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Wanna Have Your Mind Blown "Sex as Symbol"

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Alvin Boyd Kuhn...this read was exceptional...


So we are the fallen angels. Spirits descended into Matter. Three aspects of consciousness, the animal (matter, mother nature) soul (the tightrope walker) and Spirti (divine mind, Father) great read if you light a candle and read before bed :)


So basically the first part of our lives is spent attaching to material things...but at some point our soul is like omg this cant be right...and enters Spirit, which has been buried all along in our psyche, because we weigh it down with beliefs and all kinds of attachments...if you want to know why life is a biaznitch then by all mean let go of all the programmings!!



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look at it like this, spirit descends into matter at the very beginning of our lives (first into a physical body which is a serious bummer) and then immediately we are programmed by our parents and societies beliefs which we "attach" to us, and for a long time we just "attach" ourselves to all kinds of things...but midway through our lives or earlier we have a "coming to jesus" moment when we ask what the heck is happening? why am i here... great read guys great read

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no this is not derogatory at all. people we have been attaching ourselves to material worldview since our conception... let go of the beliefs that are draining your energy...the Souls job is to balance the material animal aspect of our nature with our divine mind...if you are having a difficult time then maybe accept that its because you are going down the "wrong path... WOOT WOOT.


 The Greatest Light casts the Darkest Shadow.



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