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Here we go again, another survey.

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Well, it has happened again. I was called to take another political survey for the presidential election tonight. They seem to be calling at least once a week. Last week I got a call and then they asked the age group I was in. I fit into the 54 to 64 age group, as I am 63. They explained to me that I could not participate because they had the required number of respondents for my age group. No big deal......

Tonight I had a survey company call me about the upcoming election next month. The name showed up as SSI on my phone. The first thing I thought was, well I guess you guys can figure it out. When I asked who the survey company was, they declined to tell. They said it was a privacy issue. I told the caller that I had a privacy issue about giveing my most private opinions and thoughts and told the caller to beat it. What I really told the caller was " If you call me one more time for another survey, I will hunt you down and I will kill you."

i did learn from Google that SSI belongs to Survey Sampling International. Just thought you all might be interested in knowing. I'm tired of these people calling every week. If they can't tell me who they are, then I can't help them.

Dave, AKA: Seabee

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9 hours ago, nstoolman1 said:

And yet I don't get the political surveys. :shrug: Lucky me. :D Sorry for your trouble. I fit right in the middle of that age group. 

No trouble, I just find it amusing. I just wonder myself why do they keep calling me? However, I am a Trump supporter.

Dave, AKA: Seabee

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