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A Proposal To Make The Official Rate For The Dollar At The Central Bank In 1300 Dinars !

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2 hours ago, uncirculd said:

could it be just that they are as confused as they were 8 years ago?  

I  don`t  think  they are  too confused ,  more  like  they are tight  fisted  with  any  money  leaving  the area ,  for buying back  dinar ,   but then again  if they would do an increase in value to dinar  then  the poor folks  would have  a voice ,  have power ...   so I think they have a plan  but it isn`t  something we would think logical !   ( j.m.o. )

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What could be happening here is two fold.  First, raising the exchange rate to 1,300 IQD = 1 USD could help level the exchange rate on all venues since there is some variation now (less then 1,300 IQD = 1 USD) to prevent corruption and potential mismanagement once the IQD is revalued.  Second, raising the amount of IQD to purchase USD accelerates pulling the IQD out of circulation and dollarizing the economy.  Iraqis may wan to part with their IQD in favor of the USD to pull IQD off the streets.  With little to no IQD on the streets, the relative wealth of the average Iraqi will remain about the same when the IQD revalues since they hold USD instead of IQD.  There may be more steps taken to further increase the amount of IQD to obtain USD to further help the Iraqis dollarize.  As a result, taking more IQD to obtain a USD is, to me, a very, very good sign.

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