and the sounds of generators and bustle rather than luxury cafes, commercial and inevitably metropolitan, the hearts of good people and their consciences and their arms stretched again to restore the features of beauty associated with the memory of the Iraqis in general and Baghdadis particularly the best of images.  
I left years of neglect, fatigue and corrosion impact on the face of Rashid Street even become threatened with extinction after that Zhoanphoan, as if time had stopped and that hope has been missing after he was absent places of entertainment and recreation innocent, Doralcinma, theaters and cafes, which was teeming with customers from different Alaamarwalmcharb and passions, her day was Baghdadis breathe every morning, the fragrant immortal street and the smell of Baghdad engraved on the walls of its buildings and antique pillars that more than two thousand, which lined up on either side of the vanity and snobbery.
And mindlessly of time turning Rasheed Street, it is a meeting place for artists and writers to market Kparelladd industrial generators and noise porters carts and wandering salesmen.
And now San unchanged screaming in the faces of Baghdadis, is the savior of rescue me?
brief history
Rashid Street opened on July 23, 1916 and accompanied the opening day announcement first Dsturellblad, the street was in its first phase extends from the door holy to Mr. Sultan Ali area, dubbed the first Alomrasm / Khalil Pasha Street Boulevard / C, and was also called / Hindenburg Street / before being it Alinclaizbad their occupation of Baghdad name / new / street,
The street was opened at the beginning of a thatched market starts from yard field and ends the current Rusafi Square, and because of its proximity to the military barracks of the Ottoman / Qishleh / lost Hazaali special attention from the presence of the governor of Baghdad at the time of the Ottoman Khalil Pasha.
After the entry of British troops to Baghdad in 1917, he took the initiative to lift the rubble from the side, as has the duration to the beginning of the street / Abu Nawas / for use in the movement to and from the British consulate at the time Sinak area, and paved the floor of the street with stones and Ackorvi initially was Thblath asphalt later.
And the effects of vehicle access to the Al-Rashid Street debut after the British occupation Baghdadis amazement and astonishment, where she was the dominant means of transport in that period horse-drawn carriages or what is known colloquially b / Rabl /.
Iraqis in general and Baghdadis in particular, are keen to today's launch of Label / street witness / on Rasheed Street on frequent Machd of political events and demonstrations and sit-ins and confrontations long Abertarejh extended a hundred years, starting with a review of the British army after the occupation of Baghdad in 1917, through demonstrations and prance December 1948 Wathba October 1952 and an assassination attempt on Abdul Karim Kassem in 1959, to the demonstrations witnessed by leaps and especially Alhaidarkhanh collector who was Abrzaktaba and poets Almlaosman Musli and Mohammad Mehdi Jeweler and Mohammad Mehdi Basir, who paved their sermons National revolution twenty
Included Rasheed Street, throughout its long history, many cafes and Doralcinma, mosques, archaeological, and branched out with him Jsurmanmh linked both sides of Baghdad's Karkh and Rusafa.
And erected on either side of good shops and many ancient lanes including street Bakjh and Alhaidarkhanh and Acolah and Alkhcalat and New Hassan Pasha and Dashti and Ekd JAM, and under the hospice, and square, and Ekd Christians, and Syed Sultan Ali, Arif Agha.
Rasheed also Achthrstreet Bjoamah many heritage that built mostly in the Ottoman period, including Murad Mosque and the Mosque of Uzbek and a mosque Ahmadi mosque Othman bin Said, the mosque of Imam Taha Mosque Morgan, collector Syed Sultan Ali, the mosque Alhaidarkhanh built by the governor of the Ottoman Daoud Pasha in 1819,
Rasheed Street was still months and includes Baghdad's oldest markets, / Shorja and Alkhvavin, and pandemonium, and beeps, and Shabandar Serail, the market Albzazin, the Gold Souk /.
Distinguish Rasheed Street since it was established the presence of the headquarters of dozens of newspapers and printing presses, which focused in particular in the area and the locality Alhaidarkhanh New Hassan Pasha, and Chiramuallomat that 38 newspaper his morning and evening and 91 Press taken from the street and alleys offices and the headquarters of her.
And held in the Rashid Street famous cafes of the most prominent of a cafe Zahawi, and Hassan Ajami, and Arif Agha, suspension, and Azzawi, and the donation, readers betrayed, and the municipality, and Ismail Khali, Brazilian cafe which was a meeting place writers and intellectuals and the elite of Baghdadis, as well as the cafe Swiss , cafe Haj Khalil, Ahabnderfa entrance Mutanabi Street, and was created at a later Other cafes including square cafe and cafe Om Kalthoum time.
At a later stage of the British occupation in 1917, it was founded in Rasheed Street, several banks including Ottoman Bank and British bank, and became the Central Bank and the Rafidain Bank, after their inception one features of this street, which was abuzz with lively commercial activity.
Rashid Street included many Doralcinma in the forefront / Royal red and Central and Rasheed and Zora and the National Rivers Summer, the Roxy, and Rex, and Regent /.
It landmarks Rasheed Street, which can not be forgotten / Oorzda Buck / the first / shopping mall / modern specifications upscale not only in Iraq, but throughout the region, which was Fqrandma was set up in the fifties of the last century to such / malls /, along Mtajrshahyrh such Hassoun Brothers and Elias Hissou and Mtajrakhary established on the methods of London and Paris.
It landmarks Rasheed Street, which extends four kilometers, Shops famous names of their owners, such as the oven cakes replace Mr. Alhaidarkhanh founded in 1906 and Sherritt Haj garbage, which was founded in 1910, and the famous Kubba Serail, which was established at a later date.
Due to the famous Rashid Street that swept prospects, he insisted Planet Middle delightful Om Kalthoum to visit him in the thirties of the last century, where she sang in one of the cafes / Crescent cafe / field area, and that carried its name to the present day.
It remains to say that the opportunity is still favorable for lift-Rashid Street and rescue, and here's wings loyal men stretching to remove Gbaralihamal his face beautiful.
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