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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

I got in trouble for this?

moose 57

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3 hours ago, millionaire in training said:

Good one Moose........  I think of the kitchen as my art studio with all of it's fun gadgets .  Thats where I create my masterpieces . Love to cook , love to entertain.

Have tasting parties..... have new friends meet old friends.  Did I mention that there's wine involved.  Oh yea that too.  :cheesehead:

Sometimes my wife cooks cooks with wine...other times she might actually put some of it in the dish!!!  :rolleyes:

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3 hours ago, SnowGlobe7 said:



Yes I said pizza...but sorry, there is no cat on the menu!  

There will however be Pepperoni, barbecue chicken,  sausage and lots of cheese and pesto...but no cat!  Your welcome anytime dear!!! ;)

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11 hours ago, SgtFuryUSCZ said:


Hey -- I have been gone most of the day -- was thrilled to find your post when I got in --   I do like the idea of a conversion van or even a RV but would not want to be the driver and right now  I am pretty single &  independent --   post RV now would be no problem hiring me a driver lol  

I am so darn tempted to have one built  but I am going to bite the bullet and hold off until I can move to a more permanent place to live out my next 25+ yrs -- There is where I will have my play house and one for some kittys too --  I have 2 small inside dogs but have adopted some stray cats and they seem to like hanging around  - They have food delivered to them and plenty of toys and love having the use of my neighbors big dog house  -- 

I will most likely look at some solar equipped motor homes post RV 

I love The UNEEK Cabana Fund idea  -----  oh my I am so ready  -- <3 <3 <3  ((HUGS)) to you Sgt - thank you for your service 

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