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Access to Warka Online Banking means Browser Choices

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Using Mozilla’s Firefox as a browser, I was unable to bypass Firefox security protocol and so could not access Warka Online Banking from Warka Bank’s home page link.


Using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as a browser, I clicked on Warka Bank’s home page link to Online Banking and two tabs popped up.

One tab contained the warning about an unsecure connection, but the other tab was a direct link to Warka’s Online Banking and from there I was able log on following Warka’s security protocols and access my accounts.


I printed my own Warka online home page and scanned it to a pdf file ready to be attached to a future email if necessary.

It shows today’s date, the date of the last time that I logged on, and my current password expiration date.

It’s proof of a valid password and an expiration date just in case my password is expired early again.

I also printed the page showing my account balances because it shows the new IBAN numbers associated with my Warka USD and IQD account numbers.


Very encouraging to (finally) have an International Bank Account Number associated with my Warka account numbers.

It points to the idea that in future we may not need a US corresponding bank ~ like Citibank NA ~ but instead may be able to wire funds directly from our Warka accounts to our local accounts using the IBAN numbers.

I’m also looking forward to the last six months’ worth of interest due at the end of the year. Compounded monthly adds up quick.


Using Google’s Chrome as a browser, I clicked on Warka Bank’s home page Online Banking link and the unsecure connection message popped up; but this message had a button labeled “Advanced”, and I clicked on that.

Clicking on the “Advanced” button popped up a further message that had the option to continue ~ labeled (not safe) ~ at the bottom of the page and I clicked on that. From there I was able to access my accounts thru Warka’s Online Banking link.


So, it’s my experience that you can get there with Internet Explorer and with Chrome, but not with Firefox.

All three connections are still labeled not secure, even when Internet Explorer and Chrome allow you to get there, anyway.


However, once you your browser allows you to get there, it seems that you are logging on in a secure environment, anyway ~ despite the warnings.

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