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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

For every argument the media make against Trump, Hillarious’s worse.

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(1) Eleven years ago, Trump said on a secretly recorded tape that celebrities can do anything — even grab a woman’s p*ssy.

Hillarious, born-again Victorian virgin, campaigns with Beyonce, who performs a duet with the words “curvalicious, p*ssy served delicious.”

Hillarious is thrilled to have the support of Madonna — who has publicly offered to give blow jobs to anyone who votes for Hillarious. (She’ll even remove her teeth!)

Hillarious’s campaign has deployed Miley Cyrus to canvas for her — when Cyrus is not busy inviting men in the audience to reach up and grab her p*ssy. (Here’s a video of delicate flower Miley Cyrus in action.)

When Vernon Jordan was asked by CBS’ Mike Wallace what he talked about while golfing with Bill Clinton — aka Hillarious’s husband — he answered: “P*ssy.”

Oh, and 11 years before Teddy Kennedy ran for president as the Conscience of the Democratic Party — he killed a girl. After grabbing her p*ssy.

(2) Trump’s a sexual predator!

Hillarious’s husband is a well-established rapist, groper and pants-dropper. She’s his fixer.

Unlike the serial predations of her husband, leveled repeatedly throughout the decades, the timing of these 11th-hour allegations against Trump make them highly suspect.

Recall that The New York Times spent months investigating Trump’s treatment of women earlier this year. The Newspaper of Record put its best reporters on the job, interviewed a dozen women, and the paper splashed the story on its front page. But the best the Times could come up with was a story about Trump, as a bachelor, publicly praising a model for looking great in a bikini at his pool party. Then they dated. The horror.

Five months later, just days before the election, there doesn’t seem to be a female Democrat who isn’t claiming to have been groped by Trump — and getting loads of fawning publicity.

(3) Trump doesn’t give enough to charity.

The media only counts “charitable giving” if it can be taken as a tax deduction with the IRS. When Trump spent time and money saving a Georgia family farm from foreclosure in the 1980s, for example, he didn’t get any tax write-off.

Hillarious, by contrast, was a big philanthropist because, at about the same time, she was taking a deduction for donations of Bill’s used underwear — the modern equivalent of smallpox-laden blankets. Today, the munificent Clinton Foundation spends less than 10 percent of its revenues on actual charity, using about 90 percent for salaries, offices and travel.

(4) Several of Trump’s businesses went bankrupt.

Trump has created or helped create hundreds of businesses. Fewer than 10 went bankrupt. Hillarious had one business, Whitewater Development Corp., and it went bankrupt — after ripping off scores of ordinary Americans. Also, a dozen prominent Arkansans went to prison in connection with sleazy financial transactions involving Whitewater.

(5) Trump University was a scam!

Approximately 10,000 graduates of Trump University were thrilled with the program and said so in writing. But a law firm that paid Hillarious and Bill Clinton $675,000 for three speeches managed to find a handful of disgruntled students to be the named plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against it.

Trump University was a minuscule portion of Trump’s portfolio. Whitewater was a huge part of Bill and Hillarious’s get-rich-quick schemes, scamming the elderly, retirees and working-class Americans for the money-hungry Clintons.

As described by The Washington Post, people who bought property from the Whitewater Development Corp. were required to submit a down payment, followed by monthly payments, until the entire purchase price of the property was paid off. But if buyers missed a single payment for any reason, the entire transaction would be deemed null and void, and the property, as well as all prior payments, would be forfeited to the Whitewater corporation. No foreclosure proceeding, no court hearing, no due process.

More than half of Whitewater’s customers lost their entire investment. (See “Whitewater Repossessions; Sales Practice Benefited Clintons, Partners,” The Washington Post, April 21, 1994.)

Though Hillarious had long claimed to have nothing to do with the operation of the business, when the books were finally opened, it turned out that the monthly checks were mailed to the Whitewater Development Corp. — “care of Hillarious Rodham Clinton.” (See “Records Show Wider Role for Hillarious Clinton; Whitewater Papers Detail Involvement,” The Washington Post, April 21, 1994.)

(6) We can’t allow Trump access to nuclear codes!

Hillarious is the one who is champing at the bit to go to war with Russia, which, I am reliably informed, is a nuclear power.

At least Hillarious’s adept at dealing with sensitive digital information. Huma! Quick! Are the nuclear launch codes on my Blackberry, my desktop thingy or my Facebook page?

Compared to Hillarious, we’d be safer if the nuclear codes were held by Miley Cyrus (unless she kept them in her p*ssy).

(7) Trump’s temperament will get us into World War III.

Hillarious’s temperament drove her to push for intervention in the Libyan civil war against Moammar Gadhafi for the sole purpose of giving her a foreign policy success that could be all her own.

Obama was skeptical. Libya was Hillarious’s baby. (Sidney Blumenthal’s email to Hillarious: “First, brava! This is a historic moment and you will be credited for realizing it.”)

After Gadhafi was killed, Hillarious’s temperament led her to go on TV and laughingly say, “We came. We saw. He died.”

Unfortunately, Hillarious hadn’t given the slightest thought to what would come next. What came next was: the Muslim Brotherhood, the murder of Americans in Benghazi and millions of refugees pouring into Western Europe.

(8) Trump failed to denounce David Duke with the ferocity deemed sufficient by our media.

No one even knows if Duke actually exists or is just a phantom produced by the media every four years to smear Republicans.

I know that no one has ever been incited to commit murder after listening to a David Duke speech. Lots of people have been murdered by someone who’d just heard an Al Sharpton speech: seven at Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem, and one Orthodox Jew, plus one Italian mistaken for a Jew, in Crown Heights.

Hillarious has not disavowed Sharpton — nor would our media be so rude as to ask.

The mother of Ferguson thug Mike Brown, Lesley McSpadden, campaigns with Hillarious — she even took the stage at the Democratic National Convention. The father of Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, appeared on stage behind Hillarious at a rally.

If the media won’t ask her to “disavow” the relatives of criminals and terrorists featured at her events, could they at least ask her if she approves of their parenting techniques?

(9) Trump is a “racist” because of his plan to remove Muslim jihadists, Mexican drug dealers and rapists from our country.

Apart from the fact that “drug dealer,” “rapist” and “jihadist” are not races, we didn’t do anything to Muslims or Mexicans, except send them billions of dollars in foreign aid. The only “racism” Americans care about is that toward black Americans. We did something to them.

Hillarious asks blacks to vote for her, then vows to bring in millions of Muslims and Mexicans to take their jobs — the ones that “Americans just won’t do.” That’s racism.

(10) Trump “fat-shamed” Miss Universe!

No, he didn’t — he saved her crown and she was grateful. It’s on tape.

But more importantly, the Miss Universe in question is Alicia Machado, well-known in Venezuela as a publicity-seeking clown.

Machado is credibly accused of: driving the getaway car in an attempted murder; threatening to kill a federal judge; and being the baby mama to drug cartel kingpin Gerardo Alvarez-Vazquez, who was on the State Department’s “Most Wanted” list under — let’s see, checking my notes — Hillarious Clinton.

Until 1975, everyone would have realized that it’s stupid to bring in single mothers with no marketable job skills, to add to the dependent class. If we did bring them in, politicians wouldn’t proudly introduce them at rallies.

But Machado is Hillarious’s model immigrant. Her only job skill is voting. Upside: Hillarious gets another vote. Downside: You’ll be supporting Machado and her anchor baby for the rest of their lives, America.

(11) Trump is challenging the very foundation of our democracy by saying elections are rigged!

They are rigged — ask former Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota, whose 2008 election was provably stolen from him when more than a thousand ineligible felons voted for Al Franken in a race Coleman lost by 312 votes. (At least it wasn’t an important election: Franken provided the 60th, and deciding, vote to pass Obamacare.)

In any event, Hillarious says the election is rigged, too — by the Russkies!

The Democrats and the media have gone full John Birch Society on us. There’s a fifth column in America — and their leader is Donald Trump!!!

This is a marked departure from their previous cosmopolitan sangfroid about communism. We could have really used this fighting spirit during the Cold War. Instead, we got Jimmy Carter warning Americans about their “inordinate fear of communism.”

Today, bad-ass, eye-rolling journalists are somberly announcing: “I have in my hand a list — a list of Donald Trump supporters, who are a conscious, articulate instrument of the Russian conspiracy …”

(12) Trump is shallow, has a microscopic attention span and has not studied political issues deeply.

On the other hand, he has a good heart, good judgment and wants the right outcome for America: limits on immigration, fair trade deals, the elimination of Wall Street tax breaks and no more pointless Middle East wars.

Hillarious doesn’t want any of these things. She is good at memorizing all her little facts, but is deeply evil. She wakes up early in the morning to make sure she does the wrong thing for America.

(13) Trump has personal baggage.

This election is not about Trump. It’s never been about Trump. Anyone running on his platform of putting Americans first would be torn to shreds.

There are probably lots of bad things Trump’s done in his personal life in the past. The ruling class wants Hillarious to do bad things to our country in the future.


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4 minutes ago, huffy2005 said:

This election is not about Trump. It’s never been about Trump. Anyone running on his platform of putting Americans first would be torn to shreds.

There are probably lots of bad things Trump’s done in his personal life in the past. The ruling class wants Hillarious to do bad things to our country in the future.

Trump's name is on the ballot.  So if it's not about him then he is running under false the p*ssy grabber should drop out.  As always, just my opinion  ;)

GO RV, then BV

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Thanks Huffy!  Nice post... Ya scooped me!  I read this earlier here...  (It's important to give credit to the author or provide a link.). It's a long piece but this bears repeating since Shabs is in such deep denial about this...


Eleven years ago, Trump said on a secretly recorded tape that celebrities can do anything—even grab a woman’s p***y.


illary, born-again Victorian virgin, campaigns with Beyonce, who performs a duet with the words “curvalicious, p***y served delicious.”


illary is thrilled to have the support of Madonna—who has publicly offered to give blow jobs to anyone who votes for Hillarious. (She’ll even remove her teeth!)


illary’s campaign has deployed Miley Cyrus to canvas for her—when Cyrus is not busy inviting men in the audience to reach up and grab her p***y. (Here’s a video of delicate flower Miley Cyrus in action.)


When Vernon Jordan was asked by CBS’ Mike Wallace what he talked about while golfing with Bill Clinton—aka Hillarious’s husband—he answered: “P***y.”


Oh, and 11 years before Teddy Kennedy ran for president as the Conscience of the Democratic Party—he killed a girl. After grabbing her p***y.

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7 hours ago, Shabibilicious said:

Trump's name is on the ballot.  So if it's not about him then he is running under false the p*ssy grabber should drop out.  As always, just my opinion  ;)

GO RV, then BV

So you are upset because Trump is a p*ssy grabber, read this then tell me you feel the same way.

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      “The main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States.” - George Soros

      By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh —— Bio and Archives--August 10, 2020

      A socialist once said, “never let a crisis go to waste,” and it seems that the Covid-19 pandemic has offered such an unprecedented crisis that the globalists will gladly utilize to finally eliminate the U.S. as the only roadblock left to implementing their one world government goals.
      Since at least half of the country agrees with the Democrats and their globalist plans, the only person left in the way which represents the other half of America that must be “persuaded” by any means necessary that one world government is best for the collective, is President Donald J. Trump.

                                                                                                  THE GREAT RESET: Davos & the Plot to Cancel Trump
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      We went from ’14 days to flatten the curve,’ to house arrest until we accept world communism with few protestations. We went from masks to constant media produced public service announcements (PSAs) playing on every station and website. The globalist and the domestic Left convinced its brainwashed sycophants that Donald Trump caused everything and even a paid rioter would be better president than he.
      In a bizarre life imitates art category, a 2003 show called the “Dead Zone” played an episode in which the cast of characters were trying to deal with a viral pandemic caused by the Corona virus. The symptoms were eerily like the Covid-19 viral pandemic. The officials in the show locked down the affected area, quarantined everyone who encountered the afflicted humans, treated the sick patients with chloroquine, a malaria drug, and managed to save the world from a catastrophe.

                                                                                  Big Tech has been suppressing the truth and censoring those who dare speak
      Joe Keller remarked, “The only difference between 2003 (the show’s pandemic) and 2020 (our real pandemic) is that the fictious government of 2003 did not suppress the truth, did not ban a medication that has been safe for 65 years, and gave the drug to everybody. And, of course, there were no Big Tech Companies that thought they were God.”
      Big Tech has been suppressing the truth and censoring those who dare speak it, i.e., doctors, writers, journalists, average Americans on social media, and even the President of the United States.
      The mainstream media does not seem to be the least bit curious why during a global pandemic, casualties from Covid-19 have not piled up in third world countries that have no sanitation, cannot “socially distance” their citizens, and are plagued by millions of malaria casualties who are treated with chloroquine.
      The “cancel culture” movement has disposed of all celebrities, politicians, and any person with a job who has held a divergent opinion from the politically correct one of the left, a suppression of speech corrupt academia has been inculcating into their pupils and teachers alike for fifty years.
      Joe Concha said about cancel culture: “You say something that the woke mob doesn’t agree with and you will be eliminated.” No public apologies, repudiations, and firings have quenched the thirst of the PC war against American decency, morality, and faith. The biggest victims so far are American history and statues of famous Americans accused of white supremacy and racism.
                                                                                                   “Social Justice,” the mantra of the Marxist movement

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      Kindly watch this 3 minutes Video. It was an episode in a show series called The Dead Zone. It aired in Season 2 episode 14 and aired on July 13, 2003. You'll be baffled at what you will hear? Please listen closely This was from A TV Show .... in 2003. Only 3 mins..... Watch.....and Listern Please!!!"
      I think the movie is very prophetic to say the least... WOW! About Corona Virus.mp4
      Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh -- Bio and Archives
      Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, Ileana Writes is a freelance writer, author, radio commentator, and speaker. Her books, “Echoes of Communism”, “Liberty on Life support” and “U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy,” “Communism 2.0: 25 Years Later” are available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.
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      50 Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List
      by sattkisson on June 10, 2018  in News 49 Comments Wethe media have “fact-checked” President Trump like we have fact-checked no other human being on the planet—and he’s certainly given us plenty to write about. That’s probably why it’s so easy to find lists enumerating and examining his mistakes, missteps and “lies.”   But as self-appointed arbiters of truth, we’ve largely excused our own unprecedented string of fact-challenged reporting. The truth is, formerly well-respected, top news organizations are making repeat, unforced errors in numbers that were unheard of just a couple of years ago.
        Our repeat mistakes involve declaring that Trump’s claims are “lies” when they are matters of opinion, or when the truth between conflicting sources is unknowable; taking Trump’s statements and events out of context; reporting secondhand accounts against Trump without attribution as if they’re established fact; relying on untruthful, conflicted sources; and presenting reporter opinions in news stories—without labeling them as opinions.     What’s worse, we defend ourselves by trying to convince the public that our mistakes are actually a virtue because we (sometimes) correct them. Or we blame Trump for why we’re getting so much wrong. It’s a little bit like a police officer taking someone to jail for DUI, then driving home drunk himself: he may be correct to arrest the suspect, but he should certainly know better than to commit the same violation.   So since nobody else has compiled an updated, extensive list of this kind, here are:     50 Notable Mistakes and Missteps in Major Media Reporting on Donald Trump
      1. Aug. 2016-Nov. 2016:
      The New York Post published modeling photos of Trump’s wife Melania and reported they were taken in 1995. Various news outlets relied on that date to imply that Melania—an immigrant—had violated her visa status. But the media got the date wrong. Politico was among the news agencies that later issued a photo date correction.     2. Oct. 1, 2016:
      The New York Times and other media widely suggested or implied that Trump had not paid income taxes for 18 years. Later, tax return pages leaked to MSNBC ultimately showed that Trump actually paid a higher rate than Democrats Bernie Sanders and President Obama.     3. Oct. 18, 2016:
      In a Washington Post piece not labelled opinion or analysis, Stuart Rothenberg reported that Trump’s path to an electoral college victory was “nonexistent.”     4. Nov. 4, 2016:
      USA Today misstated Melania Trump’s “arrival date from Slovenia” amid a flurry of reporting that questioned her immigration status from the mid-1990s.   5. Nov. 9, 2016: 
      Early on election night, the Detroit Free Press called the state of Michigan for Hillarious Clinton. Trump actually won Michigan.     Nancy Sinatra via Twitter
      6. Jan. 20, 2017:
      CNN claimed Nancy Sinatra was “not happy” at her father’s song being used at Trump’s inauguration. Sinatra responded, “That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?…Actually I’m wishing him the best.”      
      7. Jan. 20, 2017:
      Zeke Miller of TIME reported that President Trump had removed the bust statue of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office. The news went viral. It was false.     8. Jan. 26, 2017: 
      Josh Rogin of the Washington Post reported that the State Department’s “entire senior administrative team” had resigned in protest of Trump. A number of media outlets ranging from politically left to right, including liberal-leaning Vox, stated that claim was misleading or wrong.     9. Jan. 28, 2017
      CNBC’s John Harwood reported the Justice Department “had no input” on Trump’s immigration executive order. After a colleague contradicted Harwood’s report, he amended it to reflect that Justice Department lawyers reportedly had reviewed Trump’s order.     10. Jan. 31, 2017:
      CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reported the White House set up Twitter accounts for two judges to try to keep Trump’s selection for Supreme Court secret. Zeleny later corrected his report to state that the Twitter accounts had not been set up by the White House.   11. Feb. 2, 2017:
      TMZ reported Trump changed the name of “Black History Month” to “African American History Month,” implying the change was untoward or racist. In fact, Presidents Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton had all previously called Black History month “African American History” month.     12. Feb. 2, 2017:
      AP reported that Trump had threatened the president of Mexico with invasion to get rid of “bad hombres.” Numerous publications followed suit. The White House said it wasn’t true and the Washington Post removed the AP info that “could not be independently confirmed.”     13. Feb. 4, 2017:
      Josh Rogin of the Washington Post reported on “Inside the White House-Cabinet Battle Over Trump’s Immigration Order,” only to have the article updated repeatedly to note that one of the reported meetings had not actually occurred, that a conference call had not happened as described, and that actions attributed to Trump were actually taken by his chief of staff.  
      14. Feb. 14, 2017:
      The New York Times’ Michael S. Schmidt, Mark Mazzetti and Matt Apuzzo reported about supposed contacts between Trump campaign staff and “senior Russian intelligence officials.” Comey later testified “In the main, [the article] was not true.”     15. Feb. 22, 2017:
      ProPublica’s Raymond Bonner reported CIA official Gina Haspel—Trump’s later pick for CIA Director—was in charge of a secret CIA prison where Islamic extremist terrorist Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in one month, and that she mocked the prisoner’s suffering. More than a year later, ProPublica retracted the claim, stating that “Neither of these assertions is correct…Haspel did not take charge of the base until after the interrogation of Zubaydah ended.”    16. April 5, 2017:
      An article bylined by the New York Times’ graphic editors Karen Yourish and Troy Griggs referred to Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, as Trump’s wife.     17. May 10, 2017:
      Multiple outlets including Politico, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, AP, Reuters and the Wall Street Journal reported the same leaked information: that Trump fired FBI Director James Comey shortly after Comey requested additional resources to investigate Russian interference in the election.   The New York Times’ Matthew Rosenberg and Matt Apuzzo, and CNN’s Sara Murray reported the information in sentences and paragraphs that omitted attribution, as if it were an established fact. The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker, Ashley Parker, Sari Horwitz and Robert Costa wrote news articles in the style of opinion pieces and from an omniscient viewpoint as if they were somehow in the mind of Trump. For example, they reported, “Every time FBI Director James B. Comey appeared in public, an ever-watchful President Trump grew increasingly agitated that the topic was the one that he was most desperate to avoid: Russia.” (Other reporters —Reuters’ Dustin Volz and Susan Cornwell— did properly attribute the claim.)    The Justice Department, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said the media reports were untrue and McCabe added that the FBI’s Russia investigation was “adequately resourced.”     18. June 4, 2017:
      NBC News reported in a Tweet that Russian President Vladimir Putin told TV host Megan Kelly that he had compromising information about Trump. Actually, Putin said the opposite: that he did not have compromising information on Trump.     19. June 6, 2017:
      CNN’s Gloria Borger, Eric Lichtblau, Jake Tapper and Brian Rokus; and ABC’s Justin Fishel and Jonathan Karl reported that Comey was going to refute Donald Trump’s claim that Comey told Trump three times he was not under investigation. Instead, Comey did the opposite and confirmed Trump’s claim.     20. June 7, 2017:
      In a fact-check story, AP reported erroneously that Trump misread the potential cost to a family with insurance under the Affordable Care Act who wanted care from their existing doctor.   21. June 8, 2017:
      The New York Times’ Jonathan Weisman reported that Comey testified Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Comey not to call the Russia probe “an investigation” but “a matter.” Weisman was mistaken about the attorney general and the probe. Actually, it was Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch (not Sessions) who told Comey to refer to the Hillarious Clinton classified email probe (not the Russia probe) as “a matter” instead of “an investigation.”     22. June 22, 2017:
      CNN’s Thomas Frank reported that Congress was investigating a “Russian investment fund with ties to Trump officials.” The report was later retracted. Frank and two other CNN employees resigned in the fallout.     23. December 2, 2017: 
      ABC News’ Brian Ross reported that former Trump official Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was going to testify that candidate Trump had directed him to contact “the Russians.” Even though such contact would not be in of itself a violation of law, the news was treated as an explosive indictment of Trump in the Russia collusion narrative, and the stock market fell on the news. ABC later corrected the report to reflect that Trump had already been elected when he reportedly asked Flynn to contact the Russians about working together to fight ISIS and other issues. Ross was suspended.     24. July 6, 2017:
      Newsweek’s Chris Riotta and others reported that Poland’s First Lady had refused to shake Trump’s hand. Newsweek’s later “update” reflected that the First Lady had shaken Trump’s hand after all, as clearly seen on the full video.      25. July 6, 2017:
      The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, CNN and numerous outlets had long reported, as if fact, the Hillarious Clinton claim that a total of 17 American intelligence agencies concluded that Russia orchestrated election year attacks to help get Trump elected. Only three or four agencies, not 17, had officially done so.     26. Aug. 31, 2017:
      NBC News’ Ken Dilinian and Carol Lee reported that a Trump official’s notes about a meeting with a Russian lawyer included the word “donation,” as if there were discussions about suspicious campaign contributions. NBC later corrected the report to reflect that the word “donation” didn’t appear, but still claimed the word “donor” did. Later, Politico reported that the word “donor” wasn’t in the notes, either.   27. Sept. 5, 2017:
      CNN’s Chris Cillizza and other news outlets declared Trump “lied” when he stated that Trump Tower had been wiretapped, although there’s no way any reporter independently knew the truth of the matter—only what intel officials claimed. It later turned out there were numerous wiretaps involving Trump Tower, including a meeting of Trump officials with a foreign dignitary. At least two Trump associates who had offices in or frequented Trump Tower were also wiretapped.     28. Sept. 7, 2017:
      The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman reported Democrat leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi called President Trump about an immigration issue. Trump actually made the call to Pelosi.     29. Nov. 6, 2017:
      CNN’s Daniel Shane edited excerpts from a Trump event to make it seem as though Trump didn’t realize Japan builds cars in the U.S. However, Trump’s entire statement made clear that he does.     30. Nov. 6, 2017:
      CNN edited a video that made it appear although Trump impatiently dumped a box of fish food into the water while feeding fish at Japan’s palace. The New York Daily News, the Guardian and others wrote stories implying Trump was gauche and impetuous. The full video showed that Trump had simply followed the lead of Japan’s Prime Minister.      31. Nov. 29, 2017:
      Newsweek’s Chris Riotta claimed Ivanka Trump “plagiarized” one of her own speeches. In fact, plagiarizing one’s own work is impossible since plagiarism is when a writer steals someone else’s work and passes it off as his own.   32. Dec. 4, 2017:
      The New York Times’ Michael S. Schmidt and Sharon LaFraniere and other outlets reported that Trump Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland supposedly contradicted herself or lied about another official’s contacts with Russians. The story was heavily, repeatedly amended. CNN, MSNBC, CBS News, New York Daily News and Daily Beast picked up the story about McFarland’s “lies.”  
      33. Dec. 4, 2017:
      ABC News’ Trish Turner and Jack Date reported that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort had recently worked with a Russia intelligence-connected “official.” But the Russian wasn’t an “official.”      34. Dec. 5, 2017:
      Bloomberg’s Steven Arons and the Wall Street Journal’s Jenny Strasburg reported the blockbuster that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had subpoenaed Trump’s bank records. It wasn’t true.   35. Dec. 8, 2017:
      CNN’s Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb reported that Donald Trump Jr. conspired with WikiLeaks in advance of the publication of damaging Democrat party and Clinton campaign emails. Many other publications followed suit. They had the date wrong: WikiLeaks and Trump Junior were in contact after the emails were published.   36. Jan. 3, 2018:
      Talking Point Memo’s Sam Thielman reported that a Russian social media company provided documents to the Senate about communications with a Trump official. The story was later corrected to say the reporter actually had no idea how the Senate received the documents and had no evidence to suggest the Russian company was cooperating with the probe.     37. Jan. 12, 2018:
      Mediaite’s Lawrence Bonk, CNN’s Sophie Tatum, the Guardian, BBC, US News and World Report, Reuters and Buzzfeed’s Adolfo Flores reported a “bombshell”— that President Trump had backed down from his famous demand for a wall along the entire Southern border. However, Trump said the very same thing in February 2016 on MSNBC, on Dec. 2, 2015, in the National Journal, in October 2015 during the CNBC Republican Primary debate, and on Aug. 20, 2015, on FOX Business’ Mornings with Maria.     38. Jan. 15, 2018:
      AP’s Laurie Kellman and Jonathan Drew reported that a new report showed trust in the media had fallen during the Trump presidency. But the report that AP cited was actually over a year old and was conducted while Obama was president.     39. Feb. 2, 2018:
      AP’s Eric Tucker, Mary Clare Jalonick and Chad Day reported that ex-British spy Christopher Steele’s opposition research against Trump was initially funded by a conservative publication: the Washington Free Beacon. AP corrected its story because Steele only came on the project after Democrats began funding it.   40. March 8, 2018:
      The New York Times’ Jan Rosen reported on a hypothetical family whose tax bill would rise nearly $4,000 under Trump’s tax plan. It turns out the calculations were off: the couple’s taxes would go actually go down $43; not up $4,000.      41. March 13, 2018:
      The New York Times’ Adam Goldman, NBC’s Noreen O’Donnell and AP’s Deb Riechmann reported that Trump’s pick for CIA Director, Gina Haspel, had waterboarded a particular Islamic extremist terrorist dozens of time at a secret prison; and that she had mocked his suffering. In fact, Haspel wasn’t assigned to the prison until after the detainee left. ProPublica originally reported the incorrect details in Feb. 2017.   42. March 15, 2018:
      AP’s Michael Biesecker, Jake Pearson and Jeff Horwitz reported that a Trump advisory board official had been a Miss America contestant and had killed a black rhino. She actually was a Mrs. America contestant and had shot a nonlethal tranquilizer dart at a white rhino.     Watch Sharyl Attkisson’s TEDx Talk: Is Fake News Real?   43. April 1, 2018:
      AP’s Nicholas Riccardi reported that the Trump administration had ended a program to admit foreign entrepreneurs. It wasn’t true.      44. April 30, 2018:
      AP reported that the NRA had banned guns during Trump and Pence speeches at the NRA’s annual meeting. AP later corrected the information because the ban had been put in place by Secret Service.     45. May 3, 2018:
      NBC’s Tom Winter reported that the government had wiretapped Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. NBC later corrected the story after three senior U.S. officials said there was no wiretap.     46. May 7, 2018:
      CNBC’s Kevin Breuninger reported that Trump’s personal lawyer, Cohen, paid $1 million in fines related to unauthorized cars in his taxi business, had been barred from managing taxi medallions, had transferred $60 million offshore to avoid paying debts, and is awaiting trial on charges of failing to pay millions in taxes. A later correction stated that none of that was true.     47. May 16, 2018:
      The New York Times’ Julie Hirschfeld Davis, AP, CNN’s Oliver Darcy and others excerpted a Trump comment as if he had referred to immigrants or illegal immigrants generally as “animals.” Most outlets corrected their reports later to note that Trump had specifically referred to members of the murderous criminal gang MS-13.     48. May 28, 2018
      The New York Times’ Magazine editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein and CNN’s Hadas Gold shared a story with photos of immigrant children in cages as if they were new photos taken under the Trump administration. The article and photos were actually taken in 2014 under the Obama administration.     49. May 29, 2018
      The New York Times’ Julie Davis reported the estimated size of a Trump rally to be 1,000 people. There were actually 5,500 people or more in attendance.   50. June 1, 2018
      In a story about Trump tariffs, AP reported the dollar value of Virginia’s farm and forestry exports to Canada and Mexico was $800. It’s $800 million.     Politicians are often fact-challenged. But for us in the media— our whole business is in facts. And we’ve played too fast and loose with our own.    
    • By coorslite21
      First........what the White Helmets really are.........
      Then the defunding article....
      Trump freezes funding for 'White Helmet' volunteers as part of larger cut to Syrian aid
      PRI's The World
      May 04, 2018 · 3:00 PM EDT
      By Richard Hall  
      Residents and members of the Syrian Civil Defense, or "White Helmets," look for survivors at a damaged site after what activists said was a barrel bomb dropped by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in the Al-Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria, Jan. 26. 2016.
      Credit:  Abdalrhman Ismail/Reuters
        Search and rescue workers in Syria say civilian lives are at risk after being hit by a freeze in US funding for their organization.
      The US is currently reviewing its support for the Syrian Civil Defense, known as the White Helmets, and other Syrian assistance programs worth around $200 million.
      A State Department official told PRI that the review came at the request of President Donald Trump. They added that the US has provided more than $33 million in financial support to the group since 2013.
      The stalling of funds appears to be the latest effort by Trump to reduce US involvement in Syria, contradicting advice from senior defense officials who advocate long-term engagement.
      Raed Salah, the head of the White Helmets, told CBS that a long-term halt in funding would have a “serious impact on our ability to provide the same intensity and quality of services that we currently provide to civilians.”
      Another representative said the move would “negatively impact the humanitarian workers ability to save lives."
      The White Helmets, named after the distinctive protective headgear they wear while carrying out rescues, have more than 3,000 civilian volunteers across rebel-held areas of Syria.
      In areas government-run emergency services cannot reach, they are the first to respond to airstrikes carried out by the Syrian regime and the Russian air force.
      The group has also documented the aftermath of US airstrikes in Syria, on one occasion contradicting the Pentagon’s account of an airstrike which killed dozens of civilians.
      They film much of their work pulling people from the rubble of devastated buildings, documenting the aftermath of attacks as they try to save lives.
      The group was profiled in an Oscar-winning documentary. But it has also been the subject of an online smear campaign by Russian-backed media and pro-government activists, who accuse the group of being a propaganda construct of NATO and of working with extremists.
      The review of US funding for the White Helmets follows the freezing of some $200 million dollars in March, also at Trump’s request, for stabilization projects in Syria, including the removal of unexploded weapons and the restoring of water and power supply.
      The aim of these projects was to restore some normality in areas previously controlled by ISIS militants, in the hope of preventing the group’s return.
      But Trump has clashed with defense officials over the US role in Syria, and has spoken often of his desire to end its involvement there as quickly as possible.
      “We’re knocking the hell out of ISIS. We’ll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon,” the president said in March. “Let the other people take care of it now.”
      Secretary of State James Mattis has instead called for a longer-term presence for the roughly 2,000 troops in the country, in order to ensure the defeat of ISIS and contain Iranian influence.
      Twitter Ads info and privacy     The stalling of funds appears to be aimed at pushing other countries with an interest in the conflict, such as Saudi Arabia, to fill in the gaps as the US pulls back.
      “The president has been clear that partners and allies should assume a larger role in stabilizing Syria,” the State Department official said.
      But analysts say that might not be possible, and that US financial assistance to Syria serves a purpose.
      “Charitably, you could read it as an attempt to encourage more burden sharing by allies. But many of the United States’ friends are already contributing, and it doesn’t seem possible that they’ll be able to fill the gap left by the Americans,” says Sam Heller, a senior analyst on non-state armed conflict with the Crisis Group think tank.
      “This stabilization assistance has its own positive impact, but it’s also a complement and a prop for America’s other lines of policy effort in Syria, whether that’s deescalation in the country’s southwest or securing an enduring victory over ISIS in the northeast. All of that will be undercut if this assistance isn’t restored,” he says.
      Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the United Nations in the Obama administration, tweeted that the decision to stop funding the White Helmets was “beyond belief and must be fixed immediately.”
      “The White Helmets are volunteers who have heroically and selflessly saved tens of thousands of lives,” she added.
      Firas Abdullah, an activist and volunteer with the White Helmets, told PRI that the organization has not been officially informed of any halt to their funding, and that they receive support from a variety of different organizations.  
      But he said the organization’s work is vital for saving lives.
      “The situation can’t be imagined without the White Helmets. They are the ones who are rescuing and saving people under their houses after they’ve been destroyed above their heads,” he said by phone from the Aleppo countryside, in northern Syria.
      “It’s very important to support the White Helmets," he said. "They are working for humanity.”
      Meanwhile, as the Trump administration reduces funds for reconstruction efforts, it continues to bomb Syria. In the last week, the US-led coalition carried out 22 airstrikes against ISIS targets.
    • By huffy2005
      I don't know what more proof people need that they are in the fix, all news are controlled by the same group of individuals
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