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The central bank reduces the importance of counterfeiting


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Economy News / special

Committee of economy and investment representative confirmed that the Central Bank of Iraq in control of counterfeiting

Committee Chairman Ahmed Kanani said in an interview (News of the economy), that the cases of fraud that are recorded in a number of areas of Baghdad certainly have impact on the Iraqi market and citizens alike.

He Kanani said the central bank in control of the fraud through its mechanisms and the steps taken by directly with such a process, calling on security authorities to coordinate with the Central Bank of Iraq for the dominated and the elimination of this dangerous scourge.


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09/01/2017 (00:01 pm)   -   the number of readings: 224   -   thenumber (3821)
The central bank reduces the importance of counterfeiting

 Baghdad / long-Presse 

CBI stressed that the case of fraud in the local currency is controlled and does not constitute any concern, in the meantime, specialists called for the need for the security authorities to pursue counterfeiters. 
The director of the release and cabinets in the central bank, Aa'bas behind in an interview for the "long - Presse" that "fraud in paper currencies contained in all the world , and even in a dollar coin , " noting that " the central bank monitors and records the counterfeiting operations and handled professionally and accurately . " .obin behind that "counterfeit currency for the Iraqi currency notes is not professionalism , a primitive and can be detected , " adding that it "is troubling because of the number a little." 
On the other hand, said Finance Committee member Ahmed Hama Rasheed in an interview for the "long - Presse , " that " the CBI come a long way in dealing with counterfeit currency , " stressing that " the Central Bank 's operations detects counterfeit currency is considered pre - emptive." 
 Rashid pointed out that "counterfeit currency and its impact on the market and the citizens and affect the buying in the market daily turnover," stressing that " the search for counterfeit important currency shared between the central bank and the security services . " In the meantime, an economist Adel al - Naimi said in his speech "long - Press" that " the process of counterfeiting a major problem affecting the overall financial operations, especially that Iraq is at a critical stage suffering from a financial crisis , " adding that " the counterfeiting process would have catastrophic consequences for the economy of the country . " He called al - Naimi security services to " the use of modern methods of detecting counterfeit currency through cooperation with the relevant authorities , " stressing the need to "declaration of all cases of fraud to the media so that citizens do not fall victim to counterfeit currency." 
The market recorded cases of fraud in the currencies of the five thousand and ten thousand and fifty thousand , especially that the country has seven types of paper currencies are 250, 500 , and 1000 and 5000 and 10,000 and 25,000 and 500,000.

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