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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Do You Really Really Still Believe In A Huge RV at This Point Seven Years Later?


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My topic for today's debate is honest.  It is not meant to anger, frustrate, or humiliate anyone.  I do not want to be gnawed on, ridiculed, spit at, or slammed as a "lobster".  I am simply asking for posters  to reflect inwardly, and give me their honest beliefs.  Everyone is different on the sliding scale of this possibility of becoming an overnight millionaire.  Six years ago, I was convinced it would "pop" any day.  Now, I have sold off 75% of my dinar because of changes in that belief.  We are all different.  We will have "newbies" who will have just got into this thing.  They will sound like me six years ago.  And we will have "veterans" who have weathered the avalanche  of guru lies and RV calls for 6-7 long empty years and through their own information searches have become quite skeptical,  but still hold on.  Please be polite in your responses.  I'm looking for truth not punishment.  Hopefully that will leave out certain posters who love to ridicule.  Everyone's answer is good for them.  Noone 's answer is bad.  This should be an interesting cross section of the dinarian community's beliefs.  I am asking that the "pitbulls " on both sides of this question refain from hijacking the thread with stupid insults.  P.S. When you give your position please give an explaination for the position you're taking.  You already know where I stand if you visit the "pot".  Let's hear it, dinarians. 

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Whats your definition of "huge"? I believe in a revaluation of a what extent is anyones guess .................if at all. But that's why I ventured into speculate and hopefully profit.

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Well, I got into it to make a killing, as was virtually promised by everybody touting   the huge RV.  I don't think anyone back in 2011 was buying dinar to make a marginal profit of say 10% increase.  We were all chasing the dream of a 100,000% Rv, going from 1162,  to 1 to 1.  Now that that is , shall we say, "diminished" in luster, do people still believe in making huge gains or only say 10% over the next several years?  

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I think Adam stated many years ago, in his opinion IF & when Iraq re-valued the dinar he thought it would come out at around .10. But like I said IMO it's anyone's guess as to what, when & if anything is to happen. But what has been the case since I've been a member at DV there are plenty on both sides of the fence that feel inclined to offer their opinions on what THEY think will occur.  

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Well, I started this thread to try and gin  up some interesting debate.  Seems like other than caz, shabs, and me,  nobodys  home today.  Probably all out working.  That's good.  I need lots of you folks working to keep my social security checks coming in on time.  Maybe after work people will click on this marvelous thread I've started, and give their two cents worth.  Maybe not.  I have been wrong back in 2012.

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Been in this game since 2009. Got in with the dream of making it huge. It has of course lost its luster. I am still hopeful of something and the only reason I stay in now is that I dont need my money back right now. I consider the money gone. We wait. And if you can't, bail out. That's what is in the back of my mind.

One thing I thought about as the years go by is the fact that Iraq seems to be able to do everything they need to on their currency and the petrodollar. Why RV???


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Well, it's Thursday, and I only heard from about five DV members on their deep down true beliefs about this RV thing.  That isn't very many posts.  Either nobody reads the lobster pit anymore ( could be true) or its  a dumb question I asked ( may be true), or dinarians are reluctant to discuss their thoughts for fear of being ostracized  ( probably true).  Come on, most of you have been in this thing for YEARS.  Things over there have changed dramatically in the last four years.  Those factors have had a significant impact on the fiscal solvency of the CBI and it's ability to make any kind of ambitious move with the dinar value.  These negative factors have got to have had a sobering  effect on your thinking about this.  Where do you all stand?

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4 days ago I posted  3, 999, 500 dinar up for sell.  I have found some new patio furnitue I would like to purchase.  Of course, 5 years ago when the big hype was all about $3.28 per dinar this furniture would not have even fit in at the elaborate pool and home that my husband and I had deligently picked out, dreamed about and talked about with pure delight and excitement for months.  This furnitue that I would just love to purchased will look and be most excellent center around a bucket of cool water to cool us from working in the garden, cutting the lawn and grilling our burgers this summer.

Dreams and excitement has long faded but my new dream is to rid myself of this 3, 999, 500 dinar so I can make this new dream of new patio furniture a reality.  I honestly believe this could and will happen before a hugh rv or even a rv  of any amount........

your question was:  Do you really, really believe there will still be a hugh rv?

my answer is :  NO


btw......I've had 2 replys to my post.  One of them can't do anything untill 4/22 which I anxiously wait and the other can or will use paypal, and I don't have a paypal account.Guess we'll see if new furnitue and a new bucket is in my future or not................i love dreaming!


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4 hours ago, Texstorm said:

I really hope that Y'all can sell your dinar and move on with life !  Constant Negativity is not without its price. The truth is that there is a lot of bad things that can sour your zest for life, well I refuse to dwell in negativity. The great thing about the tank is that when I get my daily dose of poison, I can leave, your problem is that you can't. And if you can't crawl out of your emotional hell I would suggest that y'all pull the plug and escape to another place because life is worth living and experiencing and dreaming of something better. If you believe something is not going to happen ......well it's probably not going to happen. But if you can see it, dream it and believe in it will always have a chance ! Thanks 

Well said!!! :twothumbs:

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Yep is the short answer, although I don’t know how much of an increase in value you believe may be possible, or would like to see.


For me this process started in August of 1971 when on a Sunday night while watching the usual programming families watched back then…. Nixon broke into the broadcast with a 15 minute special stating that the US was getting off of the partial gold standard they were on, and would be devaluing the dollar by 5%.  I turned to those older and wiser than I and asked, “can he do that?”


Thus was born the FIAT currency ponzi plan.  Every FIAT currency plan in the history of the world has failed, average life span….42 years…….(you can do the math) 


Additionally the PETRO dollar was started by the Saudi’s and Kissenger.  (advantage USA)

(The Petro Dollar is being dismantled as you read this)


If you take time to study up on the History of Currency you can learn quite a bit.  We are in a unique time with the world growing smaller because of the many gains we have seen in technology.  The whole world is now in a financial mess because of the way they have conducted business!  This is not some conspiracy theory, just a factual statement that if you research you will come to the same conclusion.


Research The BIS, World Bank, and IMF.  Take a look at BRICS and the AIIB.  Research Iceland, Cypress and Greece.  Study of the BREXIT coming up perhaps on June 26th as well as where Italy is right now….(right on the verge of being Greece)  Then look a Spain…Caladonia……..will the EURO Survive?  What did Switzerland do with their currency a couple of years ago? …….$19 Trillion in US Debt……Several hundred Trillion $$$$$$ in derivatives that will never see daylight. 


Interesting times we are living in……


So yes, I believe we will all see some changes in our future.  If you just look at the reality of the world economies today it seems clear to me that there will be change in our future.  It is likely that the IQD, along with many other currencies of the world will see some change…..


I was first really involved in this “currency thing” in 1991.  This never has been a get rich quick scheme for me.   I like to study history.  Sometimes history repeats itself, sometimes it creates itself…….perhaps  as boring to some as watching paint dry……..but interesting to me just the same!


If you have any interest you might read this……3800 years ago.  Does history repeat itself?—or-“those-who-wont-learn-from-history-”/


JMO as always

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Seems like everyone of us comes from different walks of life and has different perspectives on this IQD speculative investment.  I couldn’t believe some of the outlandish claims folks were making about the potential return on the IQD when I first found out about the IQD speculative investment potential.  Will a reinstatement, lop, or revalue of the IQD happen at any time now or in the future?  I do not know.  If anything were to happen to advantage, I suspected it would take a very long time.  Might still take a very long time, if ever.

Solid reasons for getting into or out of speculative investments are usually never quick or provide a quick fix for sought instantaneous comfort or gratification.  Providing quick fix comfort or gratification in for some one else’s choices is most usually thankless and becomes highly contestable or a source of perpetual irritation for those seeking quick fix and certain unchangeable answers that are possibly on the same order of a crack cocaine addict.  I do not know.  I have never partaken of crack cocaine or any other illicit drugs and will never partake of these things.

I decided to investigate this IQD speculative investment as a hedge against some future financial malady I may encounter.  My theory was/is that at some time in the future, I may need to draw on a reserve to meet commitments.  Staying ahead of any bankruptcy action (if it came to that for me), I would be able to keep this hedge for some more earnest circumstances.  Hard currency in hand is hard currency in hand – no doubt about it.  Iraq (or any country) has the ability and commitments to periodically adjust their value against various international currencies.  Exchanging USD for IQD in the US now would mean an instantaneous loss (nominally 50%) if I were to then exchange the IQD for USD.  I lost about that much (percentage wise) in 2008 – 2010 in my retirement portfolio.  So, I know I am vulnerable to some forms of loss at any time.  The IQD may be no different.  I exchanged USD for IQD knowing full well this may or may not ever be of benefit.  But I think it will be.

Here is why I think there is some profitability in my having exchanged some of my USD for IQD:

  1. EO 13303.  I know some folks get irritated with this item.  However, this is my reasoning.  When I looked at the plain language of EO 13303 and the relation to US citizens, why in the world would this even be an issue if there was something, even of nominal value, associated with US citizens possessing Iraqi financial instruments?  Really piqued my interest – again, my reasoning.

  2. Iraq has a high degree of natural resources.  Oil is one of them.  Unmined gold may be another.  Agriculture is another.  There are likely other sectors Iraq has had in the past and new ones may develop in the future.  The dictatorship, terrorism, and other disruptions have prevented Iraq from demonstrating it’s contemporary true international trade potential in a variety of sectors.

Ruthless dictators and diverse geopolitical philosophies are incompatible with international trade structures.  I can’t imagine the major world players will let Iraq run wild, due to Iraq’s natural resources and international trade potential, and become a fountain of terrorism and corruption or worse.  Iraq has the means to be a potent entity either for unimaginable evil or peaceful and productive practices.  I believe Iraq nationally and internationally will morph into an entity with peaceful and productive practices.

A rule of law based and thriving economy is a significant way for the populace to dispense with destructive practices such as corruption and terrorism.  If folks can profit from lawful measures, why deal with adverse law enforcement remedies, thugs, or terrorists?

Iraq was literally in the stone age for infrastructure, communication, and banking practices.  For example, before devaluing the IQD at nominally 3.22 USD per IQD, I am uncertain how the IQD value was established and maintained.  I am uncertain if US citizens could have obtained significant amounts of IQD in the Saddam Hussein era and before.  The recent modern banking national and international standards and ultra modern electronic infrastructure implementation would not be occurring now if nothing of significant value was going to happen with the IQD.  For comparison, the Saudi Arabian Riyal is 3.7944 SAR per USD.  The Japanese Yen is 108.04 JPY per USD.  I think the IQD will change in value upwards for the IQD to be freely traded internationally on par somewhere between the JPY and SAR or even greater value than the SAR.  Any future action on the IQD value would make the IQD exchange to USD valuable and worth the commitment.

The GOI has made astonishing improvements in performance with Abadi as PM.  Also, a seemingly thorough house cleaning is currently underway.

There is national and international interest in ridding the CBI of pilfering and returning pilfered funds back to the CBI.  If Iraq, and the IQD, were of no significant concern, why would this be happening now?

Here are some significant things I think need to yet happen before the value of the IQD changes upwards (not necessarily in the order noted or all of them):

  1. ISIS is, for the most part, exterminated in Iraq and Syria.

  2. Foreign troops (Iranian Militias, Turkish forces, etc.), other than coalition forces, are expelled from Iraq.

The new Iraqi cabinet is confirmed and seated.

The GOI is cleaned of corrupt politicians and new (relatively) non corrupt politicians are seated.

The remaining critical laws are passed by the GOI and are implemented (including the HCL).

Maliki and associates are on a one way ticket to somewhere other than their anticipated happy place.  Other major corrupt characters are also experiencing similar fates.

The CBI has the Maliki appointments removed and/or replaced.

The modernization of the CBI national and international standards and international connectivity is announced.  This piece is one I am pretty sure never existed before in and with Iraq and has been a major tool Saddam Hussein and other corrupt Iraqis have used to pilfer the CBI.  Less likely an option for corruption and pilfering if the new standards and electronic means are in place.

A return of a significant sum (maybe not a substantial portion of all) of pilfered funds by Saddam Hussein and current era corrupt Iraqis has been returned to the CBI and/or rightful Iraqi entities.

Iraq’s credit rating shows a nominal and reasonably stable foreign investment worthy rating.

The dam before Mosul is announced as having been stabilized and is no longer a threat of collapse.  New loans are being sought to improve and/or replace the dam.

Dr. Shabibi is announced as the acting CBI Governor (Ali al-Allaq is no longer serving any function in the CBI).

The lower denominations of the IQD are announced as imminently being implemented.  The 50,000 IQD, and possibly the 100,000 IQD notes, may be a precursor to the lower denomination roll out to reduce the IQD note count.  Gold may be strongly encouraged as a replacement for IQD (not gold for USD).

The CBI bonds offered gain momentum.

The CBI currency auctions are stopped completely and are entirely terminated.

Possibly, a national and international news black out (i.e. what in the world is happening now in Iraq and in relation to Iraq?).

Possibly, surprising really, really bad news about Iraq (and/or IQD) and an extremely dismal outlook for Iraq in the short and near term.

Article 140 satisfied.

Section 8 satisfied.

Iraq announced as a World Trade Organization partner in a significant capacity (maybe not full or maybe with some temporary restrictions).

The IMF/World Bank loans have started trickling into Iraq.

The list I provided immediately above has nearly all the items in the major Iraqi news outlets and is likely going to occur in the very short to near term.  All of this, I believe, is a strong indication the IQD value will improve significantly against the USD and will have been worth my exchanging the USD for IQD in the past.  I think the prospects are very bright for the next few months (now until the end of the third quarter 2016) for the IQD to significantly increase in value related to the USD.  Who knows what mechanism (lop, float, RI, RV, or whatever) will be deployed and/or if the IQD should be exchanged at the onset of the IQD value increase relative to the USD to maximize the value of the speculative investment (i.e. wait for the float to hit a personal exchange point)?

Each person would likely want to evaluate their motives for converting their USD to IQD.  Thinking an imminent astronomical return on the exchange is likely insupportable and would likely lead to strong questioning of the exchange without having made realistic assessments of facts and conditions supporting the likely value of the exchange and the timing for realizing the value of the exchange.

As such, why ask incessantly about other’s motives and perspectives hoping existential type inquiries will somehow provide comfort in the choice(s) made in the past either to exchange USD to IQD or then IQD to USD (at a loss)?  No one can predict the future.  However, appropriate assessments may accurately indicate speculative investment potential and the potential timing of the speculative investment value.

LORD willing, I am in for the long haul (may not be too much longer, may not be ever) for the reasons noted above.  Every one should have their solid reasons (not some one else’s) for the choices they make for exchanging USD to IQD and IQD to USD at the times they believe meet their needs or investment intentions.  The amount of their exchanges should meet their investment goals without causing short, near, or long term financial crises where no benefit from the USD to IQD exchange could be realized and hardship is created.

My belief is exchanging USD for IQD must be treated as a speculative investment (with the understanding the realized benefit could be in the distant future) and never a gamble.  Gambling can really hurt people in need.

Every one is responsible and liable for their own affairs and the choices they make.  No one (and I mean no one) is entitled to any benefit in any way shape or form for the beneficial past or future choices I have made and have benefitted from or will benefit from in the future.  Hey, if I take all the risk from this speculative investment (or other choices I make), you can rest assured I will possess with all certainty all the benefit from this speculative investment (or other choices I have made).  There will be no benefit sharing, of another’s choice or circumstance, of what I experience from this speculative investment.  I will not foster, contribute to, or promote some one else’s irresponsible choices or matters.  I may, of my own free and uncompelled choosing, decide at a time and place for the reasons I choose to anonymously benefit some thing or some one independent of this speculative IQD investment.  However, that will be solely my own and independently free and private choice knowing I owe no one anything regarding this speculative IQD investment.

Will the IQD speculative investment return some astronomical value?  I don’t know.  It may or may not.  My thinking is, ‘Hope for the best and plan for the worst.”

Just my thoughts and reasoning, here, on the speculative IQD investment.

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1 hour ago, SgtFuryUSCZ said:


Very groovy post, SYN.  :twothumbs:

Thanks for putting into words so much of what has been bangin' around in our own heads here of late.

And for the eventual outcome - better or worse - for those of us still in it,

we appreciate your time here on all this ! :tiphat:



Thank You, you two.  I very much appreciate all your input, too, and have enjoyed the time here with you and many, many other DVers.

:salute:         :twothumbs:        :tiphat:

Hopefully, we'll all be in our new happy place(s) soon!

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Here one article that speaks of 20 Billion being recovered, and last week they had another that out of 200 Billion they are recovering 100 Billion...(which you can look for)...How much more do they need to pay this all back? 

7 hours ago, rockfl9 said:

That's an impressive list, not sure I agree with all.   Even if half is correct it will take more than a few years.  

You failed to mention getting the price of oil up AND somhow getting a balanced budget while paying back the loans.

And to Anti.....:wave:

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20 hours ago, SgtFuryUSCZ said:


We aim to amuse, entertain and delight. :P We oft times fail miserably.

Some days this dang Dinar makes our heads ache ! :eek:  ....

Wheel in the bar cart. :eyebrows:  Martinis make bad thoughts go away. :lol:



Amuse, entertain and delight.  Yep

Oft fail miserably.  Nah

Head ache.  Sorry

Bad thoughts.  What bad thoughts?

You two are alright and, well, groovy!

:salute:        :twothumbs:      :tiphat:

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