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Questions For Adam's Update 9-24-2016


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Hi, I have been in the dinar for right at 5 yrs now & have followed & trusted your comments & opinions. I  watched as yrs ago, unlike so many others calling RV, RV  everyday, you remained honest. My questions are. 1 Do you think oil with stay low & cause the RV to delay or come out lower ? 2  Do you still think we can / will see an Oct RV. 3 My VIP is expiring soon. Do you think you will be offering a VIP & Name Reserve package anytime soon ?  Thanks again for your guidance.  Glenn

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Oil prices are relatively stable, the price of gold is staying above $1300/oz and most likely due to rise.  Iraq has plenty of both.

With all that has gone on with Iraq this year: CBI talk, banking, more oil, more gold, security, government, IMF and UN aid, etc...things are actually looking promising.

I know about your 10 cent stance, and believe me...I'm a believer in 'at least' that for an rv.

I was just curious if you've heard anything about a possible rate of 13-26 cents, like a few other middle east countries are currently valued at as well.

Just so Iraq can be 'on par' with some of their neighbors, and take advantage of the resources they possess or have yet to tap into.

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