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Guru Believes The New Rates Are Installed Globally.

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Bruce  15 Nov 2016: 
Where are we since Thursday?  A lot has happened.  It is the 15th, and normally we get the UN Operational rates on the 15th.  What happened yesterday in preparation for that, the screens maybe it was the front screens of the banking institutions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, meaning North America, all went dark. 

They went dark maybe not all day but for hours for a period of time they went black. Why? 

It was because the rates were being updated, reinstalled onto the screens to be used at a later time which we thought would be today.  I don’t think they have been indicated today yet.  But that can occur today or tomorrow.  That is really interesting. 

It not only happened in North America, but at some point in the afternoon or last night it happened around the world.  All the banks around the world were reinstalling the rates.  That never happened before.  I think it is an important event that took place.

Bruce:  Today, the United Nations Operational rates were supposed to be effective on this date.  So far we are waiting for that to occur.  Maybe there been some rate changes. Maybe some rates, but still not up yet. I am sure there is more we are looking for in that area.
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I'm waiting on the big let down excuse why this didn't  happen from all the gurus like many many times before some of us ole timers remember. So wish in 1 hand and krap in the other and see which hand fills up faster I'm not being a Debbie downer r Nancy negative I'm just not putting all my hopes in all the guru :bs: now days. I'm waiting on Adams email that says BINGO some of us do remember BINGO.





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7 minutes ago, Flash101 said:

 I'm waiting on Adams email that says BINGO some of us do remember BINGO.

Brother Flash, big bro Adam isn't sending out those RV test emails for like me, have a glass of your favorite drink, and enjoy the ride until when we hear from Adam which might be sooner than we think.....I'm heading to happy hour now lol :cheesehead: Cheers!!

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7 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

...the front screens of the banking institutions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, meaning North America, all went dark. They went dark maybe not all day but for hours for a period of time they went black. Why? 

Hmmm Bruce. Not sure why. :lol:


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      02 Aug 2016  BRUCE...
      Redemption centers are quiet.  They are on blackout.  Some that we know of, so probably all are ready for notifications.  We believe that all are on an any moment basis.  We heard this from many sources.   Rates - my position has always been not to put out rates.  That has been my position for over a year.  It's not that I don't want to put them out, but rates could change up or down, at any moment.  We had a rate change yesterday, in the positive direction, but only on one currency.  Not sure if that rate change affected the others.  

      I'm not going to do the bank's job by discussing structured payouts, rates of exchange, etc.  It's their business. From what I understand. there are 4 rate structures.  I heard of this from WF and HSBC and AAIB and somewhat from People's Bank of China.

      They are partnering  and some banks are under the direction of these banks as well others in Canada, like RBC. Mexico is handled by HSBC.
      Lower rates are international.  In country rate where currency originates.  Dinar $5.32 this could be international rates. It could have changed.  Not sure if this rate has posted.  
      Market or Bank or screen rate.  Some use Street rate, but drop that from your vocabulary.

      This is rate people would normally see when go into bank.  We understand that
      involvement with China and USA involvement with war in Iraq will affect our rates.  Those rates are higher than international.  We used to call contract rate.  

      May still exists for certain groups.  I use the term pre-negotiated as opposed to contract.  These rates are for certain groups.
      The final rate is the highest rate.  We used to use the term sovereign.  But within the banks the term is privately negotiable rate.
      That means that if you are someone with a humanitarian project, or creating jobs, those are the reasons why you should have 2-3 pages of a bullet outline of your plan.  Not a full blown business plan, but a simple explanation of what you want to do to improve the world.  

      My recommendation is to put it in a format that can be copied and have many copies available for those who are helping you with the exchange.  That could be up to 10 people, not including you and your spouse.
      Practice a 1 minute elevator pitch to explain, from your heart, what you want to do wit this money. That and your ability to explain it to your banking partners is what will get you the rate that you desire.  They might ask you what do you need from this exchange.  In my case, I will use one currency 100% will be used for projects.  Other currencies will be used for personal use - friends, family and others.  

      So-called privately negotiable rate is applied more specifically to Zim, but may also apply to the other 4 currencies in this first basket.  This is your opportunity to get the rate that you like.  Without telling you the numbers, those rates are extremely high.  

      And there are NO ZEROS coming off any of the currencies.  Did you hear me?  There are NO ZEROS coming off any of the currencies.  
    • By Luigi1
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