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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Looking to buy 10 million dinar

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Good evening. I haven't advertised on here, yet. At the moment, I can only sell 4,000,000 for 850 per million. Uncirculated, Crisp and clean. Paypal is fine if you pay the fees (it costs $24.95 per 850 but $20 per 850 is fine). If you get all four mill, I will include the certificate that Xchange of America, Florida. 

OR there are no Paypal fees if you send as a friend. If you know of any other pay systems that you prefer, that is also fine. Venmo is a good one that does not charge any processing fees. 

I will pay for expedited shipping with a tracking number. 

This site only allows 92K file size, so I can email you the rest of the pictures.DinarVet tiny Cover.png

Very Respectfully, 


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