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Confirmed. Iraqis Are Dancing In The Streets.


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Bruce:  WE have heard from number of people out there this is our week. Maybe we are in the moment literally. I don’t take that lightly.

Bruce: Iraq and timing in the release to this came back to the last laws passed in Iraq, the judicial laws, amnesty law. The final aspect of those laws made it into the Gazette and people arrested that were causing trouble over there in Iraq. It came down to for Iraq to be liberated and currency to become international were accomplished.

Months ago we talked about a 100,000 and 50,000 dinar note that they become a coin. That coin 100,000 was minted in gold, and the 50,000 coin minted in silver.  So it seems these coins have an interesting value than the bills. Why they need a 50,000 coin? The coins themselves will be used by large account holders in Iraq and used between businesses and banks as modes of transference of dinar. Cool to have a 100,000 or 50,000 coin as a paper weight?  A commemorative piece.

The lower denominations we talked about a long time did come out and issued in the banks for a period of 8.5 weeks throughout Iraq. The last two to three days the lower denominations have been out for circulations. Iraqi people are dancing in the streets, celebration throughout Iraq.  Mosul been given back to Iraq. Don’t know it be announcement. That town has been recaptured by the good guys for a little time now.

Bruce:  Iraq is happy. Iraq had a rate on their smart cards over 5 dollars now over 6 dollars. Today, but no evidence of rate changes, but a significant increase for the dinar and the dong the last day or two. I don’t know what they are. Beware that the rates on those if you hold them are going to be really good, better than we thought. I am excited about that.

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I couldn't bring myself to start a new topic with more Bruce BS but this following bit is about ignorant as anyone can be. Pat yourself on the back Bruce. (notes amended as I found it to be too much BS in one helping ! LOL)  KB.

Appears Luigi did a little edit job on the original post, leaving this nonsense out. And who the F gave out awards ???


Bruce:  Awards made to Yosef as an Intel provider. I found out today that we thought he had received all the awards. Can you recall them? There was one award he did not win that I won. The most politically correct guru. Politically correct, does that fit me? I don’t know. Kudos out to Yosef for having received the rest of the awards.
Sue: Yosef won Most informative Intel. Most dates and rates. Most advance Intel. Most passionate Intel provider. Most valuable Intel.

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On 9/3/2016 at 2:32 AM, BJinMontreal said:

Cuz you can't get a camel to do anything you want ...



The guy was barking up the wrong tree/Palm. The camel took offense/ then offensive action

....I don't think that guy has a chip on his shoulder anymore...the camel took care of it!

Camel 1: Two jerks 0

Looking forward to round two

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