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Tlar - Article: Moqtada al-Sadr Is Back, Proving That He’s Still A Force In Iraqi Politics (Washington Post) !


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CNN. Broadcasting Tlar's Article Interpretation With The Help Of His Buddy Jack Daniels !


Tlar's Thoughts On Sadr & Abadi As A Team

Moqtada al-Sadr is back, proving that he’s still a force in Iraqi politics
Washington Post)

BAGHDAD — Moqtada al-Sadr, the troublesome cleric whose militia repeatedly battled U.S. troops more than a decade ago, is back in action in Iraq — this time as a champion of political reforms.
And what a comeback it has been, replete with high political drama, bold gestures of choreographed symbolism and moments of nerve-wracking tension that have seen Baghdad brace for a potential new war.

Tlar:    Sadr is happy because he is on Abadi's team. Sadr is not a wild card IMO, he is a functionality necessary to the process. He is working closely with Abadi in a good guy bad guy operation.
Sadr must be seen as the loose cannon putting fear into the politics. Abadi must appear to have no control over Sadr and Sadr must appear to be threatening everybody including Abadi.

Tlar Continues:    It is my belief that Sadr and Abadi are a two tag team along with al-Sistani trying to remove the embedded parasites sucking the life of Iraq, from their infestation in the government. 
Sadr is still playing the bad guy good guy routine.  In the above article he is threatening the whole system of government unless they vote for change in the time allotted.  
Abadi and Sadr have 10 days in which to swing the votes needed and you can bet they will be meeting with everyone.   In other words they must vote by the deadline or "Sadr will go after everybody "including Abadi", not.  He and Abadi walk hand in hand IMO. 
They need the ten days and that's why they gave the names and ten days to "study".  Next we should her from al-Sistani preaching basically "do the right thing.  Pay no attention to your party or block bosses.  Vote these technocrats in."
I just hope that Abadi and Juobari are smart enough to call for a secret ballet so that each MP can vote his mind while telling their crooked bosses “they voted against it. 

We will know in the next 9 days how this comes out.  Most of you know I am an eternal optimist so my bet is this will come out ok.  tlar

Full Article:

Moqtada al-Sadr is back, proving that he’s still a force in Iraqi politics
(Washington Post)

Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr greets Iraqi soldiers in the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad on March 31. (AFP via Getty Images/AFP via Getty Images)
By Liz Sly and Mustafa Salim March 31 at 6:34 PM
BAGHDAD — Moqtada al-Sadr, the troublesome cleric whose militia repeatedly battled U.S. troops more than a decade ago, is back in action in Iraq — this time as a champion of political reforms.
And what a comeback it has been, replete with high political drama, bold gestures of choreographed symbolism and moments of nerve-wracking tension that have seen Baghdad brace for a potential new war.
Sadr’s return to the limelight began in February, when he emerged from years of self-imposed retirement from politics to lead a mass protest campaign calling for the creation of a new government and an end to the corrupt practices of the country’s despised political elites.
On Thursday, after spending five days holed up in a tent inside Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone to press his demands, he was handed a victory, in the form of a proposed new government presented to parliament by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. The new, streamlined cabinet is to be comprised not of politicians but technocrats with the skills required to run ministries — meeting one of Sadr’s top demands.
Whether a new government will actually be formed is in question. Parliament won’t vote on whether to approve the candidates for another 10 days. This reform proposal may yet founder, like others before it, on the paralyzing squabbles of the country’s feuding politicians.
Supporters of Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr take part in a sit-in outside Baghdad's fortified Green Zone on March 30. (Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images)
The proposal did mark a small first step toward a larger package of reforms long promised by Abadi but never implemented because of resistance from the country’s powerful political blocs.
It was also a significant triumph for Sadr, the heir to the legacy of one of Shiite Islam’s most revered religious families and also the overall commander of one of the country’s more powerful militias, known in the earliest years of the U.S. occupation of Iraq as the Mahdi Army and now called the Saraya al-Salam, or Peace Brigades.
Yet again he has demonstrated that he has the power to mobilize the street, tilt the balance of power in Iraq and dictate outcomes on his terms.
“Our efforts have been rewarded,” Sadr said, calling off the protests, in a televised speech beamed from his Green Zone tent to thousands of cheering supporters gathered just beyond the zone’s fortified blast walls.
“We will never be humiliated!” the crowd chanted back, pumping their fists at the screen on which his speech was being broadcast before dispersing into the night, tooting horns and waving Sadr’s picture. Sadr headed back to his home in the southern city of Najaf in a 24-vehicle armored convoy.
Abadi, in his speech to parliament, thanked Sadr for his role in organizing the protests that helped him formulate the proposed new government.
“Everybody comes out looking well, which was what was needed,” said Sajad Jiyad of the Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies, who has advised Abadi in the past. “Sadr has presented himself as an agent of reform. The prime minister kept his job and looked calm and reasonable, as if he is in charge.”
The deal culminated more than eight months of escalating unrest that has seen huge crowds gather in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square to demand that Abadi boot out corrupt ministers and abolish the practice of distributing government positions according to sectarian quotas, adopted after the U.S. invasion in 2003.
The momentum stalled after reforms swiftly promised by the prime minister failed to materialize — until Sadr stepped in. He gave Abadi a 45-day ultimatum to appoint a new government, after which Sadr would order his supporters to storm the Green Zone and do the job themselves.
To underline the threat, Sadrist supporters set up a tented protest camp just beyond the Green Zone’s fortified walls, echoing similar camps set up elsewhere in the region during the Arab Spring revolts – except that unlike those popular revolts, this one was underwritten by a private army.
When the deadline passed without result, instead of ordering an assault, Sadr strode into the Green Zone, flanked by just a handful of aides, and declared that he was ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of the people’s demands.
The soldiers, ostensibly there to keep outsiders out, embraced him. The general in charge of security knelt and kissed his hand. Sadr’s aides erected a tent for him. Then he took a selfie with five of his closest cleric and militia friends showing him inside the tent inside the Green Zone, which was transmitted across Baghdad via social media accounts.
The message was clear: The political elites living in luxury behind their fortified walls cannot be protected from Sadr’s wrath, and even the security forces could not be counted on to defend them.
Abadi was never Sadr’s target, his supporters say. Rather, they explain, the goal was to bolster Abadi’s wobbly hold on power by pressuring the more powerful politicians blocking Abadi’s reforms to acquiesce to changes that will presumably see them kicked out of their jobs.  

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Right Back At Ya Synopsis And Lnghrn ! ;)

And Thx For The Video Updates Master Yota ! B)

11 hours ago, davis411 said:

so leaving is good then???

Yep - Big Time ! :o

Sadr Organized A Massive Occupation Demonstration Demanding Changes In Govt And Thwarting Corruption !

Abadi Responded By Sacking The Entire Cabinet And Now Sadr Has Ended The Demonsration ! B)


Here's Tlar's Chat From Yesterday Discussing The Implementation Of The New Cabinet ...


Post From  4-1-16

Tlar & Member Discussion On Proxy Positions

Hi-Five:    This article says the parliament voted to end the proxy positions, and new heads will be nominated for the independent bodies.  This should include Alak's position and a new governer of the CBI should be named within the month.    If this is true, we should see a new head of the CBI (maybe Shabibi) this month.   Correct me if I'm reading this wrong - -
Parliament hosts Abadi identifies 10 days to choose a cabinet [Extended]
House of Representatives voted in its regular twenty - chaired by Salim al - Jubouri , and the presence of 287 deputies, a comprehensive reform of state institutions and the selection of new cabinet within 10 days and nominate the heads of independent bodies and security positions and ambassadors during the month, then raised its to Saturday.  Full Article below
Rockstar:       Yes this is a huge hi-five as well! I commented on this on DW's thread yesterday also. I really think that when the ten days is up Parliament will vote Abad's choices in.

Mike:     I agree, Hi-five, they're going to get these proxies out soon. I wouldn't look for Shabibi though, he's 74 years old now. Time will tell I guess.
DreamWeaver:     Appreciate it, Hi-Five, as been watching and hoping to see this kind of movement on proxies.
JD Blue:     I would specificlly  look for Shanbibi...for several reasons....
Not thinking Sinan Shabibi  would take on all the detailed tasks...but as a respected IMF figure, helping usher in the NEW CBI...get it off on the right foot... lend credibility and stability ..and then he would  just as quickly retire and move on..
once the ship is righted... he gets the staff in order.. and his legacy is restored.
Not that Shabibi is interested in legacy for him...but for the good of Iraq, the IMF... and all that DOES matter to him. -
Yes... I would specificly look for Shabibi..if not in the actual position of Governor..then in a high profile advisory role.They NEED his GRAVITAS.. now more than ever.
Imagine the cold slap in the face that will be to Maliki...hopefully as he is carted off to Gaol.
Mike:    Agreed, Blue, I could see Shabibi coming back as an advisor, not as the CBI Governor.
hi-five:    Bringing Shabs back would be a welcomed slap in Maliki's face!
The Council said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it , "it was during the meeting host Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, At the outset of hosting al - Jubouri welcomed behalf of the Council in the presence of al - Abadi to the meeting,
Tlar:       Shabs has been there all along in the background IMO.  I agree, most likely Shabibi will not come back but there is strong evidence that Shabibi has been advising and communicating with Keywords as an artiucle of a week or so stated, keywords asked Shabibi for his help on getting certain legislation through. 
It was a one liner in an article.  I forget what it was exactly but that alone showed me that there is communication between with Shabibi and Keywords. 
I can also understand that until Maliki is gone or behind bars that there is good reason to keep any communication between Keywords and Shabs low key on Shabs part and to a certain extent Keywords part also.  Keywords was a Maliki proxy.  I am not so sure that Keywords will be removed. 
Either on his own or with help from somebody or some organization, he has been transforming everything nicely at the CBI in preparation to shake hands with the international banking system, including rebuilding the CBI website making it user friendly and interactive and transparent. 
I think he is either a pretty smart cookie or he is getting a lot of help considering he has had no formal training in banking let alone being in charge of a central bank.  To what he owes his achievements so far or to who, it is still a remarkable achievement as to how well he has transformed the whole system in preparation to go international with their banks.  All IMO of course..  tlar
Jeff19:    Jubouri met with al-Abadi today and two of his deputies and discussed the positions proxy
Fri, 01 Apr 2016 20:13:46  Observer news / Baghdad   met with Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, on Friday, his two deputies and thePrime Minister Haider al -Abadi, to discuss the timing of the completion of reconciliation and "comprehensive reform.
A parliamentary source familiar with the matter said that" the parliament speaker Salim al receives in the meantime, his two deputies Hamoudi and Aram Sheikh Mohammed, as well as Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to discuss the steps needed to accomplish the project of reconciliation and comprehensive reform and times. "
the source , who asked not to be named, said : " the meeting was devoted to discussion ofspeeding up the resolution of positions file proxy mechanisms to be followed for that. "
the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi him, last Thursday, the new his cabinet consisting of 16 ministers within the closed file to parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, who select turn ten days to discuss the ministries and the month to resolve the bodies and security positions, as he emphasized that parliament will work with the government in order to accomplish this within the specified period.

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On April 2, 2016 at 10:09 AM, yota691 said:


 Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr enters Baghdad's Green Zone


16 hours ago, labdog said:

Circus tent?


Yes - And He Looks Like A Bearded Female Menonite While Sitting There On His Floral Bedspread ... 


And Sporting A Certain 'Come Hither' Look ....... Heeeere Cheeky Maliki .......

:D     :D     :D

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On ‎4‎/‎3‎/‎2016 at 0:09 AM, DinarThug said:

Right Back At Ya Synopsis And Lnghrn ! ;)


Thank You, DinarThug, for the followup news post, too!


Could you help me out a little bit?

Laying on the chair to the left of al-Sadr is what appears to be a mini European Shopping Bag (man purse).  Am I seeing this correctly?  :o

:D   :D   :D

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1 hour ago, FlyHi said:

Possibly some type of listening devise what associated cords for communication or listening.....???? :wacko:

Yeah, you are probably right.  I was trying to support the current story line.

I was thinking al-Sadr had some high end smart cards in his European Shopping Bag (man purse).  After the successful sit in, he might be getting some well earned time off for some shopping therapy lasting about 10 days at national and international venues of his choosing.  He doesn't have to carry his shopping items in his man purse, he can just use the smart card(s) and tell 'em to ship it to where ever he wants.

After al-Sadr gets back from his 10 day shopping therapy, he'll likely be highly refreshed and all turbo charged.  If things aren't quite right based on the marching orders he gave everybody before leaving for his shopping therapy, I'm pretty sure he can get the natives all stirred up to get things on track.  Just thinkin' out loud.

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Here's Today's Tlar Chat On Maliki's Money Laundering ...


Tlar & Member Discussion  4-5-16

 Dr. Gann:     A delegation from the US Congress confirms Ebadi for his country's readiness to help Iraq restore stolen his money

 [Wayne - Baghdad] The Delegation of the US Congress during a meeting with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, expressed his country's readiness to help Iraq restore stolen his money out of the country.
Tlar:     Articles from 2 years ago stated that Maliki and the leadership of the SOL were smuggling money into Jordan setting up the millions and millions of USD some cash, some by wires..  The article did not list the total dollar amount but indicated it was a very large sum of money. 
The Central Bank of Jordan had compiled a complete list of amounts, names and account numbers which they offered to give to Iraq but as long as Maliki was in charge of the integrity commission, judiciary and the internal police, there was nobody to give the list to.   

Tlar Continues:  Also Qatar stopped opening new accounts for any person that was an Iraqi politician knowing full well that the millions they had already set up accounts were stolen funds.  Maliki set up known accounts in England, Lebanon; most likely also Iran, Syria and I would assume South and Central America. 
He took the page right out of Saddam's playbook putting many of the accounts in family and confident names he felt he could control and trust.  We do know his son has set up accounts in Finland, some in his name but most likely also setting up accounts in other names. 
The important thing is moving large amounts of funds even by wire is electronically traceable.  From 2006 through 2011 Shabibi kept records of  all the wires from not only Maliki but from all corrupt politicians.  I assume that successive CBI governors would have followed suit and also kept records.
In early 2011 Maliki had a para military group dressed in fatigues raid the CBI only burning the second floor where all the records were kept.  He was trying to wipe out all the records of earlier wires  and where the wires went. 
Shabibi who by then new Maliki very well had been copying all the records and removing the copies for safe keeping.  These copies still exist only because Maliki did not know there were copies or where they were. 
Like the reserves themselves I am quite sure the copies were transferred electronically out of the country to keep them safe from Maliki and his henchmen.  So at least they know where the original transfers went, and from there I am quite sure that they can put a trace on where any monies were moved to.
We also know that a Maliki employee was caught trying to leave the country with $250 million in cash USD in the trunk of his car, and his son was arrested and held in Lebanon when he tried to deposit millions of dollars in cash. 
Cash is a little harder to trace because unless and until it is deposited, no one knows where it is.  I am sure the US, the IMF, and the International Courts has all the records necessary to arrest darn near any politician in Iraq.  That is why the US can state they will "help" Iraq get those monies back. 
A lot of the work of what happened, how much, who and where is already in those records.  Maliki was not as sophisticated enough to realize that every dollar he took is documented by the receiving bank and its launching point, date and time, Iraq.  tlar
Rockstar:     Great article, it's just funny how in the same sentence that they need our help to retrieve all this stolen money by their own dirty politicians yet we are a sovereign I think we should charge 50% on everything that we are able to recover for them personally. 50% is much better than the 100% of nothing they have right now since they don't seem to know how to do anything other than steal from their own citizens!
On the other hand the tone of this article sounds really good to me, like something has happened since now they are ready to recover all the stolen funds!
HandOverFist:    In the latest "Panama Papers" scandal, involving many leaders of countries, Putin tops the list. Allawi is on the list, but no mention of Maliki and all the other Iraqi Government thieves. How is that possible?
rDiddy:   Allawi was hiding his assets by using offshore accounts in Panama.  Maliki must have been using other means to launder his stolen gains.

Tlar:       Those politicians that have caused all the trouble and fought all the changes like Maliki and Shahristani will definitely feel the long arm of the law but it is my belief that due to the fact that stealing was a free for all in the early years of Iraq, there will be certain sacred cows like Barzini, Allawi and such that will get a pass.
These corrupt officials will not receive the harsh punishment and they will be reabsorbed into the new Iraq. My reasoning is pretty simple. YOU CAN'T ARREST EVERYONE AND EVERYONE WHO WAS IN A POSITION TO STEAL WAS GUILTY.
So those that are willing to change and are part of the change may be given an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Some will be quietly asked to pay restitution behind the scene and some will be hauled of to jail and some even put to death. tlar
DreamWeaver:    Tlar, no doubt the majority of scoundrels will skate as corruption too wide and deep to cut it all out.  I'm praying at least the judge goes along with Maliki, though.  Just need to see that small kernel of justice done for all he's done to thwart good and decency in Iraq as Maliki's puppet.   

Dr. Gann:     confirms Ebadi for his country's readiness to help Iraq restore stolen his money
History of edits:: 2016/4/4 20:01 • 67 visits readable

A delegation from the US Congress confirms Ebadi for his country's readiness to help Iraq restore stolen his money

 [Wayne - Baghdad] The Delegation of the US Congress during a meeting with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, expressed his country's readiness to help Iraq restore stolen his money out of the country.

According to the prime minister's office said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "al-Abadi received a delegation from the US Congress headed by Aadord Royce, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the US House of Representatives, and membership of an MP in Congress Louis Frankel, and the presence of US Ambassador Stuart Jones, where he expressed the delegation expressed support for the reforms carried out by al-Abadi in light of the significant challenges faced by Iraq, including the financial crisis as a result of the collapse of oil prices and the war on terror gangs. "
The statement added that "During the meeting, they discussed strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries and the war against terror gangs Daash political and security situation in Iraq and the region, in addition to the emphasis on facilitating the movement of investments to Iraq for the advancement of Bbnah infrastructure."
He noted that "the delegation expressed his country's readiness to help Iraq restore stolen his money outside Iraq, in addition to supplying Iraq with needed expertise in the fight against corruption and the enactment of laws that limit corruption, also he expressed his support for the unity and sovereignty of Iraq."

Phillyman:    Allawi issued a clarification on the documents and Panama confirms: Property mentioned is his personal residence
Tuesday 05 April 2016    It issued a press office for Iyad Allawi, a clarification about what was published on documents and papers Panama, while noting that the drug mentioned in those documents is a personal housing for Allawi.
The office said that "various media outlets deliberated for inclusion Iyad Allawi within Panama papers , " noting that " the said property in the papers Panama is housing Profile for Allawi, who bought it in the eighties of the last century, before more than 30 years and his own money." 

" The office added that "British law allows the formation of companies outside the United Kingdom , a move the case in British law", adding that " the tax situation for Allawi in Britain sound and systematic legal and there is no tax evasion and this publication in Panama sheets site."
   The office added that "property above mentioned in the financial disclosure made by Allawi of the Iraqi Commission of integrity" .onchert number of media to form an investigation journalist huge more than a hundred newspaper around the world under the "International Federation of Journalists investigative" revealed attended by 140 political leaders from around the world, including 12 currently the head of Government or earlier, in addition to the prominent names in the world of sport, money fled from their countries to tax havens, adding that among them former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi.
 Explains the investigation that Allawi, a wealthy , who returned from exile in 2004 after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, helped him «Musak Fonseca» Between 1985 and 2013, in the operation of his company registered in Panama (IMF Holdings), and confirmed its management of its assets and estates (many of them in England) through several unidentified third - party companies, according to the report published by media outlets.

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