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taxes from the previous year

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hey folks ,  check your tax statements close this year , if you filled out your last year tax with turbo tax ,  check the line items , like how much you earned ,  against this years earned income ...  { here is what I had happen :  -------> using on line tax help , turbo tax ,  used a couple times now ,  when I used it for 2015 return ,  I had entered the numbers according too the w-2 form ,  and it looks correct on my computer ,  but ,  I suddenly owed money ,  " no return "  ,  I had worked a ton of over time , so  I thought that  might have been the problem , so I set -up  the  payment system to pay my " owed tax "  been paying  all year ,  but  here is where I saw the problem ,  when I filled 2016  , the program , set both returns up on the screen , 2015 and 2016  ,  it showed I earned over 70 thousand dollars for 2015  ....:o  " I  is  rich  " <_<,   so I down loaded the amend files from the  turbo folks  and sure enough on the turbo tax  folks computer side every thing had doubled ... (  remember  on my side of computer screens I saw the exact numbers there should be  , but  on theirs it was doubled ,  and this is where it all went south  )  so I am now  having too file the amend paper work and the other paper work for the over payment ....  }    so  look close  at your pass   tax files , against your current file  ,  if you used  a e-mail system of tax help ,  I am thinking there will be  a lot of  unusual  problems about too hit the internal revenue house !   ..........  any one  see this yet ?      { on bright side, I get money back,  :)  just going to take a little longer too get it ! }  

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