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Military team's [where]: Qayyarah process depends on a comprehensive approach to Skip edit areas - 6/18/2016

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URGENT. The Joint Operations announces the launch of the liberation of the northern Salah Al-Din and MOSUL - 2016/6/18


[Where - Baghdad] , the command of the Joint Operations, on Saturday, the military operation started on liberalizing areas north of Salah al-Din governorate, and Alqyaara south of Mosul...followed

( Translation by Babylon10 )

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Military team's [where]: Qayyarah process depends on a comprehensive approach to Skip edit areas  - 6/18/2016


[Where - special] 
exposing the military adviser to the Ministry of Defense Lt. Gen. Mohammed al - Askari, Saturday, from following Skip approach to liberalization hand Qayyarah south of Mosul , the military operation spend Nineveh province, pointing out that the process will be a comprehensive range of areas.
Military and told all of Iraq [where] that " the security forces followed a military navigation in Qayyarah process method, through insurmountable to spend Sharqat in northern Salahuddin province , and relying on the cordoned off and attack him , and edit, with the continuation of the security forces of progress the main direction of the process." 
He pointed out that " the forces security will continue after the liberation of Qayyarah of Daash, military operations and head for the Liberation of Hamam al- Alil area down to the storming of Mosul , "pointing out that" the participation of anti - terrorism forces and pieces of the band ninth of the Iraqi army. " 
The defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi arrived today to lead the Samarra operations for field on the start of liberalization Qayyarah military operations


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    • By Wiljor
      The Minister of Displacement and Migration Jasim Mohammed Al-Jaf announced on Sunday the return of 122,137 internally displaced persons to their liberated areas in Nineveh Province.

      "The number of returnees from the camps in the south and east of Mosul to their liberated areas in Nineveh reached about 122,137" he said in a statement. He said that the camps in eastern and southern Mosul witnessed a return of a new batch of the displaced people to their areas, noting that those areas where the return of the displaced are the neighborhoods (Salam, Sumer, Kokachli, Al Wahda, Al Intisar, Rashidiyah, Palestine and many others freed by security forces from the grip of criminal gangs in the province.
      The statement added that the ministry has allocated buses in coordination with the Ministry of Transport to return them to their areas as well as trucks carried in cooperation with the leadership of joint operations to transport furniture for those families.

    • By ametad
      Mosul will be liberated.
      Will the Oil Law come before or after Tal Afar?
      I'm thinking the entire North of Iraq needs liberated with quick political stability through the Oil Law to prevent a civil war from beginning.
      Does anyone know how strong IS is in Tal Afar? Is this another possible Fallujah?
    • By umbertino
      March 30, 2017
    • By Adam Montana
      ERBIL, Kurdistan Region— Heavily supported from the air, Iraq’s emboldened ground troops marched into the industrial neighborhood of Mosul in the early hours of Tuesday and advanced further towards the Tigris River in the eastern suburb of the city after gaining control of the nearby Misaq district.

      The army says it is now almost in full control of the eastern pockets of the embattled city with nearly 45 neighborhoods under its control. 

      Tuesday’s clashes were preceded by heavy raids from Iraqi and coalitions airpower using so called Night Hunter helicopters among other gunships.  

      The intense clashes which lasted for nearly 7 hours into the late afternoon led to retreat of ISIS gunmen from the so called industrial district of Mosul where they attacked army convoys with at least one car bomb in Misaq neighborhood. 

      Rudaw’s embedded correspondent Ranja Jamal who is travelling with the Iraqi police units in Mosul said residents abandoned their homes for the safety of nearby districts already in army control as soon as ISIS left their neighborhoods 

      “Although it’s difficult to verify if the entire Misaq district is in the hands of Iraqi forces, it seems that ISIS militants had left the area ahead of Tuesday’s offensive,” Jamal said. 

      He added that the army has raised the Iraqi flags in several locations inside the Misaq neighborhood which Jamal could make out from distance in the nearby industrial district.  
      The operation to retake Mosul from the ISIS militants which started on October 17 has entered its third month with unexpectedly slow pace of the army although both Kurdish and Iraqi leaders have publicly praised the relative professionalism of the joint ground troops. 

      Much points to further delay of army’s mobilisation into central parts of the city which still appears to be in ISIS’ firm grip and where almost a million people are believed to reside. Iraqi leaders have said, to avoid civilian casualties, the army has chosen to move with patience.  

      Both Hawija and Tal Afar also remain in militants’ control where ISIS is believed to enjoy robust protection provided by its many tunnels and ditches in addition to strong local support.  

      On Thursday the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yidirim is expected to visit Baghdad where he will discuss the Mosul operation with his Iraqi counterpart Haidar Abadi, according to Turkish government sources. 

      Turkey has a limited military presence in Bashiq camp near Mosul where Sunni fighters are being trained and funded and could play a decisive role as the operation evolves.  
    • By Adam Montana
      The Iraqi army has come in control of Industrial and Mithaq neighborhoods of Mosul as troops push further into the city against ISIS in the second phase of the operation.
      Heavy clashes took place between Iraqi troops and ISIS militants in the two new neighborhoods on Tuesday as a Rudaw team embedded with the army filmed the scene.
      Civilians could be seen fleeing the fight. Some of them were caught in the cross fire and lost family members to ISIS car bombs.
      The Iraqi army launched an offensive on October 17 to retake the country’s second largest city from ISIS.
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