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Trump Support

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I have many friends that live around here that are closet Trump supporters. They don't talk about it to their friends for fear of getting into fights with their friends. Several of them won't talk to the pollsters. I have heard on talk radio of the same thing when callers call in. I also know of several married couple that are at odds with their spouse and have gotten strong argument about this topic.

I wonder how far the polling results are off because people do not want to admit that they support Trump. From the wild swings in the polls there might be something to this. I guess only time will tell.

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The ever growing PC culture has turned much of the citizenry into sheep.  We all see the cowering and submission on a daily basis... even from people we thought were strong independent personalities.  The good news... is that there has been an offsetting, ongoing awakening of individualism... rejecting that "newest" of collectivist agendas.  The home of the brave... is becoming brave again! 

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Most troubling is the fact that she thinks she doesn't have to campaign much anymore because

her masters and gorged soros have seen to it that The People's Votes won't matter.

Trump still brings 'em in by the thousands at every rally...

she, in turn, goes to teeny, tiny venues and barely breaks a sweat in those 1/2 empty rooms.

she ain't even tryin'...  knows she doesn't have to...

how obvious she is being with this bogus campaign swing thing....<_<

Trump is right -- the fix is in for evil .



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