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Jaafari: Iraq is moving steadily towards stability

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The Washington meeting pledges support for the liberated areas from the control of Daash in Iraq [Extended]

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The Washington meeting pledges support for the liberated areas from the control of Daash in Iraq [Extended]
[Oan- up] 
foreign ministers confirmed the defense of the 40 in the international coalition against al Member State Daash Thursday to support their country liberated areas from the control of the organization in Iraq and its commitment to cooperate more on the sharing of intelligence information.
This came during a meeting of Ministers meeting in Washington, DC with the participation of Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari and Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi. 
Issued foreign and defense ministers issued a statement after their talks stressed during which the attacks of Nice, Baghdad and Dhaka and Alrkabban, Istanbul and bottom recently witnessed did not lead only to "establish a joint determination" to their countries on destroy Daash and "poisonous ideology broadcast to his followers and sympathizers." 
He welcomed the statement as well as "hard progress" being made by the Iraqi forces and moderate Syrian opposition in the liberation of land from the control of Daash "stressing that " the international coalition 's commitment to continue to expand its support to these efforts , while at the time the same to reduce the impact of military operations on civilians. 
He pointed also to the coalition 's commitment to addressing the humanitarian challenges and re - establishing stability in the areas liberated from the control of the organization. 
Turning statement also to the success of the coalition to reduce the power of regulation over losing key by the elements and numbers great fighter and reduce its resource base , noting in this context , that the Daash salary cuts offered by the fighters by half in some areas also resorted to the imposition of taxes and looting "Alastbdaah" in order to finance its operations. 
the statement also expressed deep concern minister about the growing humanitarian needs in the areas affected by the crisis in Iraq and Syria hello in this context of the reactions "generous" on the part of neighboring countries hosting refugees and displaced persons and the State of Kuwait , which hosted three international conferences for donors to support the humanitarian situation in Syria and participated in organizing the fourth conference for the same purpose in London in February , stressing that all that "contributed to the face massive humanitarian needs of the Syrians. " 
Meanwhile , the statement stressed the support of the international coalition government of national reconciliation in Libya in its war against al Daash. 
, he said US Secretary of State John Kerry told a joint news conference with US Secretary of defense Ashton Carter on the sidelines of the meeting that the international coalition also aims to prevent al Daash to attract more "foreign fighters" in Iraq and Syria. 
He said Kerry that the number of its fighters dropped by a third , while slowed gobbling more elements rate as Anakecaq individuals about the rate has increased. 
He explained that the Washington meeting also sought to overcome the "bureaucratic barriers "to facilitate the exchange of intelligence information between Member States and the international alliance" so that the border guard in southern Europe the same data that the airport security officer in Manila or employee of the US Federal Bureau of investigation [FBI] in Boston or law Enforcement adviser on the peninsula Arab on a person suspected of having links to terrorism. " 
He said Kerry said the United States already has agreements to share information with 55 international partner in offering 50 countries , at least currently information on" foreign terrorists fighters "to the international police Organization [Interpol] expressing in this context welcomed additions provided by the international Organization of the international coalition against Daash. 
he also said US Secretary of State to the need to counter the propaganda broadcast by Daash and lead to attract sympathizers. 
for his part, US Secretary of defense Ashton Carter said there are three main goals of the international coalition which is to destroy the main stronghold for the organization Daash in Iraq, Syria and the face of the elements in other parts of the world and support the efforts of local governments to protect their own people. 
He said the defense ministers participating in the coalition countries discussed during a meeting chaired by Wednesday how to move forward in the fight against organized operations during the next phase and reached an agreement in this regard including end control Daash the cities of Mosul , the Iraqi - Syrian and tenderness. 
it added that the talks also touched on the "capacity and support" needed to implement these goals , praising in this context military contributions from France and the United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden and Finland. He 
also praised Carter liberation of the Iraqi forces of both gray and drunken white and wet white the base Qayyarah air support of coalition forces and orientation as well as towards the liberalization of the city of Mosul. 
and on the developments in Syria praised US Secretary of defense on what was done by local forces with the support of the international coalition to impose its control over the city Shaddadi and besieged border city Manbej with Turkey , which is a major move for fighters point foreigners. 
He pointed out that the coalition killed well over twenty of "external customers" of the organization who were planning to carry out attacks in different parts of the world. 
Carter said that the talks , which took place over two days in Washington were aimed at ensuring that " the Iraqi and Syrian peoples have I needed in order to stabilize their territory and successors. "
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Donor nations pledge more military and humanitarian support for Iraq


 Since 07/22/2016 10:59 pm (Baghdad time)


Baghdad balances News

Accept Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, on Friday, with the foreign and defense ministers of donor countries to install security and rebuilding the liberated areas of Daash terrorist gang efforts.

According to a defense ministry statement received / balances News / copy of it, "Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, accompanied by Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari attended the joint meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs and defense of the donor countries in the framework of the international campaign to combat terrorist Daash, the US State Department's headquarters in Washington DC."

He added, "It was during the meeting, they reviewed the international coalition's efforts to support Iraq in all fields and on the military and humanitarian levels and efforts to consolidate security and stability and rebuilding the liberated zone."

The statement continued that "word of the foreign ministers of the Americans and the defense and the words of the participating countries praised in the big victories of the Iraqi forces, and the efforts of the Iraqi government in its determination to fight Daash terrorism and defeat it, pledging more military and humanitarian aid to theIraqi government in the near future, with the entry of the preparations phase the final for the Liberation of Mosul , ".anthy 29 / d 24

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Donor countries support Iraq in four areas and provide him with funds in the near term "extended"


 Since 22/07/2016 13:43 pm (Baghdad time)


Baghdad balances News

Confirmed that the US State Department, on Friday, said the international community to mobilize efforts to meet the funding requirements in the near term in Iraq in the four areas of humanitarian assistance, mine clearance and to facilitate the financing of the United Nations Development Programme and the Special Programme toachieve immediate stability and facilitate private funding to achieve expanded stability, passed by Mr. Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to provide pivotal initiatives to achieve stability in the medium term in order to promote recovery and resilience in the liberated areas of Daash .

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement seen by / balances News /, that " more than two billion US dollars ofnew were awarded to the Iraqi people in response to the campaign Daash authoritarianism that led to immense suffering and deprivation and destruction of the Iraqi people. To help address the difficult situation facing displaced people in Iraq, the international community took the initiative in order to provide humanitarian support to those who needed him most , such as food, water and shelter to those in need, and to help create conditions that will allow a return safe and voluntary return of displaced families to the liberated areas as quickly as possible. the foundations of long - term stability can be achieved if the ease the humanitarian crisis in Iraq and enable its citizens to return to their homes safely and access to basic services , health care and education and thehope of economic prosperity. "

" The result of the conference which is co-hosted by Canada, Germany, Japan, Kuwait, the Netherlands and theUnited States, the international community to mobilize efforts to meet the funding requirements in the near term in Iraq in the four areas of urgent need: humanitarian assistance, mine clearance and to facilitate the financing ofthe United Nations Development Programme and for achieving stability Messaging and facilitate the financing ofthe United Nations Development Programme and for achieving stability expanded, passed by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to provide pivotal initiatives to achieve stability in the medium term in order to promote recovery and resilience in the liberated areas of Daash. "

She continued, " The humanitarian assistance provided in yesterday 's support in the first place and the United Nations agencies operating in Iraq, in addition to other international institutions , non - governmental and other organizations , it is through these organizations have provided the international community aid for each province in Iraq, and helped people who are in desperate needed and ultimately save lives and alleviate human suffering in light of the threats the daily violence of Daash. the pledges for stability created by this initiative donors will contribute effectively to the reconciliation efforts in the long term in Iraq, where the success of these efforts is essential to achieve stability in the long long in the country and recover from persecution Daash. "


He pointed out, "The donors who met will remain committed to supporting Iraq, and urge strongly all governments, organizations and individuals to support the UN's efforts to save lives by funding and its funds, as well as other partners in the field Alansana.onhn are especially grateful for the presence of Organization of Islamic Cooperation at a conference yesterday and welcome its efforts to expand its support for the Iraqi people. "

She said , as states donors, remain aware also that success on the battlefield assigned to the civilian population dearly The United Nations said on July 20 that it will need $ 284 million extra for planning to mitigate the impact of the battle to liberate Mosul citizens at the time they are likely to be there a need for more to ease this challenge when Daash defeat in Mosul. Therefore , we hope that the initiative will allow the results to donors that they submit their contributions more quickly to support last -minute appeal to the UN Alatdh elements. "

It noted for, that " although he is not to provide an exhaustive list of assignments grants during the event, the following points show the achievements of the conference of donor countries to support Iraq and excludes pledges the years 2017 and 2018 from donor countries that you can not list publicly identify programs for thecoming years beyond the year the current fiscal. "

It showed that the main points of the conference:

1 pledges of humanitarian assistance rapid response and strong pledged a total of 26 donor contributions worth more than $ 590 million for humanitarian aid to support Iraq, through bilateral and multilateral channels. And that the money will support the needs identified in the UN plan for humanitarian response for Iraq for the year 2016, in addition to other aid organizations in Iraq and the region and lay the foundation of an international response more effectively to the challenges of humanitarian expected accompanying campaign edit Mosul.

2 to support the stabilization program fourteen countries announced new funding for the program is vital toachieve stability in Iraq, and has pledged to grant more than $ 350 million. The largest number of countries toprovide grants worth $ 125 million to the United Nations financing private development to achieve immediate stability, and this is important progress toward raising $ 180 million to meet the requirements of 2017 set by theUnited Nations.


3 funds dedicated to the activities of humanitarian demining: more than ten countries provided grants worth more than $ 80 million in new pledges for mine-clearing efforts disruption in Iraq this support will provide nearly three-quarters of the total financing, which the United Nations estimates that required one year of clearance activities mines in Iraq.


4 facilitate the release of funding to achieve the expanded stability The United States was the first major donor of $ 50 million to underwrite the private United Nations to facilitate the achievement of the new enlarged stability. That facilitate private funding to achieve expanded stability will facilitate recovery and resilience in theliberated areas of Daash, and provide funding for specific projects to support the rehabilitation of institutions to restore basic public services and create jobs. The United Nations estimates that colleges, hospitals and eligible for special support to facilitate the financing of achieving stability expanded universities will be able to employ 17,000 to 20,000 people in each of the areas that have been destroyed by Daash.

5 long-term commitment to the Iraqi people: in addition to providing instant money to Ahtajat humanity in the near term, the Conference of donor countries for Iraq's security more than $ 200 million in commitments for the years 2017 and 2018 as well as a safety net programs for humanitarian disasters is Almtoukah.anthy 29 / d 24 address

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Defense Minister from Washington: Less than 10% of the territory under the control of Iraq Daash
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said that less than {10%} of Iraqi territory still under the control of terrorist Daash gangs.
He said al - Obeidi, the Tweets on the social networking site {Twitter} from Washington before a meeting of ministers of the international coalition 's defense, saying that "progress in the military performance must be accompanied by further progress in the security file." 
The security forces Pencandh popular crowd engaged in a military campaign wide for the Liberation of Daash cities, the delegation was Ramadi, Fallujah, Tikrit and cleanse Jurf Al Nasr and other cities from the clutches of those bands, and is now preparing for the Liberation of Mosul after it was restored Qayyarah base in southern Almousel.anthy
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The international community renews support for Iraq





7/23/2016 0:00 

More than two billion dollars to help the displaced and reconstruction of 
 Baghdad - the morning a 
new supporter of Iraq 's international position prove its worth in the fight against global terrorism of gangs "Daash" criminal, and shows beyond any doubt that the whole world has become uncertain of just cause in which our security forces destroyed a popular tribal and Alhacdan the legend of terrorism , which threatens the whole world when he defeated in one city after another record duration leaving him only control less than 10 percent of the land will be freed in the coming days, despite the economic crisis and the imminent danger was able political and military leadership of the battle manage as best he be , which prompted gathered at the donors conference in Washington to praise and praise in Iraq and decided to support him to help the displaced and the reconstruction of liberated areas devastated by terrorism. 
the international community has reiterated, during a donors ' conference, he stood with Iraq 's efforts to eliminate terrorism, when he agreed to give Iraq more than two billion dollars, the aim of sustainability to help displaced people and the reconstruction of liberated areas, especially after the great victories achieved by Iraq in various fronts. 
He said a joint statement from the sponsor of the Conference of the States "Canada, Germany, Japan, Kuwait, the Netherlands and the United States" that "more than $ two billion were awarded to the people Iraq 's response to the campaign "Daash" criminal that led to immense suffering and deprivation and destruction of the Iraqi people. " 
the statement, that those international move, come to" help address the difficult situation facing displaced people in Iraq , "referring to the importance of giving the international community the reconstruction of the areas liberated from the terror of great importance for humanitarian support and reconstruction of all displaced people to their towns, stressing that "donors will remain committed to supporting Iraq, and urge strongly all governments, organizations and individuals to support the UN 's efforts to save lives by funding and its funds."
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Alliance International urges the Iraqi government to fulfill its commitments to address the political tensions
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} urged members of the international coalition against terror gangs Daash the Iraqi government to make greater efforts to achieve stability in Iraq is commensurate with the military progress against Daash.
US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said that the defeat Daash mean immediately start building cities and restore services and leadership of local communities , and other measures necessary for the rule of fair and stability. 
He praised the efforts of Secretary of State John Kerry and members of the coalition countries in their efforts to strengthen the efforts to achieve stability , including collecting more from two billion at the donors ' conference to help rebuild Iraq. 
officials from 30 countries discussed at the summit of the fight against Daash, hosted by the United States is currently at the base {Andrews} air post restore the city of Mosul , the main stronghold of Daash in Iraq, and the next phase of the campaign, and in accordance with the sayings of British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon that it takes many weeks of planning and weeks of fighting. 
no defense ministers set a date for the fall of the city, but Carter said that most of the discussions during the meeting focused on what happens after the defeat Daash in the city of Mosul, referring to meetings identified needs Mosul and what this means from the need to embark on plans to achieve stability and reconstruction plans. 
Gen. {Joseph Votal} US Central command , "Mosul is very big city with more than two million people and geographic area and wide , so we should be well prepared , " referring to the need to develop appropriate plans for some things , such as power generation in addition to the political side cover to get a good administration in the city. 
the members of the international coalition fears that Iraq is not moving quickly enough on political reforms to match military gains, and urged the members of the coalition countries against Daash, Iraqi government to fulfill its commitments to address the political tensions led to support Daash gangs. 
Fallon said that Britain , the Iraqi government has been urged to complete the reforms it has promised in the beginning , including the National Guard force that is supposed to respect all communities in the country, as well as more it is the central authorities. 
" the government in Iraq is not as stable as we would like to be have made progress frustratingly slow in reforms , " adding , "but we do not see an alternative to the government - Abadi" .anthy
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25-07-2016 12:17 PM



Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, before wrapping up his visit to Washington and return to Baghdad that 'Iraq is moving at a steady pace and make his way toward stability. "

A statement by his press office that 'al-Jaafari wrapped up his visit to the United States after attending the meetings of the donor countries to support Iraq and the meetings of the International Alliance Against Daash terrorist gangs and his meeting with the Iraqi community.'

He added that 'al-Jaafari met with a delegation from the Iraqi community in Washington, USA, and accept the security and political situation in the country, especially the war on Daash terrorist gangs, successive victories achieved by the Iraqi armed forces and different formations. "

And that our armed forces recorded deserved in the security response, has recently culminated in the liberalization of Fallujah, will be joyous liberation of Mosul, stressing that 'Iraq despite the exceptional circumstances where the economic challenges, and the security, political and it is Egypt that walking at a steady pace, and makes his way towards stability' .

He stressed according to the statement by saying 'I am aware that the value of your presence in the Diaspora earn your voice exceptional value; to raise the name of Iraq, and the voice of Iraq through the fact that you are ambassadors of the real, the real ambassador, who is the voice of Isdh Iraq, carrying their nation.'



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