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Questions For Adam's Update 1-25-2017

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Hello Adam, just had back surgery on the 20th was told I'd be down for 10 weeks. If you could keep me informed of all that's happening I would appreciate it, this cellphone is all I have right now. 

Thank you 


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It’s no secret that the CBI has voluntarily entered into a Stand By Agreement (SBA) with the IMF until 2019, has renewed its 30 year dinar peg to the dollar, has current US Federal Reserves of approximately $50 Billion and since the summer of 2015 has accepted a number of loans so that it is now on the hook for approximately $7.373 to the IMF, $4.75 Billion to the World Bank, $3.7 Billion to the Fed, $2.34 Billion to the Bank of Japan and $500 Million to the Islamic Development Bank; therefore, in your opinion, if the CBI chooses to RV at 10 cents will this approximately $18.663 Billion worth of international debt be repaid by the CBI at the rate at which it was borrowed (1 dinar = $0.00084) or will the CBI choose to pay off these loans at the new rate where 1 dinar = 10 cents ~ and secondly, in your opinion, will these lenders accept payment with such a deeply discounted USD which the 10 cent RV represents?  

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First Adam, Thank you very much for all you have done for this group. Secondly, Thank you in advance for all you have planned for our future.

A while ago, there was some discussion about owning different denominations of the Dinar. The wisdom was if the CBI specified a certain denomination (example 25,000 Dinar note) was required to be "cashed-in" by a certain date or the note would become worthless and it was early in the RV process when the value might be low, there was a chance the value might rise before another denomination was required to be "cashed-in".

I have two questions:

1.) Do you believe in the advantage of owning different denominations?

2.) I thought the order of required "cash-in" would be either large to small denominations or the reverse. I am now wondering about the 50,000 Dinar note. It was issued in November 2015 (so it is the newest) and it has the most anti-counterfeit features. Will they have the 50,000 Dinar be last, first, or other thoughts?

God bless all of us and Thank you again.

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