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Questions For Adam's Update 8-10-2016

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Hello Adam, sure do appreciate all you do for us here. :twothumbs:

A few of us have been throwing this idea around, tell us your view please sir.

HCL, the law of all laws, the one we are waiting to be passed but to date eludes us. We have been debating this idea on various threads as to why it's not come to light, perhaps I/we are wrong but do you think since it is one of the,  or the most important law to be passed it must come after all others. Meaning, the way must be paved and other laws passed in succession before the HCL?. Prematurely passing HCL could perhaps open a can of worms and cause problems and leave various parts of this law unprotected, or no? So since we have not seen the GOI basically complete the passing of such laws, HCL is still in the pipes. I/we feel perhaps HCL will be one of the last laws to be passed or do you think that it could happen anytime now?

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