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manifestation,   you are showing as Platinum VIP.  Have you tried to access the VIP forum yet?   Also, you are asking about yourself,correct?  And not your daughter that you had inquired about earlier?   Try the VIP forum and let us know.


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paperboy, I do have a platinum membership.  I did purchase the new membership for my daughter and have not received anything but the order number.  I do want to fill in her information so the VIP membership can be activated for her.  I asked her to delete the one she purchased because she hadn't received even a conformation order number.

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manifestation,    I've used @sbcglobal.net for years.   And it was always hit and miss about receiving emails from Adam or DV.   I've had it sooooooo long and didn't want to change, but I finally gave in and changed to a gmail account about two weeks ago.   And bam!   I've been received ALL of the emails being sent out.  Amazing !     

Sorry Adam, I've been hard-headed about changing, but you were right all along.   So I finally learned my lesson.  So to everyone out there that is still having issues and not using a gmail account, please change to a gmail.  It WILL MAKE ALOT OF DIFFERENCE. If you're using gmail already and still having issues, sorry I can't help you there.    


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paperboy :lol: it only took you a decade :rolleyes: I swear, I have to tell my wife things at least 3 times, spaced out at least 6 months apart, before she will finally listen. And then suddenly it was her idea :lmao: 

Manifestation: I posted this in response to another thread, but it might be helpful here too:



... if you are using gmail this is IMPORTANT: most of the dinar emails are being sent to the promotions tab!

Just search your inbox for "noreply@dinarvets.com" - you'll find some emails, they might be labelled "inbox", but they are in the Promotions tab.

Here's how to fix that. 

Step one: Left click and hold the email. Drag it over to the Primary" tab.

Step 2: Click "Yes"

promotions to primary gmail.png"

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Can someone splain why hubbies most often or always are the ones who end up in or are relegated to the mutt hut?


Is this one of the magical mysterious inter workings of domestic life to support domestic tranquility?

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Adam,  I surely hope that you aren't putting me in the same basket with your wife!   Yikes!   Dangerous thing for you to do.   Most women wouldn't want to be compared to an elderly, mostly balding, plump old fart like me!    So you'd better show up at home with flowers in hand, if you're a smart man.    :P

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