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2 trillion dinars farmers dues owed by trade and agriculture since 2014

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02/02/2017 (00:01 pm)   -   the number of readings: 213   -   thenumber (3842)
2 trillion dinars farmers dues owed by trade and agriculture since 2014

 Baghdad / peace Zidane 

Farmers waiting for the launch of financial dues amounting to two billion dinars by the ministries of trade and agriculture for crops sold to the government since 2014 and until 2016 in the coming days after the promises made by the government, while the predicted Union farm associations reluctance of farmers for the cultivation of wheat as a result of reduced government price per ton from 780 thousand dinars to 520,000 dinars due to lack of profits. 

Said farmer Mohammed al - Rubaie , who lives in NUMANIYA the province of Wasit, "long", " The peasants did not receive financial dues since 2014 due to the false promises of the officials , " adding that " the farms in real trouble because he bought seeds and fertilizers through loans from the banks and benefits are still continuing. " 
He explained that " the farmers during the current month , if you did not receive financial dues will have to cut the link road between Baghdad and the southern provinces for several days." 
The peasants dues owed by the ministries of trade and agriculture 2 two billion dinars , the government agreed with the central bank last raised the bond to pay dues peasants but without the presence of a big demand by business and banks to buy it.  
The Cabinet decided earlier in the need for the Supreme Audit audited the farmers ' dues for the release of funds to the beneficiaries. 
President of the Union farm associations, Haidar Abdul Wahid occur "long", " The benefits of farmers owed by the state is divided into two parts, the first section dues peasants in the stable areas of security and the second section of peasants in insecure areas entitlements," adding that " the peasants dues for wheat and owed The Ministry of Commerce of 1.9 trillion dinars , while the peasant dues for barley owed by the Ministry of Agriculture of 100 billion dinars. " 
He explained that "the Ministry of Commerce awarded the amount of peasants and a half billion dinars through a loan from the central bank and the interest rate borne by the government , " noting that " the government has promised us to launch our money in the coming days." 
He pointed out that " the state did not pay the sums for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 despite the distribution of wheat in the ration card , while giving to the one who imported the ration card items from foreign countries money", stressing that " the Council of Ministers took the decision recently would cause a setback to the agricultural sector is to reduce the price per ton of 780,000 dinars to 520,000 dinars , which makes the farmer reluctant to agriculture because the profits would no longer exist. " 
He added that " the peasants in hot spots dues were still being audited by the National Security Agency and , upon completion , will be launched . " On the other hand, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mahdi al - Qaisi, told the "long", " The peasants dues at the Ministry of Agriculture on barley and corn Yellow will be launched later audited by the BSA , "expected" by the Ministry of Agriculture to distribute the money in less than a month 's time , "and added that" the Ministry of Agriculture spent 90% of peasant dues and what remains very little , "noting that" the government has allocated funds for distribution to peasants, but the delay is due to the audit carried out by the Office of financial supervision. " 
The Ministry of Commerce has launched a new meal of peasants and farmers marketers wheat crop dues for 2016. The Director General of Administrative and Financial Department in the Ministry Zuhair Ahmed Salman, he said that " the new amount represents a new meal dues peasants and farmers for the year 2016". Salman said, " The amount will be distributed to farmers and marketers after the audit by the Office of Financial Supervision, according to a plan by the General Company for Grain Trade and according to special tables developed for this matter." 
And the impact of the reluctance of the government to pay the financial dues of farmers on the agricultural sector in general , as farmers began playing for agriculture as a result of lack of government 's commitment to its financial obligations, which specialists confirms that the state will be forced to import wheat from foreign countries. 
The head of the Agriculture Committee in the Parliament, Furat al - Tamimi, in an interview (long - Presse), " The delay dues peasants and economic repercussions suffered by the farmers impacted negatively on the reality of the sector and the production of strategic crops, particularly wheat , " noting that "available from the wheat crop in stocks and the Ministry of Commerce domestic consumer size does not cover the import shortfall requires. " 
He called al - Tamimi, head of the government and the Ministry of Commerce, " to take a positive attitude from the farmers and not to neglect this important sector because of its role in achieving national food security."

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1 hour ago, KDuesing said:


i got 3 letters of advice for those farmers, C.O.D.


There's our favorite words again "coming days", has anyone figured out if they come before or after "soon" in Iraq?

I think I figured it out,

Soon is after Coming Days when Coming Days is after Soon not to be confused with the "Coming Soon" with is neither before Coming Days nor before Soon but after both unless throwing shoes are on sale then everything is open for interpretation.


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