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What CNN’s reporting yesterday

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We can not Just "Carry on, Gals!" (  Jaxinjersey 50 min ago) "Run the damn country, focus on the important things" ( Shabibi 3 hrs ago ) when
CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asks "what if hypothetically Trump is wipe out ( assassinated ) at the Inauguration......"  ???!!!

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Hello Huffy... and welcome, I see you are fairly new to the forums!  For some reason I am unable to quote your post...

I see that you have quoted me from another thread, and I'm very uncertain about your context.  Will you please clarify your post and perspective toward me, and the Gals (in that my response was to them specifically)... and how it relates to your mediamatters link?

Thank you!

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We already see their desperation, HUFFY --- we already see the clinically insane, psychotic outbursts, crying jags, hate speech, angst and melt-downs...

Anyone can see they've allowed themselves to be enslaved and used to wreak havoc and create as much chaos as possible...

The CHAOS is the key for the globalists... they must have it in spades to achieve take-down of our Republic

These moronic tools they employ are too far gone to realise they've had their minds hijacked.


When the LeftStreamMedia begins putting it out there -- a scenario like the one you've linked,

you know it's past time they all got rounded up and tried for treason and put in insane asylums.....


They're intentionally being stirred up and the LeftStreaMedia is putting this out there and putting Madonna's 'blow it up' hate speech on a loop so

the very idea will become reality through one of their mentally hijacked shills.....  they're actually willing it to happen !

There is NO LIMIT to their damned fool indoctrination ! :angry:



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