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Questions For Adam's Update 1-18-2017


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Personally I tend to think of this entire affair as one of the most educational events in my life, and that on many fronts. 

But if Adam needs to call it entertainment to satisfy the lawyer's then I say call it whatever they want to call it. It's not like anyone really cares what a lawyer thinks anyway :lmao:

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My apologies Granny. :tiphat:But I do have a legitimate question for Adam. Sir thanks for everything, I was wondering what with all the changes that you've taken to improve your site if it were possible to consider one more that most here would greatly appreciate. I would like to see a complete ban on anything that is linked to, "The Guardian". And considering that they complained to you about someone posting there fake news here in its entirety I think it would be decent of us to oblige them in full.  

Bless you and have a wonderful day, my brother 

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Hi Adam.

Can you tell us what needs to be done to "clear the floor", so that they can start giving their full attention to the RV? It seems that there is always some type of postponement

Maybe we should send South Carolina Senator Trey Gowdy over there to find out some answers. If you have never seen him then go You Tube and type in his name, and enjoy.

We would probably have the RV within a week.


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Hi Adam Hi everyone

i was wondering if This hcl rv game almost is over ? Waiting waiting .. Still waiting for years.

what are they waiting for for a reset and rate change . Of it comes One Day ... Then i hope It Will be the rate of Saddam s Time

what do You think adam ? give Me please soms good News.

thank You 💖

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Why do we not see a correlation between the increased value of the US $ in the FX markets when it comes to comparatives of USD/IQD.  The valuations never seem to move in a percentage value when the changes occur with either upward or downward pressure.   It seems to me the value of the IQD is abstract at best. 

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Hi Adam, greetings.

with all the talk about dropping the three zero's , I have seen several questions here about the subject lately?

if I have three million dinar And rate come at $1.50 after the zeros are dropped then you would have $2200.00 per million.

Aslo, as I understand if the zeros are dropped from the rate such as the .00086 then we would end up at $860,000.00, not bad but a none the less a good profit.

Also, do you believe a rate may still come out at .10. Making one mill at $100,000. BTY, my three million are all in 25,000 notes.

IS  the dropping of the three zeros a done deal at the CBI as I have read here?

Adam, what of the above cenarios do you think may happen and do I have my facts straight? Please explain in layman terms. Your statements gave me a headache of sorts. LOL 

Thanks Adam

Dave, AKA: Seabee

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