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Bondlady passed away

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Urgent Message about BondLady Today at 10:35 am tlm724    Our Lady is very ill and is in the hospital fighting for her life. She needs all our prayers now more than ever !! I don't have any fu

Bondlady was a straight shooter broke down the articles and news, we lost a good one. If she knew Christ she is in a far better place now with our lord than here on earth. The Rv is but a past thought

Mods, remove this if it is in the wrong spot. I was on a site and it stated that Bondlady has passed.  I really liked her insight.  Between her and SWFG it really just reflects how life is so short an

Bondlady was a great teacher to many new people in this investment including myself .When there was no news to discuss she encouraged everyone to have conversations about ourselves or other interesting topics or thoughts . She drew everyone on her site to be closer. This saddens me deeply . She will be missed. She was a Great Woman 

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As so many others have noted, Bond Lady was followed by far more people than she could ever have known. She attempted to bring a great deal of information together and explain it in a simple way. Likewise she was trying to make sense out of what has been going on in Iraq for several years, and look for a trend, pattern or glimpse of what might happen next. 

She could be both entertaining and informative. Her passing could perhaps be best honored by her followers realizing that life goes on, regardless of what is happening in the Middle East, until it no longer does. Following the events taking place in Iraq and with IQD may be a hobby, but don't let it consume your life so much that you miss out on the richness your life has now, as you look forward to what MAY happen someday. 

Bond Lady has dropped the mic for the final time and not just left the building, but has been escorted into the light.


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Post From BondLadys Corner

BLC Admin Tlm724 Update Info On BondLady


You all deserve to know what happened to our Lady. On the morning August 24th she was rushed to the hospital with a burst appendix and had emergency surgery. She was in ICU fighting for her life until yesterday afternoon.


The toxins and poison were attacking her body and no amount of medicine could help. Her kidneys shut down and her temp spiked to 109 degree's. She fought til the end .


As many of you know privacy was extremely important to her and we must continue to abide by her wishes. We will not be posting any information about her funeral so that her family remains protected.


If you feel inclined to do something in her memory please know that she loved animals and perhaps a donation to a local shelter would be nice.


I am not sure where we go from here as far as BLC is concerned. I will consult with her family about it and advise you all next week sometime. Your outpouring of love for the Lady has touched me deeply but right now I am beside myself with grief at the loss of my friend ...


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Caye98 - your thoughts above are so true and spot-on.  Thanks for your post.  We all need to value the time we have been given here on earth and prepare ourselves to meet our Heavenly Father some day.   Living each day waiting on the RV is a waste of precious breath.   We are all wanting this to happen because we have great plans for our own lives and family, but alot of us also want to reach out to others and help in any way we can.   In the meantime, we need to continue with life's work here on earth.    

Well said, my friend.   


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yes same as all the above

saw this early today and was wow, 

god bless not just her

but all of you,

i pray you all see the rewards to pass on and help

before our time comes

davis will have a beer and salute bondlady

i salute all of you

bless her father and invite her in with open arms


and to be honest this does suck

so much effort and help and then gone

just sucks big ------------------------------------ whatever u want to put here

find peace

davis out

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WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I am  shocked ,  only way too put it ...   will miss you  hon   {  bondage  lady  ,  love ya lots   }      she   knew me  , enough that  this  was   kind   acknowledge  for  her  , when  she and I would  chat  with in the  bond lady corner !    going to miss that gal !   

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Not sure if ya'll heard this yesterday....


 Very sad news to bring to you and the dinar community today.  Newshound Guru Bondlady has passed. :( Never to shy away from controversy on her search for dinar facts, Bondlady will be sorely missed.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends and all who followed and looked forward to her posts and unique perspective over the years.  We lost a very good one.  


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