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Questions For Adam's Update 8-3-2016


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Adam,  What happened to the info, we will see international currency first half of 2016?  all we keep hearing /seeing are laws and more laws that have to be developed /passed. Having been on this rollercoaster for more than 9 years, you begin to wonder if in fact this is fake. For the most part, we set them up as a Democracy.  We have so many laws, Can't they cut and paste from our laws and get this done already?  What are your contacts saying?

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3 hours ago, ixic said:

keeping  in with this  topic adam !    now that  the central bank is  giving  the September time frame ,  and it doesn`t get pushed back ,  is there a  part of any  i.m.f. or world bank   contract or translations  ,  that  tells  central bank  of  Iraq, that  when they go electronic banking there must be a value  to the dinar , that isn`t  the true value would be  ... { example  what they  have on its value now  1128   not  a  true value  per say  }  thanks  guy

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