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Iraq confirms his efforts to join the World Trade Organization


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Commerce Minister: Baghdad exhibition will be launched with the participation of 12 countries and 400 companies


 Since 30.10.2016 at 12:10 (Baghdad time)


Baghdad balances News

The Minister of Trade and agency Salman Jumaili, Sunday, for the completion of all preparations for the start of the Baghdad International Fair with the participation of 12 countries and 400 companies.

Jumaily said during the press conference held today, attended / balances News /, "it was the completion of all preparations for the 43rd session of the Baghdad International Fair," noting that "the exhibition will be the participation of 12 countries and 400 companies." The minister added, "This exhibition is an opportunity to achieve genuine partnerships and attract investors to carry out investment projects."

He pointed out, that "has been creating all residency requirements and hospitality to foreign countries participating in the exhibition" .anthy 29 / A 43

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Trade: Baghdad gallery important economic gateway "expanded"


 Since 10/30/2016 14:06 pm (Baghdad time)


Baghdad balances News

The Ministry of Commerce, Sunday, participation of major companies Baghdad International Exhibition and it will be an important economic gateway. Announcing the completion of the preparations of the exhibition.

The Minister of Commerce / Agency Salman Jumaili in a press conference held today, attended / balances News /, "it was the completion of all administrative and technical procedures in preparation for the opening of the 43rd session of the Baghdad International Fair, which is held under the slogan (FORUM economy and investment and the challenge of terrorism), and for the period from the first of next month until the tenth of it. "

He Jumaili, that "the Iraqi opposition as well as the company completed all administrative procedures relating to the reception and hospitality of the participating delegations as well, as well as creating the wings of exhibition services and supplies, and the rehabilitation of agriculture and green squares to receive Baghdadi families and participants in the exhibition."

He stressed that "participation this year positively, especially since the industrialized countries and the major task of participating in this session, as well as solid companies with a history industrial long will contribute to the exhibition will provide its services in the field of presentations hosted by the wings as well as the transfer of expertise in the field of competence."

The minister continued, "This exhibition will be an important economic gateway achieve its goals envisaged in the achievement of the company to implement investment projects as well as increase the expertise of the private sector, who will attend strongly in the exhibition, which will continue for ten days bus a lot of seminars, conferences and meetings."

For his part, he stressed the director general of the opposition Iraqi Hashim Mohammed Hatem, that his company "has a high coordination with the Baghdad Operations Command, to facilitate the entry of citizens and reduce Alqtoat in the streets leading to the exhibition has been mandated by the General Directorate of Traffic announcement of the streets and Alqtoat that happen in different times."

He added that "the exhibition program for a period of ten days full of a lot of economic and talk shows, as well as cultural and recreational programs involving government sectors and cultural gatherings and there's plays provide for the child and the other in the field of competition for bikes and cars."

Among Hatem, that "the Baghdad International Fair this year will be an important economic forum attracts important economic countries and companies will also be a meeting point for all economic visions that allows to achieve the highest degree of interest and to build the Iraqi economy," .anthy 29 / A 43

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.. Tomorrow kicks off the Baghdad International Fair





31/10/2016 0:00 

BAGHDAD / Hamad Abed Rabbo                     , 
launched on Tuesday the activities of session 43 to the Baghdad International Fair with the participation of 12 countries and 400 local companies 
and foreign countries . 
While still Iqbal international companies continuing to participate in the session, confirmed the Ministry of Commerce, said the exhibition will witness the events and economic seminars and theater performances and competitions Sports. The Minister of Trade and agency, Salman al - Jumaili during a meeting conference on Sunday, attended by "morning , " said Baghdad International Fair is an opportunity to achieve genuine partnerships and attract investors to carry out investment projects bring benefit to the country, pointing out that his ministry has completed all residency requirements and the hospitality of the participating countries, revealing the existence of coordinating high - level between the Ministry of trade and ministries and supporting bodies for the emergence of the show the best 
for his part, director of exhibitions and trade services company in the ministry, Hashim Mohammed Hatem, a special permit for "morning": that session 43 to the Baghdad international Fair, will be launched tomorrow , for the period from the first until the tenth of next month, under the slogan (session 43, Forum economy, investment and challenge
 of terrorism). 
He said completing his preparations all, Kthaih exhibition halls and things for the reception of delegations, articulating the arrival of the number of States that have confirmed their participation session 0.12 , namely: Egypt, Palestine Japan, Iran, Pakistan, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Ukraine, Tunisia 
, Indonesia and Greece. 
indicating that the number of domestic and foreign companies exceeded 400 companies from various disciplines, and there is still plenty of interest by some companies for the purpose of participating in Alldorh.ofatt Hatem that the session will be marked by events and economic and technical morning and evening and seminars , it will also include a theater for children, sport competitions , private cars and motorcycles, adding that the exhibition will open its doors for citizens of nine in the morning until nine pm, especially that the company has prepared appropriate to facilitate the entry mechanism 
He noted that the wings of various Baghdad international Fair, provide fun and entertainment and shopping for families visiting through a variety of exhibits where they returned the exhibition, a message reassuring for foreign companies in the country, as he is a suitable environment for the contracts between the public and private sectors to support commercial traffic in the 
in terms of the mechanism of entry of companies and delegates to the session, the director of exhibitions company business services, said his company has formed a special committee with the government agencies responsible for issuing entry attributes, in order to facilitate the issuance of (visa) rapidly Arab participants 
and foreigners.
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Ed-h d

Ed-h d

Twilight News / kicked off the session 43 to the Baghdad International Fair, which is held under the slogan (FORUM economy and investment and the challenge of terrorism), which continues until the tenth of this month. 
The show features 400 companies from 12 countries. 
The Minister of Trade and agency Salman Jumaili in an interview with reporters, said the exhibition It will be an important economic gateway check envisaged it targets to achieve the company to implement investment projects as well as increase the expertise of the private sector , who will attend strongly in the exhibition , which will continue for ten days bus a lot of seminars, conferences and meetings.

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History of edits:: 11.01.2016 14:42 • 17 visits readable
Abadi representative opens the session 43 to the Baghdad International Fair in the presence of an official
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} representative of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was opened by Minister of Trade and agency Salman Jumaili, Tuesday, 43 events session of the Baghdad International Fair.
According to a ministry statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy ofit today, " The opening of the exhibition was attended by the ministers of electricity Qassim Fahdawi and Industry and Minerals Agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese head of the board of investment Sami al - Araji , the head of the economy and investment parliamentary Ahmed Kanani and a number of deputies and members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Baghdad , as well as a large audience filled the main hall of the Baghdad international Fair. " 

Jumaily said in a speech such as the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said that" the opening ceremony of the forty - third session of the Baghdad international Fair coincided with the liberalization of Nineveh operations dear underlines our determination in the face of terrorism and thwarted once in Iraq, on the other side to continue construction, reconstruction and attract businesses and investors and to establish economic forums which we aim and communicate with the world ,including develop our dialogue and meets our needs in many aspects and gives our country is also the ability to cope with the financial circumstances through prudent economic policy based on a clear vision in accordance with the ambitious plans for the future . " . 

"the events 43rd session of the Baghdad international Fair this broad participation of states and local businesses but represent a motive morally important to synchronize with the major battles for liberation waged by the security forces of courage in all its formations and its different forms to eliminate once and terrorism and to start the second page of preparation for stability and reconstruction for the rehabilitation of these cities and help its people to overcome the problems of the previous stage ,which is what we seek today by calling on all countries and companies Arab and international contribution to the reconstruction of these cities and the establishment of economic projects in conjunction with the Iraqi private sector. " 

He said Jumaili that" the Ministry of Commerce is keen on drawing plans within the stage the transition from a totalitarian system to a market system and is also keen on providing a favorable ground for all countries and companies wishing to enter into economic and investment projects We have paid great attention to the establishment of cities Exhibition specialized in all regions of the country and gave the private sector a great moral support through it onto a lot of infrastructure rehabilitation projects infrastructure and interaction with international expertise ,".anthy
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Gold Almard..frsh





1/11/2016 2:49 

Hussein Tgb new annual gate opens the Baghdad International Fair today with the participation can be described Palmqubolh under the current circumstance that Iraq is going through the austerity and war , and the size of the expenses  and wide. But we live economically circumstance does not begrudge him we have to put in our calculations that the 400 companies that came as ownership of technology and economic capacities from 12 countries carry sincere intentions to work in Iraq , and can cooperate with it in the form that would benefit both sides  of the process. Iraq desperately needs great efforts provide a helping hand for the advancement of the economy and sustainable development can not promise companies located in this session nucleus to open a new window to the world and underused potential of the international effort to serve the economy  of Iraq. here , the role of the ministries and the private sector together to seize this golden opportunity that came advanced technology is important and part of the international effort advanced to Iraq and became available without the trouble of opening prospects for cooperation  with him. We are sure that the companies attending the exhibition Baghdad international under the current circumstance is working on a future bases for cooperation with Iraq , which has the biggest job in the world that can be described Balfredh, where the need for projects in all parts  of Iraq.  as well as belonging to Iraq 's wealth need to be many big investments do not strengthen the effort local, but need a lot of international companies to complete ongoing in Iraq business.  Valmard opportunity can be described as the gold we should we invest to serve the national economy has provided a lot of effort and expenditure on public and salvation came international companies to Baghdad and here can extend bridges of cooperation and partnership to serve the economy  National.  It can also benefit the restoration of our future plans after standing on the latest developments witnessed by the world in all sectors to put it in future calculations and make them the basics of achieving economic development  and sustainable. 
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Telecommunications companies involved Baghdad International Fair announces new services


 Since 02.11.2016 at 10:33 (Baghdad time)


Special - balances News

On the sidelines of the Baghdad International Fair at its forty-third session and shared by 12 countries and 400 Arab and foreign companies are among the participants in the exhibition telecommunications and Internet companies.

According to public relations official in the engineered please Ali's sponsor company / balances News / "The sponsor company mobile phone is working to provide the connection-specific free citizens slide and includes an amount of from 10 to 25 000 dinars, and there is a significant reduction in equipment for the men folk crowd and the Iraqi army and security forces ".

"The company is working for the future that serves the citizen in the field of communication to build solid companies in the field of communications and cope with modernity in all countries of the world."

Ali Hussein of life Telecom and the Internet, said L / balance News /, that "his company is working partnership system with the Ministry of Communications for providing Internet services," adding that "not all companies have a partnership with communications and operating under the legal frameworks."

Hussein asserts that "the company now has to work according to the system (NTBS) optical cable will be the best Internet service and complaints will be reduced by modernizing the new systems work in telecommunications and Internet service."

Hasan al-Tamimi told / balances News / "The companies participating in the Baghdad International Fair in the field of Internet connections and many impressed me," and urged that "those companies are working hard with the Ministry of Communications to provide better services to the citizen."

Citizenship pleasure Mohammed said L / balance News / "What we saw today from companies in the field of telecommunications and the Internet is not a little, surprising from poor to provide Internet service," asserting that "the work needs just not thinking profit as far as to provide a clear service to the citizen, especially live today the world of technology and rapid communication. "

The Ministry of Communications is involved with a number of companies contracting with companies contracts for partnership in the field of Internet connections in the forty-third session of the Baghdad International Fair, which was inaugurated on Tuesday, Minister of Trade and agency Salman Aljamila.anthy 29

From: Flaih slain

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الجميلي خلال حفل أفتتاح معرض بغداد الدولي
Jumaili during the opening ceremony of the Baghdad International Fair

Roudao - Erbil 

The Minister of Trade of Iraq , "Salman Jumaili," on Tuesday, his country is seeking to join the World Trade Organization, to promote the country 's exports and diversify and provide incentives and facilities to them. 

He Jumaili in a speech today at the opening of the Baghdad International Fair concert, in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, that his country is determined to get the membership of the World Trade Organization, calling to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated areas of the organization "Daesh" international companies, to stimulate the economy. 

Iraq obtained observer status in the World Trade Organization in 2004, but he was unable to obtain full membership, which qualifies him to take advantage of, especially in cross-border trade to join features. 

A member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Jawad al-Bolani, in a press statement, "The Iraqi government headed years ago to develop the industrial sector through the granting of loans for various projects, and after the application of the tariff (next year), the concerned authorities will continue its efforts for Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization as a full member ". 

He continued: "enter the organization requires activation of the industrial base, because the nation to join local products suffer from the competition in the market, because the markets are open to the flow of goods from OECD countries." 

According to data published on the Ministry of Commerce website, the ministry is leading a project to carry out a package of actions concerning the creation of an environment suitable for investment conditions, the rationalization of government policy support, in addition to a number of reforms to the laws and procedures of the taxes and fees. 

The minister opened the day Baghdad International Fair, among its 43 in the presence of a number of officials and ministers, with the participation of 12 countries, 400 companies representing industry sectors, agricultural, commercial and communications technology, representing various nationalities, according to a statement of the Ministry of Commerce. 

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Previous sessions of the show has achieved economic feasibility for Iraq





5/11/2016 0:00 

It contributed to the opening of branches and offices of foreign companies 
BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb / Mustafa Hashimi 
Fold the Baghdad International Fair , his fourth amid positive interaction between those interested in economic affairs and participating companies, and a crowd turnout increasing day after day privy to the latest brought by the global companies of its innovations, as such display handmade products and the Egyptian local companies a magnet for most segments of society. 
Zaher Kamal participants from the Arab Republic of Egypt , said he came to Baghdad gallery holds Bdjapth manufactured products manually met impress visitors to the exhibition at all levels, stressing that the interaction that touched by the public on Egyptian products helps broaden participation in the next exhibitions in Baghdad and the provinces. 

bridges of communication 
between the exhibition re - bridges of communication between the two peoples exchange visitors and participants to talk about the reality of life and the ties that bind the two parties , and the hearts of the Egyptian people with Iraq in its war against «Daesh» terrorist. Pointing out that Iraq represents a kiss for most of the Egyptian companies where he owns a promising market. 

Increase investment 
and participation of ministries that have the Pavilion Senior has in the exhibition and the oil ministry as it participated this year , 22 companies and institutions oil in order to define the foreign companies involved acts of the ministry and the activities carried out as well as it clearly contributes to the increase in oil volume of investments in this economic and vital sector. 
It is Shell oil company representative said that his participation comes to stand when the needs of the local oil companies and knowledge of the patterns of cooperation, as well as to create mechanisms for joint action to raise the efficiency of their employees, noting that the exhibition shortened a lot of effort and time to get to all the companies and a working knowledge of the requirements to achieve economic viability of Iraq , global investment and companies operating in Iraq. 

frequent visits , 
participants from the Ministry of Agriculture confirmed the team «morning» the ministry has sought to be participating this year distinct from the other in the exhibition wings, showing how new that which was marked by the ministry pavilion this year highlighted a number of events with the agricultural economic returns through agricultural research and livestock differently participated offer modern mechanics of Education for the various types of animals circle, as well as localization of technology and highlight the role of guidance transfer, noting that a large number of specialists agricultural affairs of the citizens repeated his visit to the wing in order to take advantage and build bridges of cooperation with various departments in the ministry. 
it was the third day has seen the effectiveness of raising the Tunisian flag in celebration of the National day of Tunisia in the presence of the Tunisian Ambassador to Iraq Samir Abdullah Nagaaa and general manager of exhibitions and trade services company Hashim Mohammed Hatem . 
On the subject of economic cooperation between Iraq and Tunisia , said «morning» chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tunisian Mounir backside saying that the room his trade seeks to increase cooperation and raise the volume of trade exchange between the two countries to a real level which reflects the size and originality of the relationship between Iraq and Tunisia. 
he stated that the size of Tunisian trade with Iraq is weak or negligible, adding that through his country 's participation in the 43rd session of the Baghdad international Fair aspire to the Iraqi public about the Tunisian national Balentajat in various fields. 

economic conference 
revealed the backside of the embrace of his country 's economic conference in thetwenty - ninth of this month and confirmation of attendance Iraqi delegation of Chambers of Commerce and the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Federation and lasts for two days. 
He said the goals of the conference comes to exchange experiences and look at investment opportunities in both countries , thus contributing to the revitalization and activating economic and trade relations between Iraq and Tunisia. 

service sectors 
and service sectors of the economy involved a telecommunications and internet companies pavilion distinctive saw a crowd pointing from the public for the services they provide. 
the representative of the company rolled Raad »Sabah»: Our partnership contracts signed with the Ministry of communications and get the first license in the provision of internet services via optical cable in all provinces and cities of Iraq and linking Iraq states neighborliness. 

Horizons exhibition 
according to observers, the Baghdad international Fair in previous sessions have attracted more foreign companies to invest, and represent it to open offices and branches of companies inside Iraq after it was branches and regional offices scattered in neighboring countries and difficult to negotiate or agree with it because of the distances involved . 
the observers say the advantage of holding exhibitions may be on the distant horizon, but certainly yielded positive results , whether direct contractual with government agencies and the private sector as companies or small commercial contracts signed by operation or mission vital projects administration.
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New global posts in the Baghdad International Fair

38 Show Last update: Sunday, November 6, 2016 - 9:36
New global posts in the Baghdad International Fair

The new posts for the first time in the Baghdad International Fair of important companies in the world sends a message that Iraq is the focus of international attention, despite the withdrawal of darkness that covered the sky for a period of time, qualitative international not quantitative Co confirms that the attention of global companies are moving towards Iraq and put effort with the future plans to activate cooperation or creating meaningful partnerships economically. Ivols representative of the French company said that the Baghdad International Fair is a suitable atmosphere to meet most of the Iraqi institutions, especially as the company specializes issuing high-resolution cards safe and impenetrable kinds "encrypted and traditional banking." Achieving ambitious and pointed out that the company is preparing for the first time in this exhibition, and to this day we have achieved more than we aspire to him, where we held a number of short positions devices that not getting in other shows, and the interaction of local institutions with what we show leads us to expand our circle in Iraq, as well as expand the scope of work, after we make sure that the Iraqi market is promising and we can cooperate with our partners in Iraq, including a win-win for both parties. The work of the "morning" team stop at the new post in the Baghdad International Fair detectable Thaer Abdul Jalil representative of the Korean company Zec said the first steps was to participate this session, as We brought a qualitatively new product for which markets in Iraq and a developer periodically according to what the world is witnessing.

Iraqi market and said the goal of the Iraqi market for us and a large volume of work encourages the presence in it, and the interaction with the private sector was good levels exceeded the ambitious new company so the kind of posts. He pointed out that most of the visitors to interact and want to know Manard, along with new specifications and the fundamentals of the company and its geographical location, stressing that this is very important for us so we were able to reach a large segment of citizens, and thus we have achieved our goal promo what specialize by company product and, of course, this saves a lot of time and effort in the case of targeting this issue of the public through other means more expensive. Point the work of the "morning" team rise in the number of visitors to the show on a daily basis, where the wings are packed with some of the attendees of different cultures, especially the suites that include direct selling, where many citizens prefer to buy what is being offered, especially craftworks Statistics.

Renewal of participating Egyptian delegations reiterated their desire to be present again in the exhibition, said Ahmed Suleiman Kamal: The interaction efforts with the Egyptian delegations leads us to broaden participation in future sessions, where we have seen the desire of the Iraqi public's appetite for Egyptian heritage and different shapes that represent heritage that represents the Egyptian civilization . Ammar Saleh Abdul Rahman visits to the exhibition Baghdad, he said that the exhibition represents a valuable opportunity to see what the world has witnessed the development in all sectors, also gives us the opportunity to meet with all the delegations and see new cultures directly, pointing out that the exhibition is an important step and would prefer to be in an open space easily accessible to him without suffering. Among the state-owned companies, which recorded a significant presence is the national insurance company that came their participation in an effort to increase insurance awareness among the public and for the definition, providing represented the kinds of insurance policies issued by the company, which services. According to the tariff publications of the company, which reviewed it worked "morning," the team said the National Insurance Company offers insurance policy against the dangers of fire and secure the cash, which includes cash protection during transport and save it in a vulnerable cabinets. The insurance policy against theft and auto insurance are also provided, along with the life insurance policy, as well as a close personal accident, insurance, engineering, marine and documents of aviation insurance, as well as document agricultural insurance vehicle and an insurance policy to protect the family and her home. And within the activities of Baghdad gallery guardian has entertainment programs and racing cars and motorcycles set up as well as the establishment of lectures and seminars in the main exhibition hall VIP. Platform Platform today, according to the exhibition on Sunday will raise the Indonesian flag on the wing of the state in the Baghdad ceremony of the exhibition, with a dancer events, followed by the Dutch National Day celebration which will be held at 11 am to be heading later to celebrate the national Dutch way. It is also scheduled to be the celebration of the National Day of the State of India Indian flag raising ceremony on the wing of Indian companies at the show. Among the exhibition also will assess the company towards the horizon lecture entitled "The role of youth in the e-commerce investment and build a real job at the lowest possible cost.

Customer perception and some of the visiting Baghdad International Fair this year, the public impressions, said the citizen Ahmed Shehab Abdullah: The exhibition this year marked by the presence impressively for foreign companies, Arab and local, indicating the team work "morning" that this presence reflects the depth of the relationship involved in Iraq states and their desire Bmsandth of during the global support in defiance of terrorism and the difficult circumstances witnessed by the country and stand by his side in the war against "Daesh" terrorist. Turn citizenship blossoms Qassem said that the artistic and cultural activities held in the Baghdad International Fair during the previous days of the acclaimed and admired many of the visiting public, adding that Nissan Motor Company in Japan wing carried a live display of its cars (Otto Shaw) as we used to watch on TV earlier during the parking exhibitors and models of young people in front of cars on display.

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Baghdad International Fair .. desires to renew participation





7/11/2016 0:00 

BAGHDAD / Action «morning» team 
rolled up the Baghdad International Fair a half pages amid a clear interaction between the public and the participants from local and international companies and institutions, which marks the follower of the path of the exhibition recently sustained between the two parties is quizzed the audience offset Answer extensively and tirelessly by the participating delegations that came to be close to the Iraqi market and knowledge of the trends and tendencies of the visiting public to the exhibition. 
team (morning) and through follow - up everyday and talk to most of the foreign and regional delegations participating Asher and the presence of large desires to renew participation in future sessions to achieve the exhibition of the economic feasibility of many of the participants, and the attendance huge public who witnessed events session of the Baghdad international Fair day is an important turning point , especially since the cohesion of the popular slogan session for this year is linked to reconstruction, investment and the challenge of terrorism.  the 
  exhibition witnessed yesterday the establishment of the German National day which was attended by the Minister of Commerce Salman Jumaili with the German ambassador in Iraq has been through the appropriate flag - raising Germany on its place in the Baghdad international Fair pavilion. In this context , he said the representative of the German company Medical Solutions GSM Dr. Lutz Ratjh been working in Iraq since 2008 we have contracts with the Ministry of Health to set up a number of hospitals of 400 beds capacity in each of the provinces of Najaf, Muthanna , along with the provinces of Salahuddin and Nineveh. 
We aspire to edit areas Eddie (Daesh) to complete our projects. As to our participation in this exhibition for the delivery of our image that Germany and its embassy wishes completion of these projects to be the first of its kind in Iraq and the Middle East. And for providing the German medicines for hospitals established by the company Ratjh said: We are informed and aware that medicines and treatments German needed and desirable in Iraq, but all of this is under study for an agreement with the Iraqi side and the Ministry of Health to the fact that the delivery of medicines requires screening procedures which take a long time. 

Targets Post 
Sirwan Muhyiddin Mahmoud representative of Esso said that the company is participating for the second time in the Baghdad international Fair, and motivated to renew participation stemmed from the positive results we have achieved during the last session , where we have achieved a great promotional goals for our goods and after the last show sales rose and expanded our reach base and we have agreed with the new agents through the exhibition. 
He said the company achieved its ambition to participate in this session , even though we in half by the march of this session, confirming the renewal of participating in the forthcoming session of the check drawn to participate in this major international forum plans, noting that the Iraqi market is large and can accommodate a lot of quality products that prove their existence. 

press conference 
and within the activities of the exhibition organized by Anwar Babel Trading Co. and auto services press conference on the occasion of the opening of the company 's stand within the Japanese pavilion and attended the "morning" 
and the company 's general manager Jamal Fahim participation stems from the company 's eagerness to be in the Baghdad international Fair as an important and economically feasible economic effectiveness great, pointing out that they are among the companies that are racing to prove their presence in the Iraqi market , which is one of the most important markets in the world, confirming the public 's interaction with the new that was shown, revealing at the same time for the presence of new models of integrated April 's family. 

attract companies 
promised Fahim in his speech for the "morning" of the current session a success evidenced by the number of participating companies that up to 450 companies from various world countries showing the country 's progress in attracting international companies, noting that the session coincided with the joy of victory over the forces of evil and darkness gangs (Daesh) terrorist reflecting over the determination of the Iraqi people to build the country on the one hand and the advancement of economic reality on the other hand through the open space in front of such a large amount of investment companies and firms and other sectors of the private sector to keep abreast of international developments and innovations and try to utilize them the security of the exhibition had a significant role in cooperation to maintain the stability of the atmosphere inside the exhibition and outside where they work to achieve the smooth high at the entry and exit of visitors, as well as traffic in the streets adjacent to the gallery, the line of duty to the fullest from early morning until the end of the show in the evening. 

economic talk 
competent in economic affairs Hassan Ali al - Saadoun said , we have seen Iraqi economic to Seen Besides global counterpart in this exhibition and chatting parties on achieving investment partnerships serve all production and service sectors, indicating that the roaming between global companies in their countries costs a lot of effort and money. 
He noted that Almars achieved positive results, represented in the talks in specialized areas organized between Iraqi side the public and private sectors and major international companies, and that sustainable development can not be achieved away from the global effort advanced, pointing out that all international companies participating in the exhibition has a real desire to work inside Iraq. 

cement industry , 
cement industry , capital and head of the cement manufacturers Association Nasser civil Baghdad international Fair current Pencchth represents a new economic window to the world and give him the strength and flexibility of an extra in dealing with international economic data, pointing out that "the cement manufacturers offer achievements of the industry projects this important article , which represents a real breakthrough for the Iraqi economy point. 
 and the importance of the exhibition in the interaction with the economic developments in the world , especially the world of international participation , such as Japan, Germany and France, pointing to the large turnout of visitors to the exhibition on the wing and see the operational capabilities. 

State of India marked its participation this year introduced the subsidiaries of products sold Indian outfit " in force" in directly to the public as well as handicrafts and textiles as well as leather bags clothing. He said Mohammad Shoaib told the "morning" that our participation this year was marked by the presence of a remarkable turnout and a large shopping on the wing of direct sales to the State of India. He added that our participation in the Baghdad International Fair , the 43rd edition this year was marked by the achievement of the proportion of sales, but relatively less than last year, probably because of the circumstances faced by the country and provide liquidity to the citizens.He pointed out that participation also include a presentation of the tools and household Housewares and foods and food products, stressing his desire to renew participation. 
Pakistani wing is also allocated part of the exhibits for direct sale to the citizens represent metalwork copper and ivory different sizes and types and antiques. 

Installment Sales 
and France was a distinct participation through the presentation Renault cars of different types and production in 2016, the company confirmed the continuation of sold cars in installments to citizens through dealing with the Rafidain and Rasheed Bank and the Islamic Mesopotamia. 
He said the company 's representative at the show it in accordance with the Iraqi skies made were assembled in some countries , factories 
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Here is some really good news from the article, "He noted that Almars achieved positive results, represented in the talks in specialized areas organized between Iraqi side the public and private sectors and major international companies, and that sustainable development can not be achieved away from the global effort advanced, pointing out that all international companies participating in the exhibition has a real desire to work inside Iraq."

Hmmm.......;....... Nothing going to happen in Iraq business wise?  Likely not the case here.  Potentially, the Iraqi Baghdad International Fair was an imminent prelude to opening the doors for international business in Iraq to unleash the flood gates of international investment!  I suspect the ascension to the World Trade Organization (WTO) is equally as earnest from Iraq and is very quickly gaining international support!

As challenged as the Northern area of Iraq is, the other areas could be secure enough for foreign investment so enough foreign investment could be applied in those areas to speed up the economic wheel in Iraq once ISIS is effectively dealt with.


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Iqbal, a large family on the wings of the Baghdad International Fair





8/11/2016 0:00 

In the evening , estimated their numbers in the thousands 
BAGHDAD / Mustafa Hashimi / Shokran Fatlawi 
still the Baghdad International Fair witnessed a significant increase in the number of visitors to the wings of the participating countries, especially in the times of the evening as filled halls and wings of the exhibition visitors and shoppers , who number in the tens of thousands of people since the fourth time and until nine in the evening. 
Accepts families on shopping from the wings of the direct selling specialized foodstuffs different origins as well as perfumes and clothing, as evidenced by some of the exhibition hold contests awarded the winners of prizes and gifts participants. 
and the reasons increase the number of visitors to the exhibition evening time says Hadeel Abdul Salam: that 's why the most prominent is the full - time staff after hours official working hours as well as the majority of families meet at this time of day. 
she said Abdel - Salam said in an interview for "morning" that go to the exhibition is a kind of entertainment for the few dedicated to the families in the city of Baghdad ,recreational places, especially if the show is held annually for a period of 10 days, noting to it 's an opportunity to benefit from the presence of companies from several countries of the world to come together on the land of the Baghdad international Fair. 
she Abdul Salam felt grateful for the participating countries because it 's so recorded supportive stance of Iraq defied the difficult circumstances that the country is going through what contributes to raise the morale of the Iraqi people. In 
turn Ahmed Abdul - Jabbar said that the communication between all the participants in the exhibition saw a peak in the early days of it where you find all the participants in constant motion to see what offers companies and institutions involved where I stood ,"morning" at the Ministry of oil Pavilion , which included ministry companies that offered mechanisms of action and adopted sophisticated technology in different work sectors, as well as the exhibition was given an opportunity to communicate with international companies without trouble, as well as available for last - based technologies , "according to those in charge of the wing." 

distinct wings 
and characterize Iranian wing , which is the largest pavilions in terms of the diversity of productions that were distributed among the furnishings famous Iranian carpets alongside products plastic and refrigerants, clothing, accessories and jewelry silver companies, as well as gemstones and electrical home appliances Kalmbirdat stove. 
for its part the General Company for Trading of construction materials in the Ministry of Commerce announced the continued influx of representatives of Arab and international companies to the company 's pavilion at the Baghdad international Fair for the materials with which the company and show that companies desire to contract with the company 's construction for the supply of various construction materials. 
the director of the company 's stand in Baghdad gallery Nizar Abdullah: that of those companies are Bertikan Iran for the production of artificial stone known stone Isfahani company. 
he that there are four ways to deal with the other side , a tender and the method of direct purchase and handle disposal fee and the granting of exclusive agency on the condition that the material be agreed under the global laboratory tests. 
He invited the delegation of Iranian Bertikan company to hold another hearing in the company 's construction headquarters and meeting with the Director General to access the advanced stages of negotiation. 
for his part, Qasim Aziz agent in Iraq , the desire of his company in dealing with the company 's construction because of its good reputation in the local market as well as the holdings of Mkhoznah large areas in all governorates of Iraq. 

competitive prices 
and perhaps what distinguishes the session 43 to the Baghdad international Fair remarkable attendance and mass turnout wide on the wings of the direct selling for being characterized by competitive prices and materials original origin as well as it 's good. 
for the economists said Laidlaw part in that event and its impact positive and direct with dimensional great benefits to the economy of Iraq, especially in these circumstances through out of the country. 
In this regard the economic academic said Dr. Essam Mahouelle that the Baghdad international Fair is a great opportunity that should be invested for infrastructure reconstruction, especially that countries possess huge potential had attended to Iraq in search of an opportunity to carry out their activities through a contract with the implementation of vital projects needed by Iraq. 
among Mahouelle in an interview for the "morning" that although influenced by Iraq 'sdecline in oil prices and its impact on the investment budget, but it is possible to negotiate with those companies to pay on credit in exchange for a number of projects across the provinces. 
he said through my knowledge and watching the exhibition annually the wings of the Baghdad international Fair suffer from a lack of visiting officials in the ministries for the last what we have reached world - class technology, noting that visits of officials of the wings of the companies gives them the motivation to keep the audience and encourages them to provide better Maldiha to benefit from it in the reconstruction of Iraq. 
"morning" and stood at the French pavilion , which came companies have a close relationship with the Iraqi market and specializing in different fields, this was confirmed by the wing director said that the presence of French companies in Baghdad gallery Bdorth 43 represents an opportunity to stand up the Iraqi industrial sector as well as the global counterpart directly examined the working methods and the possibility of the transfer of advanced technology to the various sectors economic to Iraq and this ambitious French companies participating in the exhibition. 

international understandings 
and continued: so we can say that the exhibition can achieve positive results, and we hope to reach understandings cooperation is the beginning of some discreet economy because the Iraqi economy is complemented by global effort advanced, indicating that all German companies to participate in the exhibition has a great desire to co - exist within Iraq. 
economic member of Baghdad forum Jaafar Yassin stressed the need to attend specialist agricultural affairs, professional associations, farm associations, as well as the agricultural engineers association to the Baghdad international Fair, to stand at the most important developments in the global field of agriculture. 
He came international companies specializing in the wings of its or individually have a great desire to market their products, and of course will contribute to the achievement of benefit to Iraq, adding that the country needs to develop the agricultural vegetation , both the field and the animal and that the period of absence from the world, which lasted for almost three decades , has alienated the agricultural situation for communication with the developed world. 
he pointed out that the local private sector interested in the transfer of modern technology by the presence at the exhibition and attend recruit international companies to document the bridges of cooperation with these companies or open branches in the country to be close to all the lords of the agricultural process.
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Mass turnout is a magnet for global companies





9/11/2016 0:00 

BAGHDAD / Action «morning» team 
continues to interact within the corridors of the Baghdad International Fair participants and visitors and this is what distinguishes the current session and calculates the organizers in the affirmative, and the mass turnout represents a new point of attracting international companies , which tracks the current 
session. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Walid al- Habib al -Moussawi said : the participation of countries and companies at the show proof that Iraq is still an attractive point for Astosmar.nqth attract 
and draw during his visit to Baghdad international Fair , and wandering in the halls of the exhibition that the participation of 12 countries and more than 400 international and local and regional companies in the 43rd session of the exhibition is the evidence that Iraq is still an attractive point to invest the various and diverse companies. 
he added that the presence of visitors and the popularity of visiting the exhibition is but a proof of the success of this session the efforts of management and affiliates in attracting this number to participate, which is a success compared to the circumstances taking place in Iraq in the war to liberate their land from the control experiment organize "Daesh" terrorist. 

developments in the global 
technical agent for the Ministry of Agriculture , Dr. Mehdi ligature Qaisi said in an interview for the "morning" that the exhibition provided an opportunity for the agricultural sector represented chip peasants, farmers, investors and companies for the latest global developments in the field of equipment and Altguenat to provide a chance to review, and then the completion of import operations to find out the latest global developments to keep pace. 
Qaisi promised the Baghdad international Fair important economic the demonstration for the sectors all and the agricultural sector, in particular , to mingle with the world and identify the most important global developments, as the ministry had seen what exists from international exhibits to create a vision of how to take advantage of those technologies. 

projects and Events 
For his part , the Department of relations and media and international cooperation at the ministry, said the wing saw the attractive range of pre visitors and for the eighth day in a row, as it contains the wing of exhibits covering various aspects of agriculture , both plant and animal. 
He noted that the exhibits reflected the evolution of arousing the Ministry of Agriculture to improve agricultural reality, also included a wing within the exhibits projects and wide events adopted by the ministry to reach the highest percentage of self - sufficiency in agricultural crops. 
It is said that the ministry wing Pat Mmeltqa and a link between the ministry and other sectors related to the exchange and the acquisition of agricultural expertise and expand investment with States advanced agriculturally and to serve the agricultural sector and improve the productivity of both quantity and quality in order to achieve food security for the country. 
 it is noteworthy that Baghdad gallery forty - third edition, which was launched in the first of this month and lasts for ten days is a significant economic event in which many countries and companies specialized in various fields participated. 

time appropriate 
competent in economic affairs Ahmed costly pointed out that Iraq periodically needs such a fora to view the new witnessed economic sectors, stressing that he touched through his presence between the corridors of the exhibition almost continuous feet of many companies to discuss with other companies things work and joint cooperation and briefed on the new witnessed in the various productive sectors. 
he said that this exhibition came at the right time with the increasing need to promote the construction and reconstruction, which is witnessing a high demand for construction materials. Where the need for the reconstruction of liberated cities and the implementation of some investment projects, noting that the various government departments had before it a great opportunity to invest in this exhibition , which was nothing new in these fields. 
He noted that the turnout great masses leads to the expansion of global participation in the next session, particularly since the international companies pursuing for after the success of this session organized in exceptional circumstances. 
and continue a number of ministries and government departments in diverse participations in 43 Baghdad international Fair session through the presentation of theindustrial, agricultural and engineering Ntegadtha to define its potential for foreign companies and the public alike. 

industrial products 
wing of the Ministry of Industry in the exhibition this year marked width coefficient and companies diverse ministry products as well as direct sales on their products food Kalsnaat and dairy products , woolen and textile carpets and other fire. 
Bara Abdul Razak , a visitors pavilion of the Ministry of Industry and minerals in the exhibition move his impression of the Ministry of Industry products , saying in an interview for the "morning" did not I expect that Iraq has the potential of industrial production of materials and equipment and stuff displayed in the ministry 's suite. 
I said I was surprised what I've seen of Iraqi products but I am surprised they do not exist and spread in the markets Kalpdhaa imported. 

housing projects , the 
national investment has always been successful in Baghdad Fair is a center for the sale of apartment complex Basmajh, RPR wing body display leaflets and posters identifying models mini projects contributed implemented in a number of provinces with several companies. 
among those in charge of the wing for the team , "morning" the presence of large numbers of young people in the wing of a question about the various residential projects and project Basmajh and prices of apartments and of them actually expressed a desire to great to get an apartment in the complex, as well as visitors to the exhibition of looking for new projects for housing inside Baghdad. 
CMC has participate in the Baghdad international Fair this year consisted wing reviewed the activities of the Commission 's publications and brochures to educate the public about their role and importance in the country. 
foreign firms in the cycle of the Baghdad international Fair , the 43 took advantage of its good reputation among Iraq and concluded a number of contracts with one of the ministries for processing huge giant printers include these contracts processing, installation and maintenance of these printers according to the "morning" a person of employees of the wing on which shares of the conclusion of these contracts. 

presence widely 
and contributed to social networking sites to increase the number of visitors through the promotion of the assets to deploy images urged friends to buy from direct sales wings, especially the Egyptian pavilion which is still recorded significant presence trend growing popular public to buy various craft products, handicrafts and heritage and souvenirs copper. 
says Susan Najjar "morning": they never had me visit the Baghdad international Fair in previous years but this year I decided to visit the exhibition and see what existing products and exhibits of the world participating in the exhibition this 
It adds: attract my attention this year to increase the wings of the direct sales of various goods Kattor the clothing of different origins, as well as the oud, incense, henna, along with food.   
session of Baghdad international Fair is now experiencing 11 official post, along with the participation of a number of ministries and government departments and a large number of private sector companies. 
one ever online vendors say the dedicated wing for direct sale to Our sales of fragrances increased 50 percent from the previous year 's sales illustrates what the public need to have the presence of original goods from Mnaciha reasonable and acceptable prices, said growing public demand in the evening than in the morning to buy Maraudhatna. 
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Today .. Conclusion of the Baghdad International Fair





11/10/2016 0:00 

The participants expressed their great satisfaction to the size of the mass interaction 
BAGHDAD / Action «morning» Team 
folded the Baghdad International Fair on the last his beaming that exceeded its 43 achieving his goals in the presence of broad public despite inter challenges in the difficult circumstances experienced by Iraq ,
 which is the richest country in the world; the participants of different countries have expressed great satisfaction on the size of the mass interaction and they have achieved their goal to deliver their products to a large segment of them.  
It is scheduled to conclude events on Thursday evening, in the presence of a number of foreign ambassadors and Iraqi officials and representatives of the parties participating in the gallery of Baghdad, as well as the owners of the private sector and representatives of bodies of local companies sectoral participation. 
witnessing events conclusion to grant awards to the participating countries, and best featured pavilion participant and the largest pavilion saw a crowd and turnout turnout and widespread , along with honoring the wings outstanding officials and provide shields and certificates of appreciation to media organizations that contributed to succeed inefficiency through its coverage of this major economic event in Iraq . 
economic member of Baghdad forum Jassim Al Aradi said the exhibition represents a great market to shop for government departments and the private sector alike, where you can choose what a win - win for Iraq in the production and service sectors of the products global and regional specialized companies implement quality projects within the prescribed specifications. 

universal message 
said he is a message for local and international companies benefit asserts that Iraq is ready to interact with the international effort and the regional advanced in the field of implementation of production and service projects, and the encouraging work environment in all sectors of the capacity of the available investment opportunities. 

he added that the presence of companies helped by the local institutions and the sector the past nine days Special on the conclusion of bilateral understandings previews with her, pointing out that this is an achievement because it provides them a lot of effort and time as well as expenses in the event of going to their headquarters in the various countries of the world, noting that all companies that participate in trade fairs infinitely targets carefully considering participation that often what is the search for new business opportunities expand its circle according to feasibility studies. a 

variety of events 
and witnessed the last days of the exhibition since it opened a cultural, recreational and social activities variety as well as the establishment of competitions by the number of contributing to the exhibition companies, along with the distribution of prizes among the contestants. 
competent affairs economic Nazim Ugaili pointed out that all the companies that attend to Iraq , we are in contact with most of them have a great desire to work within the country through the investment of available job opportunities or entering into partnerships with a local partner, noting that the expansion of organizing exhibitions of general business and specialized circle represents an opportunity precious in front of local institutions to choose the best companies that can be handled without a broker is draining more money as it was happening during the past periods. 

economic partnerships 
and the number of participating countries officially 11 countries and more than 400 hand and the company has booked more than 12,000 square meters, which facilitates the establishment of economic partnerships with Iraq and achieves interaction contributes to the development of the national economy , which began and confident steps to confirm its leading role in the construction of a new economic basis. 
He called specialists in economic affairs to show more interest in effectively targeted and subsequent Baghdad international Fair being considered the largest and most effective Mardah taking place in the country and assiduously on establish in every year and various Made of nationalities and disciplines, stressing she gateway for investment and holding economic partnerships with Iraq. 

visitor numbers 
to that expressed a number of citizens ' satisfaction with the security measures that have been taken this year , which contributed Brphi show extra numbers of visitors. 
she says citizenship virgin Ahmed: the Baghdad international Fair characterize this year to open the roads leading to him what stocks to provide smooth entry with high security measures regulation by the curators. 
It adds that the exhibition contributed to achieving convergence in economic visions and shares in facilitating Quote global experience and economic expertise ways through the interest of the participants to exchange Visit the wings of some of them. 
Mohammed Abbas said that the cycle of Baghdad gallery 43 contributed to the interaction of the Iraqi private sector with the expatriate companies during the occasion, adding that there Mardah events organized by companies, particularly specialized automobile industry to launch their latest products in this 
It is a distinct companies present at the exhibition were Toyota , as exhibited their latest products in the automotive world, and for this review said Hammam Qusay advertising director and Promotion: launched Toyota Iraq officially in its work as a distributor exclusively for the company 's products in the general market in March 2016. 
he said in an interview for the "morning" I saw the show currently getaway car Toyota Land Cruiser in 2017, on the sidelines of the exhibition and held a ceremony on the occasion.   
indicating that the company imports vehicles directly from the factory and distributed among the agents accredited and that is through them to get Almsenai free vehicle warranty and provide after - sales and the provision of original spare parts services in accordance with the standards of quality for the 
He pointed Qusay that Toyota Iraq are planning large for its products through the collection of customer data and test fuels, roads sample to make sure that vehicles and spare Agheiaralosalih that are imported by Toyota Iraq , the company is the most appropriate to use and the quality of fuel used locally and comply with the regulations and standards of the Iraqi government. 
He concluded by saying: We are delighted at Toyota Iraq to join us this year at the Baghdad international Fair current session, representatives of the giant global market (Toyota) through an integrated view of the formation of cars to meet all 


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Treasures Media / Baghdad 


Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday that more than half of citizens visited the wings of the International Fair during the first six days of the start of the 43rd session of the Baghdad International Fair. 
According to a ministry statement, "Treasures of the Media" I got a copy of it today, "Baghdad International Fair this year saw a crowd turnout broad and recorded statistics carried out by the technical services in the Iraqi opposition company more than half a million people have visited the wings of countries and companies to contribute to the gallery of Baghdad."

The statement stressed that "this number of visitors is an important milestone in the ministry's ability to attract citizens to visit the Baghdad International Fair and see the offers from companies and countries." 

While noting that "the visitor numbers to events session 43 continues to increase, especially since this year's show saw the artistic, cultural and racing bikes, cars and theater events for children, which helped to be a carnival and an oasis for a break Baghdadi families who have found in it a place of comfort and safety."

He pointed out that "the projected figures especially increasing daily in the times of the evening, which is experiencing a remarkable increase in the number of visitors, which was spotted by the difficult traffic and congestion as a result of defending citizens and Tsabgahm to visit the exhibition halls and the acquisition of materials that make up the priority needs of citizens as well as the cuts carried out by companies shame

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      After several months, the Baghdad International Fair will be held in its 46th session, and this year's participation will be new and different from its predecessors, as the sun shone on the face of the country and the dust of war and security chaos broke out.
      The question here is linked to the private sector, which has the task of managing the economy, especially that the private sector is required to prove the presence of foreign companies and reflects a sincere desire to be a partner for a qualitative partnership that benefits the national economy and the contributing parties. at work.
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