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Adam Montana Weekly 14 December 2016

Adam Montana

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Your priceless as always Shabs!!! :P  Snow's curiosity probably got the best of her somewhere but she'll come's a cat thing, they never wanna miss a party!!! :eyebrows:

Sandfly Adam and seems it's comin' "right quick" so the pace is intensifying...that's good...and it will make the time on the beach post RV that much sweeter!!! B)

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Hey hey everyone!

My flights got all screwed up this morning, which pushed my afternoon meetings around, and I swear some people just can't handle a small change in plans without losing their minds :lol: 

So I'm going to have to make this quick... Here's the short and skinny.

1. Good news surrounding the HCL lately. Is it going to happen before the new year? I have no idea, but good HCL news is good HCL news! :twothumbs: 

2. More good news on the progress in Mosul. I still can't believe the MSM isn't making a bigger deal out of this, but they are what they are. Things are going well there, and that's what we need. Go Iraq!

3. The CBI seems to be talking more about the exchange rate lately, which is exactly what I expect before they finally make a big change. My suggestion is to not believe a word they are saying, but instead pay attention to the simple fact that they are discussing it. :twothumbs:

That's about it... short and sweet!

Here's the weekly Q's:

TexasMike1958  Hello Adam, Is there any word about when Parliament will meet again??  I am sure it won't be until sometime in January.  Maybe there might be something on the agenda related to the HCL???  Thanks again for everything you and your staff does for us.
Wiljor  OPEC Skeptics Flee as Output Cut Rockets Oil Past $50 a Barrel
Saudi Minister Jolts Oil Market in Whatever It Takes Moment
"The Saudis’ latest deal with non-OPEC countries could potentially boost Brent crude prices toward $60 this week,"

"The chain of announcements signal that Saudi Arabia is trying to push oil prices above $60 a barrel -- and perhaps closer to $70 a barrel"

Hi Adam, I'm sure you have been following the oil news lately :eyebrows:

I took these headlines and quotes from a few articles............/you like? :D:cigar:


coorslite21  Any recent thoughts you would like to share on exchanges?  Will there be 800#s to call and set up appointments, or will the new rate just show up on the CBI site?  Thanks

Exchanges - no, I am a firm believer that there will not be any 800# for anyone to call. There will not be tiered cash-in rates either. That's just guru nonsense.


3KINGS  Just curious, we were all hot and bothered and on the edge of our seats a couple weeks ago, now nothing. Are you hearing anything you can share with us? Many of us wait to hear from you oh wise one. Thanks to you and the mods for all you do do .   oops a funny :rolleyes:

Just what I mentioned above... :shrug: 


coorslite21  Any thoughts on how the Warka situation might play out/  Thanks

Warka... I gave up trying to figure them out. Hopefully they get their stuff together. :shrug:



grelsin  Hi Adam!  Would now be a good time to remind people to check the expiration date on their passports? It's been awhile for a lot of us!



Absolutely! :twothumbs:




Argyll  Hey Adam;  I hope you're well.

I've been a Lifetime VIP member for awhile now, and although, It's been a minute since I posted anything...I do read everything!

Anyways, first, I want to thank you & the Mod's for all that y'all do!

And Second, I have a lot of friends who work in the oil business & also friends in the Military, who have both been saying recently, that the scuddle butt is that the GOI is waiting & watching what is happening in Syria, before implementing any changes in Iraq. What are your thoughts?


Syria... I can give that thought a bit of credibility. The situation there is important, but I'd say it's a 5/100 on the influence scale.



2fast4u2c  What are your thoughts on having a Warka account vs. cash?

Warka is a risk. My preference is cash, but I do hold some money in a Warka account.



Botzwana  What do you think about Theseus saying it will not happen for another 3 years or more?

I'm sure he has his reasons, but nobody can say any date for certain.



Laid Back  Hey Chief, Have you had the opportunity to read the first review of the three-year (2016-2019) Stand-by Arrangement by the IMF.

I read 70 pages and looks like GOI and the Banking System still have a lot of work to do.

My question is:

Do we have to wait till 2019 for an increase of the dinar exchange rate?

Thanks in advance.


Well, I certainly hope not! I don't see why they need that much time. Things have started moving faster over the last year. If the situation had not changed in the manner that it has, then maybe we'd be looking at another 3 years. But I do see things ramping up and moving faster, and it doesn't need to stretch out that long.

All I have to say now is... Merry Christmas and Go RV!!!!!



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