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Dakota Access pipeline protesters see bias after Oregon militia verdict

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Activists at the Malheur wildlife refuge were carrying guns – but ‘if native people were armed, we would be killed,’ says an activist at Standing Rock

Sam Levin in Cannon Ball, North Dakota

Sunday 30 October 2016 14.42 GMT

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, spiritual leader of the Sioux nation, leads his people to peacefully pray near a law enforcement barricade just outside of a Dakota Access pipeline construction site.
Photograph: Stringer/Reuters

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Interesting article. Very biased and one sided however.

Where is the footage of them burning equipment, tires and local ranchers equipment? How about the barricade they constructed on the bridge and not allowing any thru traffic? How about the slaughtered cattle and missing ATV's? What about the rancher who was shot by a protester?He was not armed but he did have a rifle in his pickup. He was out of his vehicle when he was shot. He had gotten out to ask them to let him by on the bridge. 

My son is in the ND National Guard and has been called up for this.  They have footage of the "protesters" emptying their rv's holding tanks into the Missouri River along with other contaminants.  

The protest is not about clean water and sacred land. The Native American's did not object to the pipeline until after the DAPL withdrew it's proposal to go across the reservation. They withdrew because the tribe wanted $5 million more than was offered. They went to the north of the reservation where a pipeline already runs...and yes, it goes through the Missouri River. Once the tribal elders realized that all the money would be lost, they objected. They had no protesters at any of the informational meetings. There were no protesters at the survey sites for burial grounds or ancient artifacts. All of which had been done with the previous pipeline also.

Yes, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe may be protesting peacefully, or at least a majority are, but there are protesters from all over and they are the ones causing trouble and getting arrested.


I do not believe that DAPL is complacent in this either but they did their leg work and filed all the correct paperwork. They were just trying to complete the project.

Now I see that the UN is heading to Standing Rock.  Maybe while they are there they can take a look at the living conditions and poverty. Maybe they will find a way to help them help themselves because obviously government "assistance" has not been working. Standing Rock is one of the poorest places in the US.  Very sad depressing place. 

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