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A local source reveals: Daesh leaders are preparing to flee Mosul

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Elements of Daash- XYZ

Elements of Daash- XYZ

Twilight News / detectors local source in the city of Mosul, on Sunday, all the elements of al-Daesh change their places of residence in an effort to facilitate a future flight with the start of the countdown to the start of the military campaign to restore the city from the militant group.

The source, who preferred not to be named in a special statement to the Twilight News, said that "dozens of the organization's leaders and prominent elements have moved during the past two days on the part of Mosul left, to the right side."

The source explained that "the goal of the organization of this measure to facilitate their escape to Syria puppet of the west side of the city when security forces attacked."

 He added that "a state of uncertainty and confusion in control of the militants, especially the local universe of them that their fate is unknown, and no place for them in the city anymore."

Local and international officials and is likely to start a fight restoration of Mosul late this month, while the international coalition continues its air operations against targets prominent organization to facilitate the task of the progress the Iraqi forces on the ground.


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1 hour ago, 10 YEARS LATER said:

 . . . as soon as this meeting concludes they'll be swapping those Black PJ's for some dresses and burkas and skipping town at midnight.

:wub: I guess that's because it takes allot for a man to get beautiful with makeup and dresses and all :wub:

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Daesh spend "terrifying night" in Mosul

Monday 03-10-2016 | 10:05:24


Element Bdaash..j b h d

Element Bdaash..j b h d

Twilight News / lived militants Daesh terrorist organization in the city of Mosul, a night full of fear and anxiety after the airline launched a series of international coalition air strikes on a lot of their positions and their headquarters in the city both sides of the right and left.

An informed local source told the Twilight News, said that warplanes bombed late on Sunday night, three armed headquarters in the forest area followed by an intense bombardment of the site taken by the insurgents to adapt young people within their ranks in the Rashidiya area and the other in the Arab neighborhood, after renewed shelling units planes tactical and strategic belonging to the organization in the Canadian facility, adding that the planes returned and bombed again four Sitarat to organize cultural group in the area, and the other above the fourth bridge. "

He said the aircraft continued to fly in the sky of the city until dawn on Monday, prompting many of the organization's leaders and its components to escape from their premises and hide between the residential neighborhoods to avoid air strikes.

He added that the regulation imposed a security cordon on the city's hospitals and areas that have been targeted in order to prevent the citizens to know that its losses suffered following the air attack by coalition aircraft last night. "

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