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Questions For Adam's Update 11-9-2016

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not to be bothering you.but i joined the VIP section and havent recieved my paper saying i did i just wanted to know when to expect it,also i would like to change my email account i would like to be emailed at and you need to fire someone at lambo field i was betting on them lol but the boys covered for me Thanks for all you do.

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Hi Adam. I think the DV community could use some clarification on the HCL. There's lots of speculation that it is "buried" in the 2017 budget. We've heard this before (2016 specifically) but the HCL, as I understand it, is an animal all in itself. There may be an "oil agreement" loosely defined and agreed to by Baghdad and Erbil included in the budget. I've read the budget and it doesn't include all the parameters as defined by the initial HCL as written back in 2007. Can you clarify the difference between the "oil agreement" and HCL ? Thanks.

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Do you think they are waiting until Mosul is clear of ISIS and making sure Mosul banks are secured and accounted for before CBI makes RV announcement?.   Accounting for currency stolen, inventory of cash, etc.

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Good Day to you Sir :tiphat:

Donald Trump wins the election in one of the most historic victories in our nation's history.

My question to you is can we now see the Adam Montana happy dance?

I predict that if we do the Central Bank of Iraq will RV their currency and the Green Bay Packers will win the Super Bowl.:bravo:

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