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I'm just passing along a portion of am email that arrived 3 minutes ago...DM




Please do not ask any questions as I cannot share anything more. My family knows these men personally and I feel the need to gather as many people as I can to pray so they are constantly covered in prayer. Thank you.

We have a group of US Marines in Iraq surrounded by ISIS and taking fire 24/7. Their lives are in danger and they need your fervent prayers for Salvation, wisdom, protection and for The All Mighty ONE to intervene.

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Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for the complete coverage and protection over our US Marines that are involved in the above mentioned fire fight. Do not allow any weapon formed against them to prevail. As you did in the Old Testiment with the Armies of Moses before they became the Armies of Israel, I pray that you  you allow the enemy to become utterly confused in the face of our Marines. I pray that you cause the ISIS forces to fall on their own swords, to be shot by their own guns,  to be blown up by their own weapons. I pray right now that all ISIS forces will see and hear thousands more Marines than are actually there. Use your Legions of Angels to achieve this please Lord. Cause the ISIS fighters Lord to abandon their weapons - run away to Syria - even to frag their superiors if necessary. I pray In Jesus's name that you allow the desert to swallow up the ISIS fighters, and then to allow my prayer/our prayers to cast said ISIS fighters into the fires of hell. To burn in agony for eternity, which is the fate of all who go to hell. I pray the for every bullet shot by our Marines in this battle to be accurate. Hear me/us oh Lord I beg you, let each bullet shot be  accurate and hit not one of the enemy, allow every bullet shot to hit three of the ememy, killed or wounded to where they can no longer fight. Yes Father God I pray that you be the force multiplier that brings victory to these we pray for right now. I pray that you be the lazer that guides all bombs dropped by Coalition Air Forces, that I pray have already been called in and sent,  to hit their target rich environment. If danger close is necessary, let no US, Iraqi, or Kurdish soldier be injured or killed at all as a result of the Air support.. Let none of ours to be killed, at least let no more of ours be killed. Bring the most detailed intelligence to our Intelligence and Logistic personnel regarding the enemy, and bring it from sources/places that can only be credited to you oh Lord. Yeah, devinely sourced and manifested Intelligence on the enemy.  Let your omni-presence be seen and felt in this battle Lord, and let it be a undeniable testament to the hearts and minds of all Islamic forces fighting with us as we advance and vanquish ISIS right now. In Jesus's name I/we pray. Amen, Amen, Amen. 

Oorah, Marines. Semper Fi. Oorah God, Semper Fi.

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For those who may have paid the ultimate price Lord, may they be forgiven of any sins, and may they be present with you right now. Or touch them with your healing power Jehovah-Rapha, The Lord My Healer. breathe life into them, and call them into a battle field resurrection. Jehovah-Shammah, The Lord Who Is There. Allowing them to fight another day in military life or civilian life. For you are Adonai-El-Olam, The Everlasting God. These are but some of the biblical names of God. In Jesus's name I/we pray. Amen

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Lord we love you and we need you. Please forgive us for our sins. Father please don't let our soldiers fall, for all of their prayers are our prayers and our prayers are their prayers and we will always hold you on high Lord. Please comfort them and let them not dell in fear, allow us to have victory in your name Lord, and turn our enemies to dust. Amen

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Father, I know you hear our prayers, for you said "I have heard your prayers and I will heal you" protect these men, mind, body and soul, be their wall of fire.  May your light of love brightly surround them in their time of darkness.  Help them to trust in you Lord, let them know You have their backs. :angel: 

Thanks Divemaster 5734

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