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Trump and the Iraqi issue


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29-11-2016 04:14 PM





Written by: Abbas Sabbagh

Still too early to put a brief assessment of President-elect Trump's policy toward Iraq is still in front of him cent exam the first day of the term, which may extend to other state and this depends on the conviction of the American voter and lobbies and cartels which resolved access to the White House, away from the electoral fuss and clamor propaganda and controversial propositions in Trump's electoral program and flagrant excitement that have been raised about the personal Trump and his personal behavior and electoral systems, the talk about any elected president Aigturn period of elections and manic populist between Republicans and Democrats only, which haunted the presidential candidates during the campaign periods and Maitbaha from the hustle and bustle of the media, research centers and questionnaires, is still in front of Trump's a long way from the arduous tasks and barbed surrounding specifically the Iraqi file, comes the strategic framework agreement between the two-year agreement (2008) in the forefront of which remained on the shelf without a real activate it, add to it benefits Iraq in its war against terrorism, said to be 'behalf 'about the world, the United States is an important part of this (world), which the Iraqis are fighting on behalf of security and happiness, and if we consider that these defensive prosecution for the whole world's security, including the US national Security also the Iraqi issue has not gone unnoticed by Trump electoral program despite direct waving Banasrav his team to the United States internal private economic affairs of them, however, came pledged Trump in his platform a clear and stayed the execution to prove its credibility in front of the American public and the voters that brought him to the White House, as promised to end regulation 'Daesh' in the Middle East, and he - and soon and Solh- to the White House he would ask the administration plan is prepared within 30 days to eliminate the organization Daesh and after his predecessor and Grimth Clinton accused the establishment of this organization in the region because of their foreign policy jaded and based on soft power, is still the Middle East and Iraq represent a raw vital to the American system of interests and tendon the most sensitive US national security and Iraq is Based this nerve and touchstone in those interests and gut the most sensitive to US national security, and no one knows is it that this undertaking is to simply pop an election to gain the trust of voters like the rest of the electoral Pops fired by Trump at the height of the race marathon to the White House it is also known that Trump has been amended many of the Pops and Horha in favor of his party's political future so that it appears as head of a prospective and acceptable to the United States and the appearance of a decent head a strong Republican, not as the image and the media, especially American ones that evil man and a controversial and unbalanced or crazed and dignifying this position has been His victory unexpected shock.

And as they say the United States is the country of institutions and laws which encourage mitigation of Glua subtraction Alhaaratne blatant rush enthusiastic excess alone for Trump and not to deal with it too seriously about the hot and strategic files relating to the Middle East as an Iranian nuclear deal with (5 +1) and the Syrian file Turkish and the rest of the files that have been raised US for the first time publicly as a relationship United States , tribes and sheikhs Gulf ruling a relationship that was but up until recently described as' strategic 'and' altarueh' especially with Saudi Arabia , which came down by narrowing since the adoption of Justa law which Macdja Trump to tickle the feelings of the American voter about this country that no longer passive dealing with international terrorism file secret or a secret from the world public opinion and the repercussions of the war against Daesh, acts of terrorism extended around the world and in their own house of the United States itself only a manifestation clear for this role. 

represents Turambah the rise of the extreme right of falconry Republicans and a sense of populism rooted in the imagination collective US public that the United States should remain the sole superpower in the world and including Etwahj with high national sentiment of the American voters , which explains why winning 'comfortable' to Trump on the Secretary of State Clinton , who is a revised version Hzibwea Democrat Obama , which is what made voters realize that Alaopamih will continue for another four years or more if Mavazat Clinton seat President this means total , that American foreign policy will not undergone major adjustment would be the United States makes in the picture , which aspires to Republicans who are fed up (with Amtdadathm mass) of Obama 's policy which is described soft power which Aerdy ambition of most of the American people. 

what concerns us as Iraqis fanfare Turambah thundering he promises towards Iraq and the Middle East and its implications for Iraq, the past eight have seen from the states Obama Iraqi frustration of American foreign policy towards Iraq despite the conclusion of a strategic framework between the two countries , a treaty that has remained without genuine activation particular item security which (III) if they have done a flexible pragmatism of what things have come to this sorry state of the predominance of the organization Daesh in the Middle East and spread to North Africa and to what extend this organization yards battles Bziabh individual in the whole world and what remained active centers and outposts Alaptrodolarah which supplies this organization , including needs of survival and expansion logistically and financially , and Vetoaiaa and in the media , and the reason is juicy consider the American administration (Democratic) all in line with the'interest' of America supposed 'altarueh 'with these centers , which Maspb restless and desire for change among American voters , who Turambah found in the window of his chance after Ohdrtha Alaomabah (soft) for two terms full years .

The Iraqis, Iraqis may find their chance to change the promising American foreign policy in correcting previous US strategic errors and deadly to the Middle East in general and Iraq in particular may be Turambah safe passage around the patch and change at a time, Iraqis are still fighting 'on behalf' of the (world) Does America realize it before it is too late? 


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4 minutes ago, Jaygo said:

He can only go as far as his cabinet will let him go. 

I believe Trumps Cabinet won't impede his plans for IS.  And since he is also the Commander-in-Chief, I don't think Congress can or will do anything either.  Trump is a smart guy and I think will handle things properly (whatever that means, haha).  I also hope not to be proven wrong.  Just my observation.

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1 hour ago, Flash101 said:

I think our government was so predictable till now. Now things will rock there world a bit as ole KEEP THEM WALKING FUNNY would say Keep them walking funny.

Thnx Yota +1



Speaking of "Keep", has anyone heard from him lately? I enjoyed reading his posts but it seems like he became disenchanted with this investment awhile back. 

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