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Sadr warns Tehran officials, and pressure on him and not to move to Turkey or Saudi Arabia (Details)

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Sadr aide accused of "interns" broadcasting "propaganda and lies" the direction "of the revolution and the revolutionaries."

By Mohammed Emad 05.05.2016 10:45 | Views: 197

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Sadr aide accused of "interns" broadcasting "propaganda and lies" the direction "of the revolution and the revolutionaries."


Brother - Baghdad

Assistant emphasized the Sadrist leader Jalil Nouri, after he tried to break into the green "revolution predators broadcast all their venom and their propaganda and lies

He said al-Nuri in a commentary he wrote on his page on the social networking site (Facebook) after a sequence of stages of the revolution throughout these months, and in the light of the changes that took place, especially after the storming of the rebels to the castles of corruption, try Almitrbeson revolution and revolutionaries from broadcasting all their venom and their propaganda and lies, especially in recent days and for the purposes for many purposes including: distracting the rebels for their revolution path, and distraction Palmeatrut and sterile discussions, and try to dismiss the supreme goal of the revolution, a change and to ward off the corrupt. "

He added, "he has, we are obligated to all be aware of the schemes of corrupt and lies and hypocrisy, and to be a measure of responsibility, and strive without preventing to put out the glare of the revolution, and that by focusing on Mtbuniat revolution and its objectives and Slmatha, and the statement of everything that is in their interest and highlights Alaudhaeh aspects that impressed the whole world, and that the move away cry from the rhetoric and rumors and news traps, which comes deliberately spoilers, in order to disrupt the rally and demonstrators path, and that we unite our speeches and Moadiana, and not taken out the limits of the demonstrations circle and Slmatha and legitimacy, and the statement of her rights and that wisdom and good advice, and the ultimate proof. " .

He continued, "We have to raise Iraq's logo and patriotism, has been proven by evidence that the more things that enrage the corrupt, and the strain hear of, and eyes and hearts, and that Nsam our ears from the buzz of flies, no matter how small, our aim higher and order and lift that Nchglh about such trifles, and in Finally, we should not act in any field solo act, or in isolation from the committees responsible for the revolution, and that we look forward and deal with the instructions and directives issued them exclusively, and not others. "

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Until now .. Khamenei did not meet with al-Sadr and the Iranians were told not to go out the last of the squadron of the National Alliance (Details)

05-05-2016 02:48 PM    
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Orbit News -



The face of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, an invitation to the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, and nothing has been meeting to now, amid leaks about persuade the Iranians to Sadr to return to the squadron 's ruling National Alliance and not to go out with him. 

Informed sources said in a press statement, he said that ' the Iranians told Muqtada Sadr lines solution petition to the crisis and the need not to deviate from a swarm coalition ', pointing out that the ' Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, did not meet with al- Sadr, even now, despite the arrival of an invitation the visit of the first. " 

In a related context , sources pointed out motionless vigorously by the Secretary General of Hezbollah Dawa Islamic Nuri al - Maliki, with different blocks to discuss the formation of a new government displaces rival Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi. 

She adds that 'there mobility and range of al - Maliki to overthrow Balebadi especially with the first repetition of the phrase' poor man 'on Abadi and the need to be replaced. This is done through the continued refusal of the formations provided Abadi for his government to parliament until it is exhausted all the latest options for the submission of a request to withdraw confidence in him, according to sources. 

The al- Sadr 's visit to Iran sudden shift after blown political crisis in the country and the storming of thousands of followers of the Green Zone and the Iraqi parliament and sit for one day in the courtyard of the celebrations amid the green zone.


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But out Iran.  Now that Sadr is ticked off because of slow progress in reforms, I see that coo coo nut of a supreme in Iran trying to take advantage of it.  Now Iran will proceed to use Sadr as a patsy to keep maliki in government to do their bidding.   I sure hope Sadr goes there ready to say get out of my back yard and water yours cause it's a dying breed.   I still don't know why that freak (m) is still walking around a free man.

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Sadr warns Tehran officials, and pressure on him and not to move to Turkey or Saudi Arabia (Details)

08-05-2016 02:47 PM    

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Orbit News -



Iranian-informed sources, said that the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr warned he met officials in Tehran, and to exercise pressure on him, because he will not change the national convictions, or else will have to move to stay in Turkey or Saudi Arabia.


Sadr's supporters and canceled demonstrations "millions" to the Parliament meets, and contented themselves with protesting in some Iraqi cities and neighborhoods, while showed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who is facing a severe crisis, because of the province and government ministers sessions, firm position of the opposition movements.


And reached chest to Tehran last Monday, and met with Secretary General of the National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, and officials in the "Revolutionary Guards", before moving to the city of Qom, where he lived some of his family members, as announced by Head of the Political Bureau of the Sadrist movement Zia al-Asadi.


According to sources, according to Al-Hayat newspaper that "al-Sadr visited during his stay in Qom, the spiritual mentor of the religious authority Kazem al-Haeri, in addition to the deputy head of Iran's Assembly of Experts cleric Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi."


She said that the purpose of his visit is to communicate a message to Iranian officials, that they have to stop the pressure on him to change his convictions which he considers of "national constants" If they do not it will be "forced to leave Iran and stay in Turkey or Saudi Arabia."


Revealed Iranian journalist "a unique school," saying in his a "telegram", that "al-Sadr refused to meet any of the Iranian officials, indicating that it can not be considered Tehran's ally because of its policy in the region," stressing that "the position of this sent a message to his supporters in Iraq that will remain independent and not subject to the effects of the Iranian pressure. "


It was Ali Akbar Velayati, advisor to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, pre-empted the chest visit directing sharp criticism of his move to the storming of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and the accompanying slogans against Iran.


The President of the Political Bureau of the Sadrist movement Zia al-Asadi statement last Monday, played down the importance of Sadr's visit to Tehran, said: "Everyone should rest assured that Sayyed had remained in Iran half a century will not be subject to any pressure in any order does not see the interest of Iraq. It is still a fatwa father martyr reference to respect for the Islamic Republic and cooperation with them, as respects any Arab or Islamic country and cooperate with them. "


The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has warned in a televised speech, on Thursday night, the "exploit" the protests to drag Iraq into "chaos and looting," saying "abuse" suffered by the House of Representatives and its members "dangerous sign" a lack of respect for state institutions. And threatened to punish anyone tempted to "assault" on the rights of citizens and their security.


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Iran threatens to al-Sadr as "finalists" and describes the last shot of the slogans against the "bulls" (Details)

08-05-2016 12:40 PM    
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Orbit News -



Sources and specialists Iranian affairs, on Sunday, for threatening Iran cleric Moqtada al - Sadr 's final B'altsfih ', in the event of any internal armed conflict, while noting that al- Sadr is one of the fired slogans against Iran' bulls' and that he was innocent of them. 

He wrote a specialist in Iranian affairs success of Muhammad Ali on his page in the 'Facebook' circular, it ' has been well - known Iraqi figure to inform the firm decision of the state has influence in Iraq , the outbreak of an internal armed conflict means the end personally', in an implicit reference to al- Sadr. he 

also wrote the pamphlet another in which he said , quoting close to the chest that ' the latter actually fired the slogans against Iran' oxen is' and that he is innocent of the actions of the elements of the Sadrist movement abusive to others'. 

he said 'we talked for about an hour for the overall recent cases and we stopped a lot about the moral side and try suspects drive a wedge between al- Sadr and Iran, at this critical stage in which takfiris rush on Iraq '.


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Sadr movement rejects any threat to arrest the leaders of the demonstrations and parliament initiate the establishment of lawsuits against those who attacked the House of Representatives (Details)

08-05-2016 12:59 PM    
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Orbit News -



The Sadrists reject any threat of arrest of the leaders of the demonstrations with Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri announced direct Sulaymaniyah judicial proceedings and start the establishment of lawsuits against those who attacked the House of Representatives. 

He stressed member of the security and defense committee in Parliament of quitting that 'the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr will not give it to enter green Zone ', rejecting any threat of arrest of the leaders of the demonstrations, saying in his statement that' there has been no sabotage, robbery or looting in the House of Representatives and politicians accident are touting the arrest of the demonstrations leaders 'as he put it , that' sabotage spoken of by politicians not to exceed one million dinars. " 

for his part, the Speaker of parliament Saleem al - Jubouri said 'emphasized the chaos that occurred in parliament in doubt and that the House will pursue all legal avenues to move the direction that preserves the status of the legislative institution and its security and stability and to enable members of the House of Representatives of the performance of the role assigned to them', he said , also 'we have clear images of those who had attacked the House of Representatives and those who colluded also stressing the need to remedy the situation and that there is a performance equivalent size of the event.' 

he demanded and the other in the National Alliance and Kurdish blocs, to question the head of the security committee of parliament as well as the security of the green Zone official after he broke into protesters , most of them supporters of al- Sadr, on 30 April, the House of Representatives after failing to complete the vote on the ministerial Cab reforms.

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