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US Veteran Beats Down 8 Muslims After They Attack His Wife - One Put in the Hospital

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Kyle Tyrrell, 48, had an altercation with fishermen on Victoria's Surf Coast a year ago while standing up for his wife Liana.

Mr Tyrrell claimed that Liana was punched in the face at the Cosy Corner beach, in Torquay, after one of the men put a crab pot in the water and she told him the area was a marine sanctuary and fishing was banned.

In the fight that took place on Sunday, January 24, 2016, Mr Tyrrell suffered minor injuries, while at least one of the fishermen was taken to hospital. No charges were laid.

The retired lieutenant-colonel claimed that the attack was racially and culturally motivated after his wife was called a white sl** and a white w***e by the men.

However criticism that he has received about the incident on Facebook persuaded him to set the record straight on the incident. He confirmed that the men were Muslim and said he would 'do it again in a heartbeat'.

Apparently, the Muslims were illegally catching crabs and cooking them.  When Mrs. Tyrrell caught them and told them what hey were doing was illegal, they took offense at a woman telling them what to do and attacked her verbally and physically.

"His mates got close to me and then he made a run for my wife, that's when I ran at him, he threw a punch which I ducked and the fight started. At no time could either my wife, daughter or I safely walk away," Tyrrell wrote on Facebook.

"At that point five more joined the fight, one punching my wife as she attempted to get our daughter up the beach," he added.  

One of the men said to his wife, "Your husband needs to teach you a lesson."

"I would do the same thing again in a heartbeat, in fact I would do the same thing for any woman I saw in that situation not just my wife, Tyrrell concluded the Facebook post.

An interview with Tyrrell was featured in the Herald Sun.

One thing in the story I disagree with is that it should be illegal to catch crabs and cook them.  I see no place for government to be involved in such things as people feeding themselves.  However, the ideology that sees women as inferior, which is a part of Islam, needs to be corrected.  Fortunately, Mr. Tyrrell gave these Islamists something to think about should they try this again.

This is what needs to happen every single time Muslims attempt to engage in any form of physical altercations based on the demonic teachingsir?source=bk&t=freedomoutpos-20&bm-id=de of Muhammadir?source=bk&t=freedomoutpos-20&bm-id=de.  They need to be beat down and their 7th Century ideology smashed into dust.  Well done, Mr. Tyrrell!

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