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2nd Amendment Humor Thread

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9 hours ago, Markinsa said:


On no!  Two "to's" are spelled wrong!  And I'm sure Clint knows better, too!  Sorry Mark, couldn't resist!  I know you didn't create that!  :)

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1 hour ago, nstoolman1 said:

the gun fairy.... . Hels REAL I I I. Africa is slowly becoming the new Japan.

I don't want to see the gun fairy. But if I leave used brass under my pillow will he bring me a new gun?






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We put folks on a NO-FLY list, but not on a NO-BUY list? What sense does that make?

America calls the FBI to determine if we can purchase a gun; but the Medical community, the police, Homeland Security, etc, etc do not communicate? And the first thing Obama says is - blame the guns? The gun store where the terrorist purchased the guns reported that this animal was attempting to buy body armor, and bulk ammunition and no one investigated? Again - I can see why we MUST assume the gun was at fault. :( How about Obama & immigration allowing terrorist to travel to known terrorist countries multiply times, and communicate with ISIS on the internet and when they kill people in California AGAIN we are supposed to blame guns!

WOW we are one screwed up country! :(

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