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Warka and ISX holding purchases

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Hawaii50, I've tried for the past 2 years to get a copy of my ISX portfolio with no luck. It's my understanding Warka is not responding to its International clients in fear of them selling all their stock an causing further liquidity issues with the bank. I'm sure after the first of the year when all the monetary reforms implemented an hopefully the RV is in place hat Warka Bank will be back in doing business as they did years ago.

They are correct in assuming that once everything is back up an running I will sell every share of stock that I own an they hold proxy for me...

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    • By Half Crazy Runner
      The last I heard the ISX was supposed to be back up and open on June 11. Did that happen..??
    • By ronscarpa
      ISX Was Opened For Business - 3/24/2020 
      No indicated currency changes for transactions
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...
      Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine.
      URGENT... 28 SEP 2019 Frank26: 
      URGENT  ...on [Iraqi] television and electronic billboards they're telling the citizens the ISX is about to allow the country of Iraq and its citizens to ENTER the international global market for TRADE...
      Companies right now are pouring in...they are about to tell us they are Article VIII... NASDAQ SIGNED A CONTRACT with the ISX to start selling internationally on October 1st...  
    • By fixxxer
      I realize that withdrawals cannot be made from Warka at this time, but I am trying  find out if there was a previous daily withdrawal limit from Warka Bank.  I found some posts that quoted  $10,000 per day.  
      If the RV is 1:1 , and the transfer limit is $10K per day, that would mean one would be able to transfer approximately $2.5M per year if one transferred $10K per day, 5 days a week, minus holidays etc.... For some this would mean many years of withdrawals to get their money out of Warka.
      Does anyone have any info on whether the $10K per day transfer number is accurate? If so, are there other suggestions on how to withdraw larger amounts from Warka? I thought about trying to change my personal account to a corporate account at Warka, but not sure if that's even possible, or if the withdrawal limit would be different. Is an IBC an option with Warka? Anyone have any suggestions?
    • By hawaii50hawk
      Has anyone had any luck transferring their Warka account and investments to another option?  Warka is so difficult to deal with it's almost impossible.  
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