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who knows maybe with oil will help speed it up

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Don't count yer chickens, there, son....

ho'bummer and his evil pals are STILL allowing their terrorist pals to steal, haul and sell oil at will.

It's going to have an effect on your dream 50PPB oil, son.....

You see, ho' don't care about big oil (climate change perpetrators according to him) taking a hit.

ho' would much rather see his radical muslim terror pals selling that stolen oil to keep it away from big oil,

and to pay for their own arms & weapons so he don't get caught

pulling off another covert arming-the-terrorist-rebels deal like the one he murdered Americans for in Benghazi.....




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O'Bummer has done more harm to our domestic oil industry than most people realize.  I am an independent oil exploration consultant in Oklahoma and I have not had work for over a year.  Not only that but the effects of cheap oil effects EVERYONE in oil country.  My favorite little restaurant near the oil patch has shut down--a few years ago it was full of roughnecks and cowboys.  Welders, heavy equipment operators, and a host of ancillary businesses are virtually shut down.  Oil has to hit $60 a barrel before anything starts to pick up. 

Blow the hell out of ISIS and their ill gotten oil.  And most importantly, get the lefties out of DC.

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and you know what the worst part is

we are still paying way to much at the pumps

at least in canada we are

1.10 today per litre 

i estimate based on market value

the number should be approx .60 area

we are all screwed over again

wait to you see what they do with natural gas now

97 percent of us will be living on the streets

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it is sat at 5:50 and oil is at $49.56 as I type.Does it have to have another .44 cents to make a difference??? LOL

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